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Nashville, TN

#1 Apr 24, 2010
I just recently moved to Harriman and was wondering why Harriman is so trashy. Kingston and Rockwood are so much cleaner. There is a road right in town that has so much trash scattered up and down the road, with old furniture thrown in the ditch, tires, there are two houses that have completely fallen in and people have dumped their garbage on top of them. I have been picking up garbage on my walks but unable to get the big stuff, so I contacted the local officials and found out that the county owns the 2 demolished houses but will not clean it up. The road has big potholes in it but the city will not pave because they said it's railroad property. The officials in charge will not respond to my emails. It seems like they all would work together to make Harriman a nicer place to live. No one has the money?? How about all that Princess Theatre money, I believe it would be more useful spending it on cleaning up the city. It's Pitiful
you got it

United States

#2 Apr 24, 2010
that's harriman for you they shut margrave bridge down, said it was the railroads and the city of harriman would not help pay for the utilitys to be moved. even with the railroad and the state helping pay the most of it to be buolt.this the first time I have ever saw a city just shut down a street.and if you know the right people you can leave old house,s that are falling in or almost burned down.they attrack dogs and cats and who knows what else not counting they stink when you live next to them just ride around town and look you can see them standing and if you know the right people you don,t have to clean up around them or mow your yard it,s who you know in harriman or who you are


#3 Apr 25, 2010
If you don't like it then why did you move here??? Just a good question for the cry babies bitchin about clean up. Maybe you should move b/c if the trash doesnt the Utilities will.
TN Wonderer

Nashville, TN

#4 Apr 25, 2010
Yeah, people like u are part of the problem, they don't mind about all the trash, that's why nothing gets cleaned up because nobody complains, they kind a just blend in with it.

United States

#5 Apr 25, 2010
where is all our taxes going. and I don,t know about anybodies utliities but mine. but mine they get higher every mo.


#6 Apr 28, 2010
First of all I dont blend in my friend. I do call the city to come pick up my trash if i have something. You have to Pay to have couches etc. picked up by the city. Sorry my friend thats the way the cookie crumbles...Step one...Call the City...Step two...Pay the city...Step three...Watch them come and get it with no problem. So NO i'm not part of the problem. Thanks for being concerned.
TN Wonderer

Nashville, TN

#7 Apr 28, 2010
First of all friend, it's not my trash, we take our trash to the dump, I'm talking about the trash all along the sides of the road, and dumped on the lots where the houses have fallen in that the County owns for back taxes. If it was an individual that owned them they would be fined out the wazoo. If you would read what has been written and not only what you understand you might get it. Got it?


#8 Apr 29, 2010
Oh I got and i understood everything written on here. I know for a fact that the city has 6 men that pick up trash along the roads. Its a daily job for these men. Since you know so much...You would know that there is a woman by the name of Maria Nelson that is over the junk that is pilled up in front of houses and the trash. Sounds like to me she isn't doing her job. Call and complain to her. Thanks for being such a dick on here. Believe it or not I'm not like alot of people here in Harriman...I do have an education, but in all fairness I got you fired up and you fell for it so thanks for the laugh. Me and my friends enjoyed it!

Nashville, TN

#9 Apr 29, 2010
I already have complained to Maria and she can't do anything about it because the Raidroad owns the road so the city will not take care of it. Your the one being a DICK. And I'm glad you and your friends were entertained, sorry you don't have anything better to do than get your kicks on here. People like you are why nothing gets done in this place, they don't want to work together and solve a problem they just want to fight about it. "It's not our job, or our problem". Just go blow your smoke somehwhere else where you can do some good, because your not doing anything to help this situation. Yes, I am fired up, it's very important to me because it is a serious problem, They want people to "shop Roane" I would be ashamed of this place if I were sitting on the council blabbing about the Princess Theatre the traffic lights, they should go get a busload of prisoners from the jail and have then come and clean this place up. Just the ones in there for child support and petty crimes, huh, that would be about 90%.

United States

#10 Apr 29, 2010
maria can all ways get the city to do things at her house and I know of ahouse that lets the yard go up all summer and yes the nabiors call but she never does anything about it. but yet other people get fined for it.some people are working for a city manager in place of a mayor. at first I thought it a bad Ideal but maybe not
Everyone knows

Oakdale, TN

#11 Apr 29, 2010
Harriman is a shithole. It's been like that for the longest time. It's best just to take the back road to Lon Mee and head to the interstate, you won't miss anything.

Franklin, TN

#12 May 2, 2010
Yeah whatever...you dont know me!! Bite me and u can suck it. My thoughts on it is you have to start at the top to make Harriman change. We need a mayor thats not in the click. Everything in this town is runned by the click from the mayor to the Utilities. Until we get someone in here to run this place and weed the click out its going to remain the way it is. They are all together in this and only they get the perks of it. Lets put a mayor in that isnt in the click and watch how it changes!! K done on this topic!! TNWONDER..sorry ur sore on the subject, but REALLY..whatever..lol.

Franklin, TN

#13 May 2, 2010

White House, TN

#14 May 10, 2010
I am curious. Can any litter be found in Elizabethtown,KY or Knoxville, TN? Having been to both I can assure you it can.
If you post insulting comments then you should not be surprised when you recieve a less than friendly response.
Like many locals I can't help but notice that while everyone love to insult this area they also are moving here at an alarming rate.
And to think Arizona thinks they have it bad.

Rockwood, TN

#15 May 11, 2010
It is not an insult it is the truth. I haven't a clue about Elizabethton Ky, But I do know that Kingston and Harriman take care of their streets, But Harriman doesn't want to spend any money on theirs to clean them up stating that it's not their problem because the railroad owns the paticular streets. They want to spend our money on the Princess Theatre and Traffic Lights and trying to bring new business into a trashy old city! As for knowing anything, I've been all over the world being an AF brat and have not seen sofa's and tires and trash along the roads with condemned houses belonging the the government that just sit there and nobody complains, because they were raised looking at it. Their parents lived like that and now their children's children live like that so they think it's fine. If it doesn't bother you than I think that is the problem.

Lebanon, TN

#16 May 17, 2010
TNWonderer, welcome to East Tennessee. Have you contacted the railroad? New business brings jobs which results in more money for employees to spend which results in more sales tax revenue for the local govt. So, lets not bad mouth that operation. However, decorating with old couches is a TN tradition that just will not die. Thank goodness wringer washers no longer decorate front porches!

Nashville, TN

#17 Jun 24, 2010
Grow up people. This is life. Quit argueing over this. This is the problem with Harriman, pure,unadulterated ignorance. Harriman is trashy because the community allows it to be. If more people cared, we would not have this problem. Harriman has quickly fallen into the gutter and I wouldnt be suprised if in the next 5 years its a complete hell hole. I do respect the historic buildings and what not but seriously just freaking knock everything down if no one can take care of it. Thank God I moved my life to Oakdale where there practically is no town. hahah but Honestly Harriman is a pathetic little town that shows how ignorance is the downfall of America. It makes me sick.

Smyrna, TN

#18 Sep 17, 2010
Thanks to all the drug users, drug dealers, slum lords (James Pridemore and Ron Berry), and pathetic, uneducated, ass kissing, city council members. Harriman City Council=what a bunch of freaking losers!! This city will not recover with the people running things at this time. HUB employees are some of the highest paid people in the city and I don't know one that has a college education. How about Frankie Davis stealing utilties from the city? "I don't know how that meter got hooked up on my propety". Are you kidding me? Frankie is still earning a big paycheck even after he was caught "redhanded". People want to bash Wayne Best for stealing a tool box for his truck. Wayne is a petty theif and a roach. We have bigger fish to fry people!! Those with power use it to benefit themselves.

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Sep 17, 2010
I love how you losers who move down here and then think you have the right to complain about things. Go back to where you came from. We didn't want you here anyways.

Dickson, TN

#20 Sep 17, 2010
Go a head put Wayne Best in for mayor you talk about scandal every penny lose will be gone what does he know about being a mayor .He already stoled and pocketed from the city yeah go a head put best in as mayor!!!!

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