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Missing Blanchard, Oklahoma Mom of Four Jaymie Adams

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Since: Dec 11

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#2 Dec 30, 2011
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Since: Dec 11

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#3 Dec 30, 2011
12/30/2011: Jaymie's husband's attorney says his client knew Jaymie was going out the night she disappeared to have sex with two or three clients for money:

OKLAHOMA CITY - New information has surfaced about a missing Blanchard mother 20 days after her disappearance. Through a source close to the case, News 9 has learned more about the day Jaymie Adams went missing. That information centers on Internet prostitution.
Attorney Irvin Box represents the victim's husband, Justin Adams. Box tells News 9 that Jaymie Adams was set to meet two to three men for sex the night she went missing. Box also tells News 9 she met those men on Craig's List.

"She deserves to be at home with her family," Jaymie Adams' husband, Justin Adams, said during a press conference shortly after his wife's disappearance.

Weeks have passed since Justin Adams made his tearful plea for his wife's safe return, and, still police don't seem to be any closer to finding the pregnant mother of three.

Box says his client's family has been in great financial need. Box also says that financial need motivated Jaymie Adams to prostitute herself on Craig's List as a way to support her family.

Just days before Jaymie's disappearance from a McDonald's parking lot in southeast Oklahoma City, she left a post on a blog. She wrote about how she was looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her three sons but admitted buying gifts this year would be difficult. In the blog, Jaymie wrote, "Christmas can get expensive" and " the gifts I envisioned giving have changed."

Since the mother's disappearance, police have interrogated her husband. Box says Justin Adams hired him after police became "accusatory" in the questioning of his client.

12/21/2011 Related Story: Missing Blanchard Woman's Husband Hires Attorney

"My client is not going to be accused unless there is factual information," Box said in a previous interview with News 9.

Box also says Justin Adams knew his wife was soliciting men on Craig's List but did not originally share that information with police.

12/14/2011 Related Story: Blanchard Family Turns To Facebook To Help Find Missing Woman

Family and friends are set to hold a candlelight vigil for Jaymie Adams on Friday, December 30 at 7 p.m. It is planned to be held at the McDonald's restaurant where she was last seen at S.E. 29th Street and Douglas Boulevard in Oklahoma City.

Stacy Dunning

United States

#4 Dec 30, 2011
I do not believe anything this clown has said. First of all, he all of a sudden is claiming this after they have made him a person of interest. He's the only person of interest. If Jamie was prostituting, she would have had an active ad. Her Craigslist activity will show every single post she has made. When a guy replies, it would go to her e-mail. She would also have a bunch of odd numbers on her phone activity. You cannot make this allegation without any proof! Where's the e-mails from the John's? Where's the phone calls? Why would a hooker meet a man at McDonalds when most work either out of their homes (doing incall service) or at a Motel? This claim of his makes absolutely no sense at all! I couldn't care less about her occupation, but I'm sure some people would find it wrong. Why disgrace the Mother of your children? Do you really believe she would sell herself and let her husband benefit from that? If he was spending her money, then he's a pimp! Unless a girl is a hooker on the street corner (which she was not) then a paper trail would ABSOLUTELY exist! Most sites for this kind of stuff are paid sites, so where's the proof on a bank statement? Also, Craigslist has not allowed any hooker ads in well over a year, so how is this even possible through Craigslist? You cannot place sex for hire ads on CL! So what now Justin? Are you going to claim she used other sites for this? If so, you better cough up some proof with the charges from her account and show the e-mails between her and her John's! I believe this guy is the lowest of the low. Not only did he most likely kill his pregnant wife and Mother of his children, but he then disgraces her reputation. Now that's one loving husband! He's a cockroach!!!!

Since: Dec 11

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#5 Dec 30, 2011
I can't believe he and his mother couldn't even show up to Jaymie's vigil on time. They were probably hiding around the corner waiting for the media to leave.

What sort of a husband allows their pregnant wife to drive off alone to meet strange men to have sex with?

If this is what she was really doing, where is her driver?

Why aren't flyers plastered around Blanchard?

He can afford a high price attorney but not a private investigator to find his wife?

If he has nothing to hide, he wouldn't have hired an attorney and he would be cooperating with the police.

In every missing person case I know of where the wife has disappeared and the husband refuses to cooperate, it is clearly obvious to me they have murdered their wife.

Jacque Sue Waller
Susan Powell
Karen Swift
Sylviane Finck Lozada
Venus Stewart (Her husband Doug is now in prison for life after being found guilty of murdering her and they haven't even found her body.)

Just to name a few. None of them have headed up flyer campaigns or shown and effort in trying to find their missing wives. Now we can add Jaymie Adams to the list above.

How does telling the world his wife was to have sex with two or three men that night for money help to find her?

Why isn't he screaming at the top of his lungs for people to help find her?

I think it's because he knows damn well what happened to her.

If he killed her like I suspect, I hope they find her body and lock him up for life!

Purcell, OK

#6 Dec 30, 2011
The husband is fully responsible for all of this. Yes she has a troubled past, and according to the court records she has had issues with relationships. But what kind of man would drive his wife to make such a desperate decision to sell herself so they can pay the bills? Box always tries to blame the victim, but in fact he has already proven beyond a reasonable doubt his client is as guilty as whoever Jaymie met at McDonalds. Hopefully he fries...slowly.

Saskatoon, Canada

#7 Dec 31, 2011
The public doesn't have the info that LE has. Just because proof hasn't been released to the media does not make something untrue. I doubt LE would be going down this road without road signs pointing the way.
Blame is to be laid on the person directly responsible for Jaymie's disappearance.
Disclosing to LE all factors that may have a bearing on Jaymie becoming missing, i.e. telling the truth, was the best way to give LE a direction for their investigation.
I believe that the husband was reluctant at first, but came clean with LE. Now their lives have been opened up to public scrutiny.
Jaymie is a daughter, sister, mother...!
Bob W

Long Beach, MS

#8 Dec 31, 2011
I haven't seen Jaymie in a long time. My daughter knew her when she was very young , they met @ church. But, I can tell when somebody is covering their butts, and this no-good lazy pimp husband is doing just that. I can look at a man who is hiding from the media, hiring an attorney AFTER refusing police questioning, then he and the attorney play the blame-game, calling her a whore, THEN after all that, admitting he knew what was going on. Mr. Detective, I hope you are checking phones, emails, computer history (all that stuff is backed up, thanks to federal law, so check the clouds) Someone may as well start checking culverts and weedy overpasses, because I am afraid Hubby probably knew one of these jokers was going to do her in, therefore making him look innocent. Only glitch so far was the police grilling him a little too hard (awwwwww) then he stepped on his feet and went out and got a lawyer. Bad move, very bad.

Since: Dec 11

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#9 Dec 31, 2011
If husband wants people to think he's innocent, then he should be out every day plastering flyers all over tarnation.

The flyer he is using for his profile picture doesn't even have the date she disappeared on it.

He won't even provide photos of her. From what I understand all the photos on the page were gathered by the page administrator from Facebook.

Why won't he e-mail the photos he showed during his press conference to the page admin?

He and his mother showed up late for the vigil to avoid the media when they could have made a public plea for people to search for Jaymie?

Why is he hiding from the media? If they asked him a question he didn't want to answer, he could have said, "No comment but I would like to make an appeal for everyone to help me find my pregnant wife. We all miss her and she needs to be home with her family, etc."

Saskatoon, Canada

#10 Dec 31, 2011
Those who place Craigslist ads have found ways around the 'ban'. Some post an ad under 'services', for example....massage, etc. I remember reading early on that Jaymie was working as a 'masseuse'.

Since: Dec 11

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#11 Dec 31, 2011
@Sask: True, but why her? And we are supposed to believe she had 2 to 3 appointments for one night? Where was she supposed to clean up after each appointment?

Why would she park in the far corner of the parking lot?

Why would a client who perhaps planned on murdering her agree to meet her in such a public place where traffic and surveillance cameras would document the meeting?

Saskatoon, Canada

#12 Dec 31, 2011
I see nothing amiss in the number of appts.
We don't know if Jaymie herself parked the van there, or whether someone else did. I would surmise, from the timeline, that she had met with one man prior to the text/call. Maybe their habit was to check in between j'bookings'.
We don't know the wherabouts of Jaymie past her text/call to her husband. Perhaps she got into a client's vehicle. Perhaps something bad happened to her while with a client, and he returned her van to where they had hooked up. There is no camera that caught the corner of the lot her vehicle was found in.

Since: Dec 11

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#14 Dec 31, 2011
@sask: We don't know much at all except what her husband is saying. For all we know, she isn't the one who sent the text or parked the van there.

Edmond, OK

#15 Dec 31, 2011
This is a very odd case. I hope they find her and soon. Only ones mind can wonder about many different things with this case. Bottom line is she is missing and her husband, family, friends and police need not stop looking until this mother is found... I pray for her daily

Saskatoon, Canada

#16 Dec 31, 2011
I'm not seeing anything that makes me think the husband is guilty of anything other than incredibly poor decision-making, etc. etc. I am curious about their financial difficulties. I think the both of them fell into a false sense of security. Jaymie likely felt she was in control of her 'business', Then something really bad happened, and their whole lives are opened up to the public. The husband never seen that coming...he was shell-shocked...scared as hell...and his wife may have paid the ultimate price, and the husband has to live with this and raise their family. It's so sad.

Since: Dec 11

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#17 Dec 31, 2011
@sask: Only one of the children is Justin's, the infant.

Since: Sep 08

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#18 Jan 1, 2012
This case is strange at best.
I'm not sure if I believe the whole prostitution angle. How do we even know this? Was this information provided by the husband? And if so, was it done to paint a bad light on her, so when and if she were to turn up dead they would be looking for a "client" as the suspect?
It's all just a little too convenient for me.

And I would also like to know who started the Facebook page that has been referenced above. Whoever it is doesn't act like they know Jaymie personally. Which if that is true, I find VERY weird.
Someone please enlighten me on that one.

Saskatoon, Canada

#19 Jan 1, 2012
Larry, there is a special person who makes pages for the missing. Then it's up to us....the public...to pick up the ball.

We seen a marvellous thing when people who don't even know Jaymie came forward and aknowleged her dissapearance.

What can we do next? I'd like to see searches, but where to start?

I guess we need to compile a list of 'where' has been searched, and I know I read rhat LE had covered various places betwen the McD's and Blanchard.

What do we, as caring human beings, do next?

Choctaw, OK

#20 Jan 1, 2012
The police say they have searched everywhere.... there is a lake down the street that they say they have searched and also everywhere in between, seems like SOMETHING could be done though

Oklahoma City, OK

#21 Jan 1, 2012
What needs to happen is for the FB page admin to keep the FB page positive. The way the page was allowed to get totally turned a lot of her family off of it. This admin has already had to clean tons of derogatory comments from the page. The page is now AGAIN making derogatory comments about the family's disinterest and that they are doing nothing. Someone even commented that Justin did not show up at the vigil until after media was gone and he is seen in the video, with another member of the family, not his mother. I guess none of the people making rude/hateful comments ever thought that they family doesn't have to give every person on the FB page every single detail of Jaymie's life, how many kids she has or has had, their names, how many fathers, etc. etc. etc. That personal information is for police and shouldn't have to be made public because isn't going to help find her, just satisfy people who are more nosey than wanting to be helpful. They assume that people are not working with police, not spreading the word, not passing out flyers, etc. and they actually have no idea what is being done. Wonder how many of them have actually posted flyers like her family has, not just comment hateful things on the page? Wonder how many of them have had a place of business refuse to let a flyer be placed on the door like some of her family has? Wonder how many of them have gone back to a place of business where they hung a flyer only to find it was already taken down? Wonder how many of them have ever been in this situtation in their own lives and feel hurt because of the rude/hateful things that people who say they want to help are making? The FB page has done some positive things but you have to be so careful in these situations. Several people have made the comment how the lack of family interest or giving a "DAMN THANK YOU" as they put it to the admin of the page or providing of pictures are 'turning them sour'. Well, guess what, the same thing is being felt by a lot of her family about this page and the direction it was allowed to take. Accusations of continued messages left for the family and the families refusal to return calls to the media are NOT true. Obviously they have contacted Justin and his mother, but there are alot of other people they have NOT contacted, not one time. The family had posted hundreds of flyers before the FB page ever had a flyer. There is a fine between people just wanting to ask tons of questions to be nosey and people who really want to help in any way they can without asking personal questions about Jaymie that are NOT going to help find her. Let the police ask the questions, as they have and are continuing to do. Just because the family and the police do not share every single detail of the case does not mean things are not happening. The family will be the first ones to start searching for her when an organized search is done. Bottom line is this, if people outside her family in many different areas all over Oklahoma and outside Oklahoma want to really help, start praying for Jaymie and her family and stop the derogatory, rude, hateful comments that are being seen on the FB pages and others posts and blogs. Jaymie is loved and missed by the family who is close to her now and we continue to pray every day that she will be found.

Oklahoma City, OK

#22 Jan 1, 2012
Another issue that needs to be addressed is the issue of the FB admins post as follows (which was copied directly from the FB page:

"I am assuming those of you who have been holding on to your photos of Jaymie and have refused to send them to me figure it won't do any good because she's deceased? I just don't get it. The flyers people are passing out have the link to this page. I would think you all would want as many photos of her on here as possible so people know what to look for. I'm getting really annoyed. It's been 14 days since I made this page and nobody will send the photos I've seen on the news. What's up with that? I've repeatedly asked for the photos to be sent to contact.seeking.the.lost@gmail .com. I just don't get it."

I would like to try and 'help you get it'.

Since everyone now knows the ages and even the names of Jaymie's children who were with her, it isn't hard to figure out that the children in the pics with Jaymie are those children. Which means the pics are all recent. The FB Admin who edited the pics to not show the boys faces should have been able to figure that one out. And by the way, we are thankful that they did edit out their faces. The admin has the most recent pics of Jaymie, the same ones we do. The few others we have are no more recent than what is on the page and there a a lot on there. They even put a pic on there that isn't even her.

The FB admin says that our flyer we were handing out 'didn't even have the date she went missing on our flyer'. That isn't true. The first flyer made within a few days of Jaymie missing did not have the date, just the day, but the flyer actually copied and passed out, etc. did. Another asumption that was wrong by the FB admin.

The FB admin says they are 'getting really annoyed'. Our family thinks that means this is a great time for them to take a step back and remember that it was just a few days ago the FB admin said that they had removed a lot of the negative comments on the page because they were not going to allow it to become a page to bash people. They did remove some of it. Strangely, they then removed the post admitting what they had allow the page to become. And they are now allowing negative things to AGAIN be posted. Even a few from the admin themselves. We have continually debated as to directing people to a page that was meant to help, be positive, etc. but has to our disappointment turned into something else. We are thankful there are people who posted that gave positive comments, encouragement and their prayers and best wishes for a good outcome to this. We cherish those. But there seem to be a lot more rude, hateful and just plain mean comments. Especially those who assume we don't care about Jaymie, aren't doing anything to find Jaymie, etc. They obviously have no idea what we are and have been doing and we shouldn't have to justify anything. Just because someone is not a part of the family and friends she is close to now and you don't have firsthand knowledge of what was started before the FB page, doesn't give people the right to say nothing has been done. And it ABSOLUTELY does not give people the right to assume 'that we don't give a s**t about her' as someone posted. And then to assume that the family thinks 'it won't do any good because she's deceased?' regarding send the FB admin pics, wrong again. We have all kept that thought in the furthest place in the back of our minds as it would be devastating for that to be true.

I could go on and on for days but I hope this post and the previous post can shed some light on what the family she is close to now feels about some things that have been said about Jaymie and her family.

So let me end with this.....

We love Jaymie very much ~ We miss her every single day ~ We pray for her return every single day, numerous times a day ~ We have not forgotten about her nor will we ~ Our hearts are broken.

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