Brownsville ranks poorest in the nation

Brownsville ranks poorest in the nation

There are 79 comments on the The Brownsville Herald story from Aug 29, 2007, titled Brownsville ranks poorest in the nation. In it, The Brownsville Herald reports that:

“We've got to get people's attention on this”

The Census Bureau ranks Brownsville as the most impoverished city in the nation, according to the bureau's 2006 American Community Survey released on Tuesday. via The Brownsville Herald

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Austin, TX

#69 Mar 31, 2008
I felt compelled to express my opinion because even though I know all of your comments are extremely oblivious to the situation we are living in Brownsville they still upset me. First of all malamute, despite the fact that I am a proper lady I will gladly slap you around! You are sooo ignorant you exasperate me!! You don’t deserve the time a day so stop making comments about things you know nothing about just because you want to feel smart for two seconds! Second, Rosemary R… Even though the drops out statistics for the valley are for the most part correct, it is so easy to point fingers but do nothing about it! I am Mexican, I did all my schooling in public schools and I am now a medical student at UTMB, you choose your education, it is mostly your fault for failing your kids as a parent and not support their education at home, schools are not magic buildings that transfer information into kids brains by diffusion!

Harlingen, TX

#70 Apr 2, 2008
What are you studying Cynthia? I'm currently in the Radiology program in UTB but attending my courses at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. I'm just curious to know what path you've taken.

Harlingen, TX

#71 Apr 5, 2008
How are all of you doing? Well i am glad that you all are having a conversation about how to better things in our communities. Society is also to blame for the mess that we have in our schools and communities. I just want to remind everyone here that we live in America. The last time i checked the government was elected by the people for the people so we need to hold these leaders accountable. We need to change things and that sometimes means changing leaders too someone who will have the community in mind. If you all are interested go to rgv-democracy @ and let's have a conversation on how we can come together and change our politics and our communities future together we can accomplish anything divided we will fall. Take care and i hope to here from you on myspace send me a friends request!!1

Edinburg, TX

#72 Apr 22, 2008
ok u no wut??? brownsville suckz...

Edinburg, TX

#73 Apr 22, 2008
browsnville is boring and iz st00pid....
al koholik

Naperville, IL

#74 Apr 22, 2008
what only 3 murders so far this yr we had 33 this weekend and summer isn"t even here im moving 2 brownsville byway where the hell is brownsville?
al koholik

Naperville, IL

#75 Apr 22, 2008
what? just 3 murders this yr we had 33 just this weekend iam moving 2 brownsville byway where the hell is brownsville

Red Oak, TX

#76 Apr 23, 2008
You're so stupid. They can't get welfare you idiot!
malamute wrote:
<quoted text>
Help deliver Mexian anchor babies. Help their young mothers fill out welfare forms.

Red Oak, TX

#77 Apr 23, 2008
You're such a dumbass! Illegals can't get welfare.

College Station, TX

#78 Apr 23, 2008
Oh, but Emily. You are so wrong. They can and do receive several types of government assistance. If any of the children are born in the US, they are entitled. Even if the parents are not US citizens. The children qualify for medicaid and food stamps. Now a child can't buy groceries, so who does?!! The parent or parents. In essence, the whole family benefits from the assistance. I know this because I work for the Health and Human Services Dept.
A Girl

Houston, TX

#79 Apr 29, 2008
Some of these comments are offensive because i used to live in brownsville and i'm moving back.
Amused in S Tx

Mcallen, TX

#80 May 3, 2008
Build the wall and most problems will be solved. Stop deporting and start locking up.

Fort Worth, TX

#81 May 12, 2008
How can people be knocking poor mexicans that have the drive to work.As I recall Most of america was built buy the impoverished.Is it wrong to want a better life? NOooooooooo,there will always be the poor the bible even says that.

Odessa, TX

#82 May 17, 2008
This country was not built by ILLIGALS. The first immagrents were screened for health problems and criminals were weeded out. Many were turned away. They had to adapt to our way of life.
They did not receive free health care,food stamps,medicare checks,wealfare etc. They actually pulled there own weight!
There were no gang members. Thirty percent of our prison population are illigals!
Within a very short period of time the will fall because of the tital wave of illigals who have overrun our nation draining us of our resources. And we can thank our useless Government for all of it.
George Bush and the republicans had the chance to turn it around but he chose to make it worse.

Phoenix, AZ

#84 Apr 1, 2011
If you pay taxes then you are legal. Illegals do not pay taxes because they do not have a SS no#. That is unless its an illegal SS#.
I would think the logical solution is to absorb Mexico as our next state/s and use the minerals and other natural rescources to pump up our lacking. The people would then have to adhere to all the laws of the United States. Taxes would have to be paid and the country would be broken down into a states that would be handled by state goverments. The drug cartel would be sent packing further south and probably those that still didnt want to pay taxes.
I am just tired of paying for roads, upkeep, anything and everything that goes along with federal and state income tax. Im tired of people not learning the primary language of the country they live in...illegal or otherwise. I think that we need to include additional signs to help those people that also speak french, german, dutch, swahili, russian, tagalik, any other language other than english. Im so tired of seeing a spanish interpretation of something in English. There are people that live here from everywhere in the world. People in Europe want to learn english. I feel that if I moved to Europe that I should be expected to learn the language to live.I spent 2 weeks in Italy and had to learn enough to order my food in addition to many more necessary verbage. There were quite a few people that spoke english but I felt I was in their country and should try to use their language.
Being right next door it makes it so easy to just slip in to the US. People from Europe and Asia cant just slip in. They have to go through a process to become US citizens and our proud that they did. I dont think there is too much pride in the illegals from Mexico for the US. They want to use the US for money. Then send that money home to Mexico.
My sons worked at fast food business when they were 15 and 16 then the illegals moved in and now none of the teenagers can get jobs.
I think if you our proud of your country you will do something about it. If you are Mexican and your country is poor and your goverment corrupt that it may be time for a change. Since birth control is not something that I have seen being a high priority to most people of mexican decent I would think that there is enough of you to overthrow the goverment and take over. Maybe really try to make it a democracy. Maybe try to create a better country. Shoot the cartel and get some real businesses going. Maybe getting rid of the cartel will increase the tourist trade again.
The only other solution that I can see is to have a demilitirized zone set up along the Mexican border. One that may be 25 miles or so in depth with only a large gate gaurded 24/7 and two very tall fences running the entire width of the Mexican/American border. If anyone crosses illegally they will be tazered or shot with stun or drug gun and returned to Mexico. Both sides would have to have special permits to visit either country. Time when they left and time to return would be watched closely.
Its very sad but because Mexico is so corrupt and poor the US will always have this problem. But I think it is well past for something to be done. People that are here legally and/or have gone thru the citizenship process are not happy with our goverments handeling of this.
And what is so bizarre is now the illegals think that they have the right to be here.

Phoenix, AZ

#85 Apr 1, 2011
If I have a baby in Mexico does my child become a Mexican citizen. Do I then have dual citizenship? Heh I could visit Rocky Point or any resort anytime and not have to show any kind of papers. What a deal. I think I will have a baby in Mexico!!! I think as many Americans as possible should have babies in Mexico. Then quit your job and get one in Mexico. They will have to take care of you there. Dont they have socialized medicine there. You could get all your medical ills taken care of for free. Such a deal. You could move close to any resort and get a job there because you would be english speaking and help all the American visitors. We are doing this the wrong way. Lets all move to Mexico and let the Mexicans stay here. We could have that place making money in not time and since the cost of living is super low we can live very cheaply. I think its a plan.
Thomas J Ruthaford Jr III

Corpus Christi, TX

#86 May 31, 2011
Sweet! Cheap property USA!

Chihuahua, Mexico

#87 May 31, 2011
Alanpoe007 wrote:
<quoted text>
you must see what mexicans can do,in first place 1.-mexicans can do do the job u don't want to do (IN MOST CASES THE JOB U CAN'T DO)
2.-Mexicans works for the family
(americans in most cases works for dru""" )
3.-mexicans say "WE NEED OVERTIME "
( America""" "...ns say"WE NEED TO STOP LET'S EAT A COUPLE OF DONUTS")
4.-Mexican people works(amer_-"ica--_" ns JUST TRY IT)
5.-Mexicans can survive all the problems that carry to be a mexican people but besides they don't give up like AME2323RICA353634NS USE TO DO.
I do not want to sound racist, but here goes. I have tried to get work done on my house here. I have never had anyone ever come back and finish a job. Sometimes they just never come. The last guy was doing cement work on my back patio. We had one section that would take about a day. He had my phone number. He showed up one week later and gave me a lame excuse. He finished finally. I had anpother guy help me with painting my back wall. Also he was installing the Cantera in one section. He asked if I could pay him in full as he would be back the next day to sand and finish it. He came and asked if he could come the next day a six in the evening. Here a week later I finished it. We had plumbmers come in to work on our hydro. They put in a flow regulator and while doing so they loosened the solder on on of the joints. We called him right back. He said he would be back in less then an hour. Three days later and after major flooding, and trying to get him to come back we had to pay someone else to finish it. My wife who is a Mexican from Tabasco just spent 9 days in the Cima hospital here in Chihuahua. It was by far and a way the the worst hospital I have ever been in. They forgot to hook up the I-V for 3 hours. She pushed the button when she was in pain. They came 30 minutes later. These are just 2 examples of this joke factory they call a hospital. We were supposed to leave the hospital with the doctors blessings at 12 noon. You are a prisoner in those hospitals until the bill is paid in full. Finally at 7:00 PM, my wife crying, I finally threatened bodily harm. They told me the hold up was because the same doctor had not submitted his bill and they could not reach him on the phone. I was pissed. When I tell all My Mexican friends and family here, they all repeat the same thing. You are in Mexico. If I tell that to a stranger I get the same exact response. So honestly I do not want to hear about that B.S. you are spewing. The thing that is ironic is that you will deny it is happening. But that is OK, because I know the truth. In the United states people did all those jobs when I was young, but at a decent wage. Not even a kid wants to work at the wages you are paid. Cannot blame them. If we have to bring all our wages down to match your cheap labor. Then the whole world will be third world. I live here and I want things to change here. But I cannot do much. I cannot protest, or march, or anything anti government or I wi;ll be shown the door. So the Mexican people need to change it. Soory for the rant, but I have resorted to doing everything myself here, as I cannot find people who want to work or do it right. I just do not like it when people constantly lie about things.

Chihuahua, Mexico

#88 May 31, 2011
One more to get off my chest. We signed up for a cablemas package, for phone, internet and cable television. They said they would call in 7 to 10 days to set it up. A woman called on the 7th day to set it up, and to expect someone there between 1:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M.We waited until 7:00 Pm and then called and only got a recording to leave a message. We did. No one came that day. A waste of my time. Five days later we get a call from a guy and he says he will be here in 10 minutes. Two hours later no guy. So since I cannot talk to a live person I decide to drive to the office. On the way there I see a cabloemas guy working on another house. I tell him what happened and he asked my address. He was the one that called and he apoligized. I asked why he did not call us back to tell us he would not make it in 10 minutes. He just shrugged his shoulders. He did come right over and finish. Even the big companies here do not follpow through. Yes I have had problems in the USA also. But not every single time. You can bank on it here that nothing will go right everytime. A lot of people here are used to it, as they know what to expect. But it is surely an eye opener for me. Because I hear all these stories about the hard working Mexican people. In most cases that is true, if you can get them to show up.

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