new harlan county high school

new harlan county high school

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Lewisport, KY

#1 Apr 27, 2008
what do you think the new high school will be like

Since: Oct 08


#2 Oct 20, 2008
my son goes there and he loves it

Ashburn, VA

#3 Oct 20, 2008
My daughter is a freshman there and she is really enjoying it. She is doing great in her classes and has made a boatload of new friends!

Ashburn, VA

#4 Oct 20, 2008
My daughter is a freshman there and she loves it! She is doing great in all her classes and has made a boatload of new friends.

Since: Oct 08

Ashburn, VA

#5 Oct 20, 2008
disregard 2nd comment... computer issues :)
sophmores mother

Macon, GA

#6 Nov 3, 2008
my daughter is a sophomore there she never really did like school, but she is loving the new school and looks forward to going to school.

Winchester, KY

#7 Mar 9, 2009
I am a senior at the new school, and I really dont like it and most of the seniors do not like it. The freshmans probably only like it cause they didnt get to start off at Cawood, Evarts, or Cumberland, they had to just go straight on to the new big school. That school is so messed up. They should took all that money and fixed the other 3 schools. It's like everyone hates everyone at that school. I am just so glad I only have like 3 1/2 months left. Sheww, that place is the awfulest place ever to be.

Harlan, KY

#8 Mar 9, 2009
I hear there is a great deal of strife there and especially racial strife ( which is sad and unfortunate) but hopefully these things will clear up.

Winchester, KY

#9 Mar 9, 2009
In my opinion that school should never been built no one really likes it. Alot of people has lost their friends and such because they have the time not can u make it from the 3rd floor to the 1st in 5 mins, i do it but its so hard and especailly if u have to use the bathroom bc they are some teachers that dont allow thier students to use the bathroom durin class...I hope in the next few years the school does straighten out. My brother is a freshman there and he's done been in a fight cause they are so many rumors going around and stuff...its just soooo crazy there. like a prison..

Macon, GA

#10 Mar 14, 2009
I personally dont care for the new school it is so messed up and is ran more like a prison than a school they should have never built this stupid place they should have taken the money and fixed all the other schools, but no people got greedy and thats why we are there now. yea the freshman like it cause they dont know any better and the sophomores like it cause they were freshamn last year and the upper classmen were allowed to do the usual things and they didnt get a chance to settle in i came from JAMES A. CAWOOD High School but that doesnt mean anything im just glad im a senior this year and dont have to put up with all the bull that the new school has brought after this year is over!
hchs student

Pikeville, KY

#11 Mar 14, 2009
im a junior at hc and i really dont like it at all. i agree with both hchs girl and hchs senior. the school is really crazy and really messed up. most of the teachers dont like it either. i never liked school, but i still went. going to hchs makes me hate school even more, and i dread waking up and walking in the front doors. i wish they would have just put all the money into the other 3 schools. everyone would still be happy. whats up with this making new friends.. harlan isnt that big of a place. you mostly knew everyone anyway. i dont know, i just dont like the new school. ive tried to talk my mom into home schooling me but she doesnt have time with her job. i wish i was a senior this year so i wouldnt have to put up with another year in the prison.
hchs junior

Lexington, KY

#12 Mar 15, 2009
A lot of the kids are dropping out and being homeschooled!

Cynthiana, KY

#13 Mar 15, 2009
I am a senior also, and yeah i hear the teachers talkin about they dont like it neither. Yeah the school is bigger and more prettier than all the schools but gosh everyone hates it and it makes so much stress on some people. Like me this is my last year of school and i have to try so hard so i can graduate in june. But this school has changed my life around and i am learnin more than i did at cawood high, i am makin A's and B's and i do miss alot of school though cause I sure do need a break from that stressful school its just crazy..ughh...that school maybe for the better but gosh no one likes it. I just wish things were like it was last year. I hate turnin around every minute and someone is watchin u in the bathroom or in the hallway. some people feel like they are doin things wrong bein watched all the time. Like myself I go into the bathroom every other period, no i do not smoke but i do have a peein problem...(sorry 4 tmi) but i do and i go in their so i dont have to bother a teacher by askin them can i go cause thats disturbin their class, and they are always a teacher in their and she makes me feel like i have been smokin cause she checks my stall. Shoot i would never smoke and if i did i wouldnt do it at school. I think smokin is nasty it just isnt for me. But I really hate that the teachers n the police are there watchin u 24/7.

Harlan, KY

#14 Mar 16, 2009
I am a sophmore at HC!!!...Like everyone else I do not like it.
You really have no say so in anything, theres camras running 24/7 in every corner, where cau u actually turn around and NOT see one. If theres a place please tell me. There is for real not enough time at all in between classes..its all a big rush. The greaest things at the new school was the prep rallys and we dnt even really have them anymore cause of teachers gripping.. It is true there are 10 times the kids dropping out or homeschooling now than there was at the other 3 schools. Lets hope prom is the least lil bit fun!!!...Sorry girls but i havent even heared of a sophmore that likes it...I loved my freshmen yr at Cawood High...we all felt like family!!! We even have a school store..but heck u cant buy anything out of it...there no time to theres no teacher that would let u even go look @ it...theres still kids today that dont even know we have a school store. These is coming from someone that experiences it everyday...Of course freshmen like it...its there first yr ever in high school.

Harlan, KY

#15 Mar 16, 2009
The Cheerleaders are great..I know that much!!!

London, KY

#16 Mar 16, 2009
I think that school is the worst place ever I would rather sit in jail from 8 to 3 than have to go to that place its horrible and was a stupid really sucks for the senior because im sure just like me all the seniors was looking forward to there senior year either a cawood cumberland or evarts.they should have took the money and fixed the 3 schools instead.its honestly nothing but a hell ho and i hated it so bad that i got put on home school. there has been so many students to get put on home school it was miserable having to go to school there.

Harrodsburg, KY

#17 Mar 19, 2009
My child gose to school there and she hates it! The school is like a prison they lock the girls bathroom door on the second floor so they can stop students from smoking (thats a good thing) but what can the kids do piss on themselves? They get into trouble if they go to another floor to use the restrooms. They School is awful the They single out students because they are diffrent wihch to me is a form of racism. They also put talk awful to the students. The school is full of (BS)My kid is sick of that Damn school
HCHS Junior

Clarksville, TN

#18 Apr 15, 2009
yeah, im a junior. to be honest, i hate that stupid place... i miss cawood so much that its not even funny! this new school is a joke, and pointless. people talk about it like its the next heaven, i think its hell :)

Macon, GA

#19 Apr 15, 2009
I'm a senior at the new school. I don't mind it at all. I get to see all of my friends from all 3 schools. The people who say they hate it, either don't know how to adapt quickly, or they're wack. Haha. Not really much of a difference. School is school. Still can't wait to get out of that place and move on with my life, but still yet, it's almost the end of the year and I'm still meeting new people everyday. I'm trying my best to enjoy it. What people need to realize, is that we are the ones that have to make the best of it. They might have some stupid rules, but you have to realize the gray areas and use them to your advantage. By doing so, it's more enjoyable :)!!
Just live with it :P!!

Hess out

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Winchester, KY

#21 Apr 16, 2009
Well Me & 2 Of My Friends Quit.. And 6 Of My Other Friends Switched To VRCA, We Were All Seniors!

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