McKeesport PA 45th District

McKeesport PA 45th District

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Scenic McKeesport

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Apr 25, 2012
45th District Brewster, former eight year mayor of McKeesport.

Progress? No. Bad for business.

Lands That Time Forgot

I have been in many urban areas throughout the United States and the only thing that rivaled what I saw in McKeesport was touring New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. However this was not caused by a natural disaster, but rather a man made post industrial wasteland. At one time in terms of urban development McKeesport was on pace with both Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA. But when the steel mills closed both of those cities reinvented themselves to remain somewhat vibrant. McKeesport has not as of now.

Other Places Maybe Similar, But Only Natural Devastation Worse
(A Traveling Visitors View)

McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Population Decline McKeesport, PA.
Population in July 2009: 22,076. Population change since 2000: 
- 8.2%
Average (2012): 19,000
Less population year by year trend.

Read more:
McKeesport Cover Ups

New Castle, PA

#3 Apr 30, 2012
Trial for McKeesport solicitor on drunk-driving charge
By Moriah Balingit / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The solicitor for McKeesport will face trial on a driving under the influence charge after waiving his right to a preliminary hearing this morning.

Police said J. Jason Elash crashed his SUV into a building in the 700 block of Route 48 early Jan. 22, just hours after he left the inaugural party for McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko.
McKeesport Cover Ups

New Castle, PA

#4 Apr 30, 2012
Target 11 investigates local welfare fraud

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Target 11 investigation uncovered a local couple accused of cheating the welfare system of more than $120,000 in six years. 
Who is frauding the government?
A McKeesport UPMC employee, living in McKeesport by Uni-Mart.

Braddock, PA

#5 May 1, 2012
McKeesport Solicitor John Jason Elash Faces DUI Trial
By William Peacock, Esq. on 
May 1, 2012 3:12 PM

A local municipal official faces a criminal trial resulting from a January DUI, after waiving his preliminary hearing on Monday morning, reports the Pittsburg Post-Gazette. John Jason Elash is the Solicitor for McKeesport and has held similar positions with a number of towns over the course of his long legal career. A Solicitor is essentially a jack of all trades attorney for the city that researches and advises them on legal issues and regulations.
According to the Post-Gazette, Elash was leaving the inauguration party for Mayor Michael Cherepko when he crashed his SUV into a building in the 700 block of Route 48. After being taken to the hospital for a head injury, his blood alcohol content was allegedly measured at 0.196, which is more than twice the legal limit. He was also cited for speeding.
If he is convicted of a highest-level BAC (0.16 or higher) first time DUI offense, he faces some pretty severe penalties. The charge carries a minimum of 72 hours in jail, with a maximum of six months.
Because he was in an accident, he probably won't get the minimum penalty. There is also a fine of $1,000 to $5,000 and a 12 month license suspension, plus alcohol education classes and possible court ordered alcohol treatment.

Brewsters favorite solicitor.

Harwick, PA

#6 May 5, 2012
Frustration floods McKeesport council chambers

By Jennifer R. Vertullo 
McKeesport Daily News
Thursday, May 3, 2012, 7:18 a.m.
Updated: Friday, May 4, 2012 

With some attendees shaking their heads and others leaving the room, an air of frustration filled McKeesport council chambers Wednesday evening as city officials continued arguments on the topics they've debated for months.
After council approved the revision of a previously tabled service agreement for solicitor J. Jason Elash in a 5-2 vote, with Councilors V. Fawn Walker-Montgomery and A.J. Tedesco dissenting, council president Darryl Segina sidestepped Robert's Rules of Order by commenting on the matter after a vote was cast.
Segina said there were private reservations about Elash's appointment as solicitor, despite a unanimous vote in January. Those reservations have increased among some council members and the public since DUI charges were filed against Elash after a single-vehicle accident on Jan. 22.
"The only thing we can do, and what we did, is negotiate the contract," Segina said. "The beginning contract only stated the retaining fee (of $1,500 per month) and $75 an hour. In the one we just passed, there was more."
Elash's service agreement outlines his scope of services as defined by McKeesport's Home Rule Charter and adds a personal conduct clause that charges him to uphold the city's reputation. It notes that his employment will be terminated if convicted of any alcohol-related offenses for incidents occurring after March 1, 2012.
Tedesco asked if the contract defines whether Elash is an employee or a professional contractor, specifically asking if his services require a W-2 or 1099 federal tax form. He noted that the question was not intended to spark further controversy, but rather to clarify a matter of record-keeping that city officials will resolve in coming days.
"Council approves the solicitor, and the mayor executes the contract on behalf of the city," Mayor Michael Cherepko said. "It's a non-bidding contract ... for professional services. Council doesn't have a say as long as it's within the budget."
Cherepko said he extended a courtesy in compromising with council in the development in Elash's contract. That statement led to bickering between Cherepko and Walker-Montgomery, when he told her the matter was "nothing to smirk about."
Walker-Montgomery said the mayor didn't know what she was laughing about, and he should not call her out on an assumption. Both parties were silenced by Segina's gavel as they told one another to watch their mouths and educate themselves.

Harwick, PA

#7 May 5, 2012
"I've sat here month after month," the mayor said. "We're back to the whole Groundhog Day thing again."
Malinchak addressed council from the podium during the meeting's public comment portion when he mentioned issues listed in a 2010 audit that has yet to be finalized. Concerns include bidding tire purchases for city vehicles as well as a paper trail for scrapping out-of-service equipment that has made its way to the Allegheny County District Attorney's office for investigation.

Harwick, PA

#8 May 5, 2012
Western Pennsylvania City of  McKeesport PA. Woes, Bickering Continues.

Senator J. Brewsters Bunch of the 45th District. A comedy but with with the citizens concerns at stake. Former McKeesport mayor, senator Brewster endorsed most of the following. This is how now senator Brewster left McKeesport. The city financials were in Act 47 for years. A Delta report was released, making Cherepko upset the public knew.

Delta was noted in the Veon trials, employed also by McKeesport. Delta Group was approved by Brewster.

McKeesport is upset with average citizens Right-to-know laws. Rights in McKeesport have been trampled on for years. Reason why citizens of McKeesport Topix refer to the city officials as "The Machine."

Ex-McKeesport mayor wants full term in Senate
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
March 13, 2012

Brewster Seeks Full Term
by Mark Nootbaar March 13, 2012

Brewster was first elected to represent the 45th district in a special election on November 2, 2010 when Sean Logan left the legislature to take a post with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. At the time he ran against Republican Paul Olijar and Libertarian Len Young.

Homestead, PA

#13 Oct 11, 2013
Brewster received favors in the process of the map changing reapportionment process.

Mon Valley is typically referred to as Mob Valley.
Much more pa

Baden, PA

#15 Oct 21, 2013
Bz UPMC made the mistake of hiring Sean Logan, former senator as president of community relations for UPMC.

Logan to leave Senate for post at UPMC
By Steve Twedt and James O'Toole / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
July 30, 2010

On Thursday, Mr. Logan, 40, a Democrat, announced he will leave the Legislature on Aug. 24 to accept a newly created position of vice president of community relations for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. UPMC would not disclose his salary.

Who filled his seat for a new era of corruption?
Brewster’s State Senate Swearing-In Set for Wednesday in Harrisburg
on NOVEMBER 16, 2010

What goes on in McKeesport under Senator Brewster and council watch?
A twice DUI city solicitor that owes over $100,000 to the IRS is heavily supported.

Anything else?
Police chief, former officers and a (McKeesport) city councilman among suspects in gambling ring
September 05, 2013 8:14PMEDT

5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013
AG: 16 charged in connection with alleged illegal gambling operation in McKeesport
A city councilman, a police chief and 14 other people have been charged in connection with an alleged video gambling ring operating in and around the McKeesport area, Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced Thursday.

Police said they seized more than 300 video gambling machines from about 70 locations around McKeesport in the monthslong investigation. Authorities also seized more than $1 million in cash.
Thank you Kathleen Kane and the Attorney General. I knew you'd come through on my reports.

Mon Valley video gambling ring arrests include McKeesport councilman, Forward police chief, ex-cops
September 5, 2013 11:34 pm

All under McKeesport former mayor, now Mon Valley area senator.
Brewster has pilfered the tax payers over $80,000 refused money, to later accept it under McKeesport mayor Cherepko with John Elash, look up public charges under that name. He masquerades under J. Jason Elash but its John Elash in all court records. Not all accidents thoroughly investigated by police

Thanks to Sean Logan for helping corruption to spread and continue!

UPMC should pay taxes.
Thank you Kathleen Kane!
Much more pa

Baden, PA

#16 Oct 21, 2013
More indictments to come.
Ok ok ok

Baden, PA

#17 Nov 10, 2013
Come use the bike trail through McKeesport, you can receive a ticket! It's your welcome to McKeesport and contribution to Discover McKeesport!

The police can choose to pass out tickets or not. They can choose to enforce the law of not. Brewster, Cherepko or Elash (Elash not drunk preferably) go on the bike trail and pass the stop sign, no ticket for them.

Anyone else, the get a ticket unless they were involved in illegal gambling and contributed to the mayor. Friends and acquaintances may receive a free pass also. McKeesport is a melting pot of nepotism and good neighbors!
Police chief, former officers and a city councilman among suspects in gambling ring: Discover McKeesport
Allegheny County Pittsburgh Mckeesport News
Sep 5, 2013 - Bogesdorfer is a Frank Sinatra impersonator known by the stage name Bo Wagner.... on the board of the McKeesport Area School District and is a former McKeesport police officer.

Baden, PA

#19 Nov 26, 2013
YMCA of McKeesport executive director Dexter Hairston is abusing McKeesport government handouts.

McKeesport cover up information is how they all kept jobs. McKeesport Assistant Chief Thomas Greene did plenty with others in fear by threats of false charges. He did plenty wrong, those high settlement amounts in McKeesport normally cost jobs. It was more than enough to lose a job, and he's hiding a lot.

I know he's abused several others, but some of these women say he threatened. They said they were too scared to report to police friends of Greene. He threatens false charges and abused his power to hide the truth.

McKeesport is running out of money currently. In light of the current situation, this proves how the Delta report missed some losses. Settlements, most private from McKeesport.

When McKeesport is completely out of money, everyone will agree one settlement was more than enough to let Greene go!

Several women told me he touched them inappropriately, with threat of extra charges to his already false charges given.

This is why I believe he is involved or knows about the Kimberly Krimm murder.

Greene has a temper and has been well known for years in McKeesport for police brutality. He's a liability, and to date I hear he was let go recently.

I know he arrested one with her husband and kids watching. He called her a hooker, placed charges that were later dropped. I know the names to look up and post. You won't be able to make anyone believe McKeesport isn't in trouble.

With money lost to police abuses, illegal gambling, BP store manager scam, McKeesport police pay scam (reported by former chief Pero) regarding several officers. Some of ggsse several officers were high ranking, Brewster covered it up and had the records sealed by the DA. The current AG investigation lead to several McKeesport black eyes. The mayor is silent on negativity name calling now. It's his close friends bringing McKeesport all the city negativity. Bring it up at your city council meetings. He's rewarding failure consistently and constantly. This is why McKeesport is broke. To find the solutions you will need to be honest about problems. If the mayor is unwilling to admit the truth, he is to blame over anyone. He doesn't finger point negativity at his friends, that's how you know he's involved. He will only comment on negativity to anyone he is against. The negativity finger pointing of itself is in fact negativity. Ironic. This makes the mayor the McKeesport negativity king. He's not saddened by his own actions. Mike Cherepko thinks he's perfect after peeping in on sex in class rooms at the former torn down Cornell School. McKeesport is done.

He rewarded Dixon for his abuses to his own girlfriend. The settlement was setup by Brewster. Senator Brewster, former mayor of McKeesport abused authority by rewarding violence in the police department. They did let Dixon go, and numerous news viewers swear they seen a short news segment with Officer Thomas Greene and Lynn arrested. Perhaps the fact is no one was recording the time. I've seen McKeesport news stories go for one short run by news only to be squelched fast. Senator Brewster called in another of his infamous favors. McKeesport is known for dealing with criminals and government claims for money. He gets a cut off all the committees he is on.

In 2002, Brewster was McKeesport council president and the Kucich lawsuit to help Elash started then.

McKeesport is on its final thread because all of these moves brought the kicked can to today. Brewster had another city legal representative to McKeesport fired. He started the corruption up more than any of the McKeesport previous heads of the city.

McKeesport has the highest number of indicted at once police and politicians in one sweep for the entire Mon Valley.

Baden, PA

#20 Nov 26, 2013
Police chief, city councilman, Frank Sinatra impersonator among suspects in McKeesport-area gambling case
Sep 5, 2013 - McKeesport-area ...

Police chief, city councilman, Frank Sinatra impersonator among suspects in McKeesport-area gambling case - Topix Oct 14,2013
The Sinatra impersonator singing fly the indicted to the county jailhouse!... The song get tanked on city time in the city hall suite should become a McKeesport favorite! Records pending.

Police chief, former officers and a city councilman among suspects in gambling ring Sep 5, 2013 Source: WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

The state attorney general says 16 people, including the Forward Township police chief, are charged in connection with an alleged gambling operation in and around McKeesport.

A cellphone wiretap helped gather evidence for the grand jury.

Mon Valley video gambling ring arrests include McKeesport ...
Sep 5, 2013 - A McKeesport city councilman, a Frank Sinatra impersonator, the Forward police chief and two other ...

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