In the name of maintaining public trust in their government, Freeh will craft a lie for the corrupt government, no matter what their immoral and evil acts have been. PA government is involved in a big way with the Sandusky story. It's probably a "kids for cash" scenario, but on a much larger and unimaginable scale. DA Gricar wouldn't prosecute Sandusky 10 years ago, then Att. Gen. Corbett won't go after Sandusky for years on end until it leaks to the public. Then Corbett pretends he's the good guy. If the Pennsylvania people care at all about children and the truth, then they need to realize that one little dead guy like Paterno is not behind all of this. PA citizens must insist that their government be held accountable for playing host to Sandusy's Second Mile pedo-ring for cash. It takes courage people, but it's got to be done to get your government back on a moral track.