I have a new plan! I am running as a Write in candidate in both the primary and general election! Mr. K will try to run a bunch of his halfwits, to split the vote! I have seen this maneuver before in Floyd County! As usual I am one step ahead! This will also give members of all parties a chance to vote for me! If you canít write, I donít want your Goddamn vote; you are the same kind of trash that re-elected that Goddamn Negro! I donít even want the vote of people who canít read or write, which will exclude John K and most of his stupid ass Deputies! It will exclude most people on left beaver, which is OK with me! That is where K and his Ďmasterí Paul hunt run their dope business anyway! That is where I will start the enema of Floyd County! I am going to get that little Mayor of Wheelwright and his cronies first, and then I will beat the information I need from them! I donít take no shit! Don Houston the next Sheriff of Floyd County!