DCS? Good or bad?
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Franklin, TN

#1 Aug 16, 2010
Has anyone had any involvement with DCS? Was it a good experience or bad? I don't know whether I should trust my worker or not? Which workers are good and which are bad? PLEASE HELP!

United States

#2 Aug 16, 2010
I think the entire establishment should be done away with and have a speical unit at the Roane County Sheriff's Department to handle true neglect case.

United States

#3 Aug 16, 2010
They work outside the boundaries of honesty, integrity or even dignity.

Nashville, TN

#4 Sep 21, 2010
Honesty, integrity, and dignity? Damn, Kevin sounds like you've had a bad experience with DCS. I'm sure you did nothing wrong. I would trust the DCS workers. They have to work within the law and within DCS policies. Their jobs are very stressful and they deal with the worst people our society has to offer. Obviously, not everyone is guilty of the allegations made against them. But can anyone deny Roane County has a serious drug abuse problem....sex offenders and perverts......poverty among many families that leads to neglect. I'm sure you know better since you have some much experience and education in this field. For your information, DCS works hand in hand with our law enforcement agencies.

Fort Campbell, TN

#5 Sep 22, 2010
Yeah Harri-poop is ladeled with the down trotten. Name one dead city that isn't packed full of drug abusers and perverts?

United States

#6 Sep 23, 2010
I think DCS is like every other place, there are some good workers there and some not so much. That's just humanity. If you don't feel comfortable with your caseworker ask for another, can't hurt.

Murfreesboro, TN

#7 Sep 28, 2010
Bad experience is an understatement. Did I do something wrong? Yes. Assumed they helped protect family. Trust? Cost my family our house, cars and got us a Bankruptcy. Within the law? Lying under oath is not within my laws. Job being stressful sure. Dealing with society worst absolutely, if you got the proof. I hope no one has to loss it all because oops I had a Stressful day at work.
You donít have to point out to me not everyone is guilty, but you could teach them that!!!!!
(Harri- poo lol)He or she Answered you Question as to the drug, sex offenders and perverts. I am sure they are in this county and all the other countyís. I donít assume anything based on the numbers maybe Lotto not peoples lives. I'd like to point out that perverts and sex offenders should be one group and yes they break laws. I agree that drug abuse leads to neglect. I do not agree with add poverty in cause it sounds good. How much money you have is irrelevant. My education allows me to understand their lack of. I witness hand in hand, police 1 Day, DCS 1 year Plus.
I'm done with this there not bad all the time.
I'll leave you with this thought even a blind dog finds a bone. Thank you for the conversation Kids1st, I HOPE that KIDS and ADULTS are getting TRUE help when they need it.

Nashville, TN

#8 Oct 6, 2010
DCS is under staffed and [email protected] dose their jobs and they leave children in homes where they are being abused. And they will crucify a honest parent!

Murfreesboro, TN

#9 Oct 6, 2010
case in point girl in rockwood got caught with meth lab did they take the kids nope but the sure did offer her help she now has food stamps familys first and anything esle that alows he to sit on her ass and get high thank you dcs,dhs,you guys are awsome.

Nashville, TN

#10 Oct 13, 2010
I think Kids1st makes a good point. Do any of you, who have posted on this topic, have any experience with the child welfare system....other than being a client? It sounds like Kids1st does have experience. Everyone has excuses and that's what I'm hearing from some of you. How could DCS make someone go bankrupt? Makes no sense, especially if you are innocent! Some of you are making allegations against people and I bet you got less than half the facts. "girl in rockwood got caught with meth lab did they take the kids nope". Is that a fact? Where did this come from? People please..if you just want to talk a bunch of BS you're in the right place. But don't make up shit to cover up your pathetic excuses.

Nashville, TN

#11 Oct 18, 2010
It is hard to stay fresh faced, especially if you work in a profession that perennially sees the worst of humanity such as a DCS workers. My hat is off to such people.

United States

#12 Nov 10, 2010
dcs in this area r shit they dont do their jobs then they go into homes n bother good peopl but let the dope addicts keep thier im currenty in school to change the way dcs in our area works someone needs to make a difference run wright is the worst one
To Oak Ridge Resident

Oak Ridge, TN

#13 Nov 11, 2010
rune is my case worker. she seems like a really nice person. u got me wonderin now, is she lookin out for the best interest for tha child? go back to court in a few months, just say a prayer that it is in Gods hands what is best for tha child not what is best for dcs. thanks
Buford T

Mount Juliet, TN

#14 Nov 16, 2010
oakridgeresdent?! Really?!?!?! You need to take a spelling class before you run out and save people from DCS. Rune Wright is a hero to some children and don't let anyone tell you different. If you're doing good things then you won't have to worry about DCS in the first place. Some people just don't deserve kids. Sounds like some of you are the people I'm talking about.

Indianapolis, IN

#15 Mar 30, 2012
DCS is always bad news, see our blog

Albemarle, NC

#16 Mar 30, 2012
I'm at a loss as to whether they actually are legit with integrity in their guidelines. I will admit I have higher standards to live by and raise my children in than some folks. My morals in raising children DON'T include junk piled up( causes rodents, illness and injury), FOOD is a necessity...that doesn't include snack cakes and coke for children, SHELTER doesn't include a child sleeping in filth, urine, chaos and smoke filled couch. SUPERVISION isn't when responsible sober-minded healthy adults aren't present. SCHOOL...isn't just being enrolled in a local babysitter club.

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#17 Mar 31, 2012
kevin wrote:
I think the entire establishment should be done away with and have a speical unit at the Roane County Sheriff's Department to handle true neglect case.
LOL. They seem to "use" kids and custody issues in their drug investigations without any concern for the children. A few mothers can attest to this... that's if they are not dead.

This comment is in memory of Faye Hampton, who died in August 2007 by a gun shot in the back of her head by then husband, Daniel Hampton. Hampton was apparently the subject of an ongoing drug trafficking investigation in which a RC drug enforcement officer was using Faye as a "snith" while he and the DCS allowed the Hampton's 3 children to live in the house with Hampton and his mother. Hampton's mother apparently had been given custody of the 3 kids and then allowed to live in Hampton's house with them while all this drug trafficking was going on. To get Faye Hampton to be a "snitch" while living in the home so she could be with her kids, she was promised by the officer to "get her kids" in exchange for her help and once her "snitch job" was done and her husband was in custody.

The newspapers said that the cops had been investigating Hampton for years. Yet, they allowed the kids to remain in the house, and "used" this situation as leverage to get Faye to participate in their drug investigation while she was forced to "sleep with the enemy" while her kids slept in the next room over. That's how one newspaper put in back in 2007.

When the bullet entered the back of Faye's head, and through the mattress of her bed, putting her brains on the floor below, the kids were in the house. Weapons and drugs were soon found in the house. The officers initially "bought" the suicide story Hampton had given to them and did not appear to want to initially charge him with her murder even though a gun shot would to the back of the head and the crime scene would have made the suicide story a bit unbelievable.
After much outrage from the family and friends of Faye, they eventually charged him with 1st degree murder. Yet, the prosecution later allowed this man to plea out with a 15 year sentence for her brutal murder.

The kids? Well, where was Roane County Sheriff's Department's help for these kids? Based on what was going at the time,(much of which is written in the newspapers and on topix.com ), The RCSD's drug enforcement officer appears to be partially responsible for these kids not having a mother today.

And it appears he is still operating with the same MO from what I am reading. Using mothers, their kids, and custody issues for drug investigations that do not put the welfare of children as the top priority is not what I call "taking good care of the kids".

If there are problems with the DCS, I would guess that it has more to do with the RCSD already being to involved in their business versus not enough.

Some legitimate agency needs to put a stop to some of these "drug investigation" practices that take place because of "lazy" cops who can't find a way to do their jobs without involving innocent children and their mothers.

Where is the DCS or the RCSD on this issue? The same place the DA's office is? Seeking career advancement at the expense of mothers and children who are used as pawns in drug investigations? That's what seems to have happened with Faye Hampton and her kids.

So I have to wonder who it was that suggested that the RCSD should do the work of the DCS.

Again, LOL!


Summerville, SC

#18 Mar 31, 2012
My husbands ex lied and said she had a miscarriage, put another man as the father. DCS allowed him custody due to her drug habits and child abuse. He said he had no idea where his fiance lived. DCS believed him. They also named him supervisor for her visitation. Last I checked it was suppose to be an outside party who supervised. After finding out the baby was my husbands (she was pregnant when they split, he didn't cheat on me) the DCS worker said congrats but took 15mins. To say how she felt so bad for the other guy. What about us who missed 4 months of the babies life? Why was this kid not taken into states custody with such a high risk? What if she had killed that baby before the DNA test or ran? After getting custody the kid was 4 months old, never had any shots, has a medical condition that causes his eye to droop(DCS worker told me personally she mentioned it to the other guy and he said the boy was just sleepy), he has to have a therapist thanks to drug abuse while she was pregnant. DCS worker did not do her job in making sure this baby was taken care of. She should have asked to see dr records and so on. The kid did not even have insurance. This isn't the first baby she has had, there are 3 others and yet DCS still gives her a chance.

United States

#19 Mar 31, 2012
In regards to that case, which I never kept up with due to my blaming the woman for being a moron for being with him in a twisted hope of change or her own insecurities. IF those kids were used in ANY plot with some game SOMEONE should have to pay for putting those kids in danger!
Bryan Adams

Fort Campbell, TN

#20 Apr 3, 2012
Until you`ve walked in the shoes of a DCS agent, nothing you say means ANYTHING. until you know the ENTIRE story, front to back and sideways, YOU have no right to comment on anything about DCS and how they do their jobs. I`m not an agent by the way but I was a foster parent for quite a few years. All I will say is RED TAPE, slows down responses as well as actions since we are all handcuffed in this big ole shitpail of life. There will always be someone somewhere willing to sell their sole for a vice and DCS is there to clean up the mess in the childs eyes. YOU, the GROWNUP with the runny nose and scratches all over you, and the frigging trail marks on your arms, and its people like this that have the problems with the very people that they CALL all hours of the night to scream over the phone how they just cant take it anymore,...JEEEEZ O PETE PEOPLE which way do you want it!!!!!! oh but wait you get to let someone else babysit your kids while you take that extra holiday trip down to Florida to get your monthly stash. DAMN,..YOU GET IT BOTH WAYS!! you know who you are. I`m just sayin. this shit struck a nerve. sorry

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