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sad song

Richmond, KY

#22 Feb 16, 2013
I wasn't referring to Jessica. I was talking about his first wife. A lovely woman, and he was a wonderful man with her. I don't know Jessica. I stopped associating with him before she came along I guess.

Newark, OH

#23 Feb 19, 2013
If you don't want anyone to put Steve down then why are you on here talking about Jessica, she is someones mother, daughter, sister, and so on. maybe you should take you own advice!

Beaver Dam, WI

#24 Feb 21, 2013
look wrote:
If you don't want anyone to put Steve down then why are you on here talking about Jessica, she is someones mother, daughter, sister, and so on. maybe you should take you own advice!
Steve is my uncle ill stick up for him the rest of my life jess on the other hand aint shit to me other then the bitch that married my uncke n used him ur rite shes a mother n daughter n such but shes dirty wether u wanna believe it or not ur the only person to stick up for her all she did was.make things worse n harder on my uncle she didnt love him i dont care what she said or says she just used him which automattiacly makes me hate her cuz steve truly loved her with all his heart n soul sry if it affends u with ne sayin this but thats my fam n she done him wrong when she loojed at him all she saw was a free high n money

Beaver Dam, WI

#25 Feb 21, 2013
lol wrote:
Only nasty druggies use the term rat.
im not a druggie of ne sirt n i yse the term rat its basically the grown ups way of sayin tattle tail

Beaver Dam, WI

#26 Feb 21, 2013
sad song wrote:
If we were wrong about him, you would have a right to call us idiots. But we are not wrong. We hillbillies know all about his sins, as we have watched him for years corrupting the youth of our families. I truly hate that you are bothered by any of this. You obviously look up to him and care about him. But please look at the circumstances and realize that he got himself where he is today by exploiting the addictions of our children, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. He deserves to be in jail. Stay true to your family values. But respect ours in the process. You are hurt because a member of your family is suffering, but if he hadn't caused so much suffering in our families, he wouldn't be where he is today.
id like to kno who u are.since.u kno my fam so well id like to ask if they kno u like u say they do
Yeah it is me

Grethel, KY

#27 May 31, 2013
You freakin dumbass's stevie beat me every chance he got and horrible person I don't think so assholes...... money hungry ......well steve has been selling drugs since I was a kid myself and he done what he wanted to do.......he never wanted anybody off drugs so stop sitting on here lying about your uncle cuz you know and so does everybody else knows so stop being a drama queen over something you know better.....you wanted help and you seen with ur own eyes how I got treated so stop ur mouth unless you wanna tell the truth stevie never even wanted you at his house I am the one that wanted to help your ass so whatever say some more lie's .....I did not deserve to go to jail but I did and lost everything so don't try to act like I am all bad when no one else is any better than me.
Ashley Akers

Chapmanville, WV

#28 Sep 23, 2013
This is just a copy of what I posted on the other thread concerning my dad:
If you believe in what you are saying on here, then why not put your name, that is the one thing I hate about this site. Does my father deserve to be in prison, absolutely. He will tell you that himself and has told me that this is the only thing that saved him from the situation he was in because of the choices he had made. Does he deserve to stay there forever, absolutely not, he made mistakes, big ones, but he deserves a chance just like anyone else. If you looked up to my father and admired him, and then in the same breath say that you watched as your family/loved ones suffered because of him and watched as he sold drugs, I at least hope that you took the time to try and talk to him and tell him that what he was doing wasn't right, or else you might as well accept your part in the blame. As far as snitches go, I hate that it is usually people just trying to cut their own deal. If you believe and know something is wrong, then take the time to try and talk to that person, if you did and they still don't see the severity of the situation, or if you just don't have the guts to do so, then by all means snitch. I hate drugs, I hate seeing friends and family be affected by it, people I went to school with die because of it and children growing up without parents because of it. My dad is in prison, my brother Stephen is in prison, my brother David is 6 feet under, my little sister is about to lose her mother to illness and will be without both parents. So as far as I'm concerned, thank you for snitching or Stephen could have and probably would have died next and my father would not have been able to face this situation. It seems so easy for people to get on here and judge, apply blame or give their speeches about what is right and wrong even though there is no one perfect, not even myself, not those that step into a church every Sunday. So don't use church against anyone either, you should clearly know that if someone seeks forgiveness then you should give it. Instead of using your time on here to cowardly express your views, take the time to actually participate in what is right. Go out into your community, send up a prayer for not only those in this situation, but others that may be in the wrong or are sick, or if you did admire and look up to my father and apparently were friends with him at one point, then instead of bad mouthing him on here or pointing out his obvious flaws, then write him a letter to express your thoughts. I'm sure he would appreciate it. I know not everyone is going to agree with or like what I said, but oh well, I'm okay with it because I believe in what I said, that is why I put my name beside my post.

Paintsville, KY

#29 Nov 8, 2014
neice wrote:
N im not the only one he helped get off the stuff either when someone wanted to quit he helped them knowin that was less money sometimes ppl jist do what they have too to survive whether it b the right thing or not
Your an idiot he never wanted to stop selling drugs blaming someone for him selling is crazy it wasn't her fault he sold he sold a long time ago when your
Ass was in diapers lol...... You
Call her a horrible person cause she was on drugs did you not say you were too ...... Umma hypocrite .... I know for a fact she wanted to move away and get away from the drugs ..... He didn't he wanted to make more money ....... I have known that whole bunch a real long time and he was never going to stop. so stop lying to yourself and everyone else .... Your uncle was abussive all the women he ever had in his life was beat on so get your facts you may be family but you don't know him you just some snot nose kid,

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