DCS? Good or bad?

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#21 Apr 3, 2012
How much say does a DCS worker ACTUALLY have?

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#22 Apr 4, 2012
the DCS worker we had did a lot. She got the other guy custody, she got him a month visitation AFTER he was proven not the father.
just saying

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#23 Sep 11, 2012
Well, in my own opinion Roane County DCS is a joke.. they take children away from their parents who don't need to be taken away & leave the kids with crack,pill & methheads for parents. I also heard david whaley smokes pot. So id have to say,no I would absolutely not trust any of them.

Kingston, TN

#24 Sep 16, 2012
DCS is under staffed and [email protected] dose their jobs and they leave children in homes where they are being abused. And they will crucify a honest parent!
you are about stupid. roane co dcs is awesome and they will never leave a kid where its being abused. I saw them move foster kids because a woman beat her own child so dont say they dont care
whats it to ya

Oakdale, TN

#25 Sep 21, 2012
Honkforkids wrote:
DCS is always bad news, see our blog
I could not agree more. They tell you straight to your face that their policies are made to protect children who are victims of neglect and abuse ... I say bologna. Those policies are made to give the abusive parents chance after chance to continue to do irreparable harm to innocent children. I have seen it too many times. Sure dcs investigates and they might even remove a child from a home. But does it really do any good at all to turn around and reunite these children with parents who didn't care enough the first time around to love and protect them? In the news today it was reported that 31 children died in the first half of this year alone while children services was busy doing nothing to protect them. I completely understand that these caseworkers don't make these policies, they just follow them because it is their job to do so. But how could anyone work for that place with a good conscience knowing that everyday that these children are left in these horrible situations they are doing nothing to help them.

Corbin, KY

#26 Sep 27, 2012
Think it just depends on the county if its good or bad

Knoxville, TN

#27 Oct 2, 2012
julia millsaps

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#28 Jan 12, 2013
I'm sorry but rune right USA mean person she very unprofessional and even lied on court paperwork. Dcs abuse my family and slander my and my husband name. I am with a group of people that is suing them and plan on having all there jobs. Roane county dcs in my opinion hurt families nothing more. Look a 2 year old died.
julia millsaps

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#29 Jan 12, 2013
Have you or know someone hurt by dcs a group of us are working on a lawsuit. Email me [email protected]

Kingston, TN

#30 Jan 15, 2013
I used to not like dcs and I did not like my case worker either. It was rune. I lost my kids but i can say this. rune stuck by my kids and it has been two years and i can still call her and she calls me back. I am workin on getting my boys back and i can still call her and she gives me advice on how to work to get my boys back. i have had other workers in the past and they wont even call me back but rune does. I hate the situation that lost me my kids but I had some problems and that is the only case worker who has stuck by me.

Lexington, SC

#31 Jan 15, 2013
She will definitely hold you to the fire. Good or bad, she works hard.

Lexington, SC

#32 Jan 15, 2013
Not to mention Ms. Millsaps that the 2 year old that died has been heavily in the news as a child that DCS has had no contact or reports on. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth. DCS did not let that child die. His parents who refused to feed him or care for him let him die. Let him down. It's people like you that mess up our society. Let me guess. Don't work? Collect food stamps? Good luck with that lawsuit.

Tucker, GA

#33 Jan 17, 2013
DCS did not have a case on that poor baby that was starved to death by his parents that's true. But what excuses them from the other 30 plus innocent children they were involved with that did die. Look, yes DCS does make some good calls. Yes they do have a highly stressfull job and yes they see things that nightmares are made of and worse and again yes if in fact they do their jobs with moral integrity they deserve our up most respect and support and in fact I would consider those individuals under paid and yes humans make mistakes. But DAMN IT!!!!!!! There are too many mistakes happening at this office!!!! Mrs. Millsap I am sorry your are being attacked here by ignorant and insensative people who believe they are righteous and justified. It is clear they have something at stake or something to gain. DCS needs a full and thorough clean up. Their are those within that know this and their are more outside that do as well. These folks holding jobs at DCS chose this field of work. They knew what it initialed. Crying about their stress level is incredibly calous and resinates as an excuse for guilt. They may see atrocities but how dare they use it as a defense to justify their arrogance. Seeing an atrocity while stressful is no comparison to living it! Shame on you!!!!! Doing good does not allow you to justify or excuse yourself from the bad you do. I admit prior to making my next statement that it may be over the top and I am not comparing any individual at DCS to this particular person it simply drives my point home. Ted Bundy did much good. He worked deli gently to help people in need. If he had never been caught and found responsible for obducting and murdering numerous young women he would still be considered good and righteous. Again being good sometimes does not justify the suffering your bad deeds create. It is true that some of the workers at DCS are on power trips and it would seem they gain self pleasure from torturing innocent people. Maybe they need a place to direct the internal anger they feel from all all the suffering they see but to many times it is misplaced. Also folks if you are at that point in your professional life it's time to get help or change careers. Children are simply to presiouce to be sacrificed for your reputation and arrogance. I have said this before in a previous post. I have no affiliations with DCS. I have never had a case involving any of my family and I have never worked for DCS. I do have over 25 plus years experience with this organization spread over several states. I assure you I am experienced and knowledgable. As for A beautiful life lost I refer to Faye Hamilton. She was alone in her hell. Their are no services for women and families in her situation. She made choices. Took risks and ultimately sacrificed her life to be close to her children. She demonstrates the length a mother will go to for her children. The suffering a mother will endure for her children. She has my upmost respect and my heaviest heart. I never knew her person but as a mother myself I knew her love and I knew her heart and I know her story. I will never forget! It is true that women in this area are often sacraficial lambs. It doesn't have to be that way. But until people get out of their comfort zones, open their eyes and REALLY see and then chose to be apart of change. Things will remain as they are. We can choose to believe or we can choose to continue denying the truths. At the end of the day your choice depends on what will allow you to close your eyes at night and sleep or what your peers will think of you in the morning. Personally I like my sleep.

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#34 Jan 19, 2013
i was in dcs custody... they suck. they put me with the worst family ever....

Chatsworth, GA

#35 Mar 21, 2013
Exactly. All that freak can do is run her mouth.
Watchdog wrote:
Not to mention Ms. Millsaps that the 2 year old that died has been heavily in the news as a child that DCS has had no contact or reports on. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth. DCS did not let that child die. His parents who refused to feed him or care for him let him die. Let him down. It's people like you that mess up our society. Let me guess. Don't work? Collect food stamps? Good luck with that lawsuit.

Mount Juliet, TN

#36 Mar 22, 2013
Almost every one of you people on here are bitching and groaning about DCS and it's obvious that your pi$$ed off because DCS saw the need to protect your children from you. Listen, you can't keep doing your drugs, drinking your booze and neglecting your children and expect to keep them. You people are crappy parents. Quit trying to blame your failings on DCS. Addicts always have to have someone or something to blame. You people are pathetic.

Harriman, TN

#37 Mar 27, 2013
Rune wright is the queen of removing children but if u do what she says u will be OK if u mess up one time even if its not your fault thats it. You are on her list. The best dcs workers in roane co is probably Amy and Rachel. They care!

Oak Ridge, TN

#38 Aug 14, 2013
This is coming from a foster parents point of view. We were associated with Roane county DCS and CPS because we are foster parents. We get a call at 2am and they ask us to take some children. We agree. The CPS worker brings the children to our house and within 48 hours a caseworker is assigned to the children. In the 8 years we have been fostering, we have had kids from Anderson and Roane, and Campbell co. Out of the 25+ kids that have come thru our home we have adopted 3. Rune Wright is the lady that pulled the youngest one from the place she was living and the lady that was taking care of her. Long story short, this precious girl probably would not be here if it wasn't for Rune. She got the no good druggie mom to FINALLY show up in court after we had fostered the child for 8 months. DCS set up visits, the mom did really well for visit 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 but always had some lame excuse for missing a visit. The little girl looked at her mom the last visit and said, mommy I love you but I wan to live with these people because they don't stick needles in their necks. The mom got mad at us, saying we told the kid what to say. DCS offered the mom every kind of help available to this woman yet she could not give up the drugs. Finally in September of 2010 the mom gave up her rights as long as we agreed to let her stay in the childs life. We let her stay in contact, come see her but not leave with her. Eventually she just quit calling. A few months ago I as looking at a newspaper and saw that her and her boyfriend were in jail for possession of meth and other drugs for resale. I never told the little girl, and she hasn't asked to see her bio mom. We adopted the child in May 2011. She tells everyone how happy she is and how loved she is. She is now happy, healthy and VERY loved. If not for Rune taking this child, I don't even want to think what would have happened to her.

Scottsburg, IN

#39 Aug 18, 2013
Patty Kitts kids are lucky to be alive. Dcs has been trying to help her but she is nasty as hell. Had teenagers creeping in her apartment for sex and her with them two babies.

La Vergne, TN

#40 Feb 13, 2015
What do you do if the DCS worker has a personal vendetta against the mother? The DCS worker assigned to someone I know has made the statement "I will get that girl and I will make sure she keeps getting extended". The girl (mother) took a pain pill (she had a year old prescription for) and therefore was placed on probation by the DCS (as it should be for doing such a stupid thing). However, the DCS worker is pulling things out of the air to try and get this whole process forever on the books. She said the child has a speech problem. We brought in a speech therapist and passed ALL 3 test. She said the child is retarded and he is very intelligent from all accounts (2.5 years old and knows and recognizes his ABC's and numbers). She is drawing straws to find issues and has some type of hate issue. I question the DCS worker having seen her on FB with Bob Marley colors and posted on 4/20. I hear that interesting among drug users. So who do you report a BAD DCS worker to without jeopardizing the mother/child relation?

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