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Richmond, KY

#1 Oct 27, 2012
Could someone please tell me what has happened to this yrs team. I know their was like 13 srs. on this team and their was high expectations for this team. Kept hearing this was gonna be the best team ever at Harlan. Anybody got any insight.

Mount Sterling, KY

#2 Oct 27, 2012
Yeah. They suck!!!! Have for years. Need to replace the coaching staff.

Richmond, KY

#3 Oct 27, 2012

Krypton, KY

#4 Oct 27, 2012
Yeah i've been wondering that for some time, I dont mean any disrespect but they seriously need to look at getting a different coaching staff or at least a new head coach that can lead them in the right direction. Time to wipe it out and start fresh. If you really have that many seniors and still not that good then gotta be the coaching staff...

Winchester, KY

#5 Oct 27, 2012
They need to get rid of the jerk running the defense!

Harlan, KY

#6 Oct 27, 2012
First of all, not sure who has the right to comment on whether or not a high school team is doing well or not. Pretty sure there isn't a high school sports commentator position you can apply for.


The comment about the changing of the coaching staff is 100% correct. The coaches are CLEARLY not in tune or in any way connected with the players. That's been evident since the 38-0 beating they took from Williamsburg in the second game of the season. I find it unbelievable that a team that has 13 seniors and all this leadership is having trouble being a consistent winning team. That's a definite sign that the problem is starting at the top. No doubt a change needs to be made, not necessarily concerning the scheme, but the players do not seem motivated at all to play.

My personal opinion, the coaches themselves need to swallow some pride and realize that it's their job to use their team how they need to be used, and not how they want to be used. As a coach, you have to use the talent you have in the proper way. You can't expect a group of kids who have run a spread offense their entire lives to operate in a offensive system that focuses on ball control. It's obvious?! They went from averaging 48 points a game last year to barely 20 now. It's ridiculous. Clearly a coaching error.

All in all, I feel bad for the team because I'm sure they are looking back and wondering how all this expectation and excitement could end in nothing. Hopefully they can at least enjoy what's left of their season.

Krypton, KY

#7 Oct 28, 2012
I grew up going to a county school, so naturally i'm more of a county fan than a dragon fan, BUT when it comes to our teams playing i always cheer for the city and county, now in saying that i just never could get behind the current dragons coach, I don't know where they got him from and his previous experience, when i was growing up i always looked at harlan city school as a powerhouse team compared to my team, and with getting older now i dont anymore. It's not because of the kids, they are doing what they are taught, or the way they are coached, and if it's true that they aren't coming together as a team then yes i do believe the coaching staff is to blame. I know as indiviuals they have some talented kids, but it seems they just can't pull together as a team which again is the coaches job and problem. I really would like to see the city school go out and hire a good bigger name coach, that way our county has two dominant teams in two different classes....Things are only gonna get tougher cause schools like Williamsburg are starting to actually recruit players like Danville has done for so many years, and having most of their players come way of transfers, so Harlan needs to make a move or its gonna get really bad for them. I would love to see Harlan go deep into the playoffs but again they will be facing williamsburg again maybe and that would be one game i dont think they can pull off especially after seeing the last game between them. Good luck Dragons the county will be behind you, I just hope the city school powers that be can see they need change to the dragons staffing problems......
Baller dad


#8 Oct 29, 2012
I have also noticed a disconnect between the coaching staff and players this year. Basic fundamentals are lacking, ie blocking, tackling etc. I would love to see some new blood on the staff, but with that being said the administration within HHS will probably go the same route they have with other sports and hire the cheapest coach they can find OR hire someone connected within the school (nepatism anyone?) BUT with that being said, we (I said we as I am an alumni and a Dragon Dad) We need to get behind our players. We have an obligation to support our team until the end of the year before starting to think about the coaching staff. HHS needs to get befing this program and lets start worrying as much about how many District and possibly STATE titles we can get as we do about out academic rankings (equally important as well btw). State championships equal money for the school you know!!! AND for my $0.02 worth Luttrell is a HELL of a man and coach, wish I would see some of his old fire again like he used to have but heck of a coach. Frank Shope should also be coaching as he has college experience and youth and fire to boot. Don-a-who, love ya man but the game has passed you by. Now Dragon Football Parents lets get out there and try to bring some kids into our program from within the halls of HHS and from outside. If Williamsburg, Hazard and the likes can recruit why cant we? HHS to play in the big dance within 3 years? It can happen with the support of the parents, community and especially the SCHOOL!! So come on Johnson and Morton lets make things happen!!!
Big Black Bear

Harlan, KY

#9 Oct 29, 2012
Wow guys!! Their record is 5-5. The problem is pass, pass, pass....The offense is being ran by the quarterback's father and they are surrounding the program around him. If it truly was working the QB couuld pass agaisnt Hazard, Williamsburg, Corbin not just agaisnt Pikeville, Pineville, Lynn Camp and so on. ONE player doesn't give you the best chance to win and besides, if you can't run the ball you won't win. This isn't a team from northern Kentucky and doesn't have the talent like a Williamsburg has. Play some football, run the ball...I can remember some of the best running backs in the county have came from HHS.Leave the coaches alone, JB just needs to be more involved like he use too. Trust me winning is more important to these kids and our county than trying to make ONE look better than what he truly is...Not being mean, he is good, but the team comes first.....

Harlan, KY

#10 Oct 29, 2012
The blame can be passed around to every person on this team, it doesn't really matter who you look toward. The fact of the matter is, Donahue isn't the coach he once was. He stands behind the curtains, relying on his offensive and defensive coordinatiors to do all the dirty work. He just employs himself as a tyrant on the field, only in place to hover over the other coaches and definitely the players. Waiting on the opportunity to show that he has the upmost power to belittle anyone around him in order to feed his arrogance as head of the Harlan Independent Schools. He has been there since I was in college, which was quite some time ago, but it took him over 20 years to achieve 100 wins, and it is going downhill. That's not a very good win percentage. Two of the coaches are very qaulified, but the problem starts at the top. In which one particular coach loves to claim. There is an extreme disconnect between the players and coaches and it shows on the field. This same group of kids played the same competition that they faced this season, and went 10-2 their 8th grade year. Going on a 10 game win streak and demolishing everyone. Not to mention a few valuable transfers. Now I know this isn't middle school athletics, but the drop should not be that significant. That is a factual sign that there is an issue beyond the players. They have the talent, they're just not being used correctly. Whether it be the coaches son, head coach, whatever it be. They're better than that. Very disappointing year for the Green Dragons.
Get it right

Richmond, KY

#11 Oct 29, 2012
Doesn't matter who you bring in to coach, Harlan Ind. Is not what it used to be sports wise. These kids are ok, but they would get smashed by the 99 team that Coach Shope played on reguardless of coach. Get over it. People kill me on here, thinking Johnny is an all-american. They have a couple decent(not great) skill players and that is it. Last time I checked, a couple good players couldn't beat a good team.
total truth


#12 Oct 30, 2012
HHS is at a HUGE disadvantage when it comes to money. The locker room/weight room is falling apart. No money for equipment as they rely on donors to give to the program. The HHS band gets ALL money from concessions and the football team gets none of it. The school itself is in the same shape. Johnson, keep bowing down to the County Administration and allowing the state to keep our money and not allowing kids access to HHS because of some STUPIC contract. Keep it up HHS and within 3 to 4 years this school will be the new central middle school, FOR THE COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM!!!

Harlan, KY

#13 Oct 30, 2012
Again, people want to make this about how the county does the city wrong. Get over it. Currently, the city gets transfers that can't play at the county level. I don't think that will change. Hmm, I never thought about it, that might make a really nice central COUNTY middle school...after some redecorating! Green (with envy) isn't a county color, it belongs to the city school!

Madisonville, KY

#14 Oct 30, 2012
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that thinks they suck and need to change the coaching staff.
HHS grad

United States

#15 Oct 30, 2012
County officials and the State of KY do do the HHS school wrong. County wants HHS shut down and only wants the HHS students for 2 reasons. To boost their sorry test scores and more money from the state. Parents should be allowed to make decisions to where their children are educated. Money should follow the kids. As far as the Football coaches, yeah a change may be in order but until the school and administration get 100 percent behind the program it will not change no matter who is in charge.

Phelps, KY

#16 Oct 30, 2012
So some want rid of JB. Don't think that will happen. He is Johnsons friend and gets pretty much whatever he wants. After this year it will be back to a building year...
Big Black Bear

Harlan, KY

#17 Oct 30, 2012
Funny I read something about 2 million dollars and new school upgrades or something like that. There is more money there than what you think. I believe that the kids deserve more than the city wants to give them. I mean look at city it doesn't want to do anything for the kids--the center, parking lots and useless crap like that and they wonder why people keep relocating......Those kids make that school look good it's not those board members and old ways of being. Fix the weight room, the locker room, update the field. Just because you help the kids doesn't mean that your test scores will drop.
I agree


#18 Oct 31, 2012
HHS needs to step it up. Both the administration, coaches and the Student athletes!!

Harrison, AR

#19 Aug 5, 2013
Who do they play in the scrimmage.

Richmond, KY

#20 Aug 6, 2013
doesn't matter. they will lose.

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