Did Michael Jobe die?
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Oh no

Trumann, AR

#1 Oct 25, 2010
Did Michael jobe die? I heard from quite a few people he was dead. If he is I hope he RIP's.

Trumann, AR

#2 Oct 25, 2010
yeah I heard it too and couldn't be happier. I hope that fat freak burns in hell. The world is better with out him wasting air and taking up room.

Trumann, AR

#3 Oct 25, 2010
How did he die? I heard he had died but haven't heard how.

United States

#4 Oct 25, 2010
When did he die? I'm pretty sure he was on Facebook yesterday. And u r a complete d*ck for sayin that
Britney Gamble

United States

#6 Nov 4, 2010
kevin harkey? ha wow that is tasteless

Blytheville, AR

#7 Nov 4, 2010
Well all I got to say is Michael Jobe is worthless. I hope he is rotting in the ground as we speak. He always has and always will be the biggest loser in the world. if he is dead then good ridence

Waterloo, Canada

#8 Nov 4, 2010
Hey KHarkey. Next time I see you out and about after a certain visit to a certain place, there will be a certain number called. Ill let it be a suprise. Bet on it. You, ya piece of shit, are going to get it. Love....

Blytheville, AR

#9 Nov 5, 2010
Look all I got to say uis jobe is a fat retard who deserved to die and rott in hell. he never liked me so in that case he wasnt important and was a mistake by god when he made him. he's fat stupid sucks at foothball and was liked by noone he was a loser and so he should rott in the ground. i bet his family is happy to i'm sure they always where disappointed in him for being so worthless i know i would have diowned him if i was his dad and i'm sure they did. thats probally why he never had a vehicle untill the loser goyt a job and bought one himself. so now he is dead and the world is a much better place
tina c

Jonesboro, AR

#10 Nov 5, 2010
Kharkey19 wrote:
Well all I got to say is Michael Jobe is worthless. I hope he is rotting in the ground as we speak. He always has and always will be the biggest loser in the world. if he is dead then good ridence
Yeah K.Harkey what happened to u being raised in church????? U don't realize it but u take up room to!!!!!!! I think you need to be talking to God instead of dogging people...... I would never wish anyone to die/friend or not....

Since: Aug 09

Harrisburg, Arkansas

#11 Nov 5, 2010
I assure you that I'm not dead, in fact I think i may be as healthy now as i have been in years. You know this stupid site has been abused past the points it was met for. I swear if you ask me this site needs moderators or something because there are way to many touble makers out there that have no life and feel the need to spread rumors and talk down to people all while hiding behind the safety behind a computer screen like the cowards they are. If people would just overlook there differences and show love to one another like god had met the world would be a much better place. Everyone should let there problem witgh somebody stay in the past and go on with life. Anyways thanks Kharkey19 I love you too and will pray for you LOL

Manila, AR

#12 Nov 5, 2010
I'm a bitch.

Have a great day Kevin.

United States

#13 Nov 5, 2010
This Harkey person sounds very bitter. It appears he is holding onto something from years past in high school. Have to wonder if he was attracted to this other person, jobe, but his love was not returned. so he spends his adult life bitter and angry about it, choosing to scream hateful things any time he can because his heart is still broke.

United States

#14 Nov 11, 2010
so kevin are you and lauren parks still together???

Manila, AR

#15 Dec 3, 2010
All yall can go to hell. WTF doese evryone like that fatt retared for? What has he done for yall? All I'm saying is the world would be better if he would die. Are yall scared of him? Don't worrie he has to catch you to eat you and he can't do that considuring i've scen a snell out runn him. He is a loser and i would have no problem watching him burn in abuilding or drown in a rivur. hell if a i saw him have a reck i would pull over take all his belongings beat him with a stick piss on him drink a beer and watch as he died. i haet that queer and anybody who likes him is for eve an enemie of me. i am one of the most known people in harris burg or arknsas for that amtter so dont tread on me.

United States

#16 Dec 5, 2010
spell much?

Manila, AR

#17 Dec 5, 2010
huh wrote:
spell much?
I spell just fine loser. I'm the smartest, most athletic,most good lookin, most attrative, and have the most sex appeal out of anybody in harrisburg or thi country for that matter. ley me guess you are a fan of the fat freak known as micheal the loser jobe. You must be fag. ojnly fags or sluts take up for him. you know its to bad he didn't die cause then he would have an excucse for ding a virgin cause he only 20. now when he dies 10 year from now do to massive heart attack because of his overly extremely fat self getting to fat to live he'll still be a virgin and a loser in death just like he was in life. see i lost my virginity in 9th grade and heven't looked back. jobe on the other hand is to fat and ugly and too much of a loser to get laid. no women or man for that matter will ever have sex with him. hell he could go to a hooker and they would pay him just to leave them alone. god its great being me and it suck being jobe. he'll never get laid cause he is a big fat gay ugly loser. sorry but he truely is a disgrace. can't wait for him to die so i can celebrate the death of the worlds biggest loser. he is always talkin about how great god is buy god cant be to great to have created him. never mind god just dumped out the trash on earth and it formed into jobe. hate your guts jobe cant wait to hear about you burning in hell while i sit beside god in heaven wjere we will be sipping some booz geting high and pipming out some angel chicks all while we talk about the only mistake that the man upsatairs made and that was giving you life. its ok though god redeemed himself from micheal the failure jobe when he created me.

Trumann, AR

#19 Dec 13, 2010
I thank jobe is scared. he haz yet to coment on the things i have sed. he dum but not dum enuff to back tok me. he know i wood whip hi ass no problum. he stands no chance against me and he knows it. he aint nothun but a fat guy with a fat mouth and thats it. looser is wht he is and i could easily beat him down. say something jobe you cowwurd. say something i dear you.

Caraway, AR

#21 Sep 19, 2011
Kevin ur freaking retarded. Learn to spell and quit huffing duster. Leave Jobe alone he would stomp ur ugly ass u big eared fagott. U think ur big and bad cuz ur popular??? That don't mean shit. I hope he beats ur ass cuz we all kno u need it.
country boy

United States

#22 Sep 21, 2011
Yea harkey go ahead and leave jobe the f*ck alone and take ur big dumbo ears an fly up to god! Cause u aint worth a piece of shit on earth an also get a f*cking life an when jobe does beat ur ass I will sit back an watch an LAUGH!And o yeah who ever said u look good they need their eyes checked bad cause I beat my dogs ass looks better than u ever will!!

United States

#24 Sep 23, 2011
Kharkey19 you are no longer in high school what does football matter anymore. And as for him working for his vehicle that's a good thing shows he can work hard! And save up for what he wants! I find it so funny that kevin and his sister heather and his parents think their crap don't stink! Didn't heather get prego when she was 14... didn't your mom have both you and her before she graduated high school and isn't she and her husband raising heathers kid.... I mean wow you need to take a good look at yourself and your family before you start talking crap about others! It seems to me you and your family try to hide all the issues you have by trashing others!

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