Review: Folkerson Property Management

El Paso, TX

#42 Jan 29, 2012
About time wrote:
Every single one of you need to report this business to Fort Hood housing and get them put off limits. If that dosent work then write to your congress person and complain that the military is ignoring your request to have something done with folkerson. This will get the militaries attention and maybe get something done.
I filed a complaint with the BBB and attempting to get this issues reviewed by JAG and the local news. My goal is to prevent this from happening to another Servicemember and their families.

If you would like to join me with this action, you can email me at [email protected] Hope to hear from you.


El Paso, TX

#43 Jan 29, 2012
DRK wrote:
This company should be blackballed from the Property Management arena. Doug is very unprofessional, rude and a few other choice words. What "good"property management company can only be reached via email? I wouldnt recommend this company to my worse enemy, which I plan to personally speak to someone to have this sorry company blacklisted/barred from Soldiers. I sure would love to see how access you have when all the Soldiers deploy or move from the Ft Hood area!!!!!!
I filed a complaint with the BBB and attempting to get this issues reviewed by JAG and the local news. My goal is to prevent this from happening to another Servicemember and their families.

If you would like to join me with this action, you can email me at [email protected] Hope to hear from you.

Never Again

Killeen, TX

#44 Feb 4, 2012
I have been in the Fort Hood area for 4 1/2 years and decided to try them. I went to their office during the weekday but it was locked up. The sign said to call to schedule an appointment. I called and from there I received about 3 emails from them and got an appointment scheduled. On the day of the appointment, I showed up, they didn't. I called 35 minutes after getting there because I went to veiw one property (from another realtor) and the rep was stuck in traffic. No show still. I called about 3 more times and waited for 2 hours total but no one showed up. When you call, you don't get the people that work there. You get people hired to be an answering service. They have to relay the message to the actual Folkerson representatives. I never received any callbacks or emails explaining why they missed the appointment they scheduled. Poor customer service. Never Again.

Killeen, TX

#45 Mar 3, 2012
***CHECK the BBB***They are no longer part of the BBB***DO NOT RENT from FOLKERSON***Do not use them to manage your property! It seems we have had the same problems as most everyone on this site. No one is ever at the office, they don’t return your phone calls and they barely answer your email’s. It takes forever to get things fixed when you call them in. We recently moved out, had the house cleaned and the yard cleaned and received a bill stating that we owe over $2500.00 in cleaning charges, extra rent and pet charges. I paid $500 to have the house cleaned! I paid $100 to have the yard done! WE DON’T OWN A PET!$700.00 in pet charges. The carpets smelled of cat urine when we moved in, which was the main complaint I made at the beginning. We paid our rent through to the end of the lease and get charged for the last months rent again! I took pictures of the house after it was cleaned, I am going to fight this. These people cannot continue to do business like this. If you rent from these people, be prepared and keep everything!

Southern Pines, NC

#46 Apr 23, 2012
This is a horrible place to rent from. Dont do it the only talk by email whatever you do dont rent from them. Forget Folkerson Property Management. I rent a house for 2 years worst thing I ever did in my life .
unsatisfied tenant

Temple, TX

#47 Jun 10, 2012
Such a bad rental company. He will over charge you for everything you have repaired, even if it isn't your fault. They'll send someone out to fix something that went wrong and YOU had no idea now to fix it, even though your lease says they prefer to use their own contracters-you'll get a bill in the mail you have to pay. They're greedy. And the phone calls, they never get returned. So I got his home phone number and called his house to find out when my air would get fixed, he cussed me out in more ways than one. Well, maybe he should handle his business better and he wouldn't have to get a personal call, ey? Sorry company. I feel bad for future and current residents. You wont be satisfied with anything. Beware!

Killeen, TX

#48 Jun 26, 2012
Military Spouse wrote:
We rented through Folkerson's and during that time my husband deployed. We had several things go wrong including the hot water heater, and major black mold issues in the bathroom. Doug Folkerson, when I finally got to speak with him personally, threatened me and was extremely verbally abusive. The repair work was minimal and the bathroom was never fixed. By the time we moved it was entirely black on the inside of every cabinet dispite repeated attempts by me to get rid of the mold. He would do nothing except insult me and speak to me as though I was an idiot. They gave us the option of using an outside firm or them to clean the carpets before the out inspection, which never occurred. They were "not availble" for the entire 30 days. We were instructed to provide the receipts and proff the carpets were professinally cleaned which we did. They still charged us $200. to clean the carpets, although not only were they spotless, they were much better than when we moved in. We are back in Harker Heights now and every week I see Doug Folkerson and his wife stand in church holding hands and acting so pious. It makes me sick. My husband wants to confront him but I think he has no remorse. He knowlingly takes advantage of military families. He should be placed on the Off Limits list but his family has political ties in the area so it won't happen.
WAS this house locsted on Amber Rd by chance

Hinesville, GA

#49 Jul 30, 2012
WE JUST RENTED FROM THIS COMPANY AND ENDED A CONTRACT NOT TOO LONG AGO.. i DEFINATELY agree with all the negative comments about this poor customer service.. MILITARY PEOLPLE SHOULDNT HAVE TO BE DEALING WITH THIS KIND OF PEOPLE.. IF renters are going to rent from this company they should be able to reach them by phone and in person!!.. this company should go out of business and quit ripping people off!!.. they take a very long time to respond via email and phone message.. THEY WILL FIND EVERY WAY TO GET MONEY!!.. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET AT THE END!!! THEY ARE SO RIDICULOUS AND WORST COMPANY EVER TO RENT FROM!!!!!!
Tenant on Hereford Lane

United States

#50 Sep 10, 2012
I've NEVER rented from such a HORRIBLE property management! Folkerson is a DISGRACE to property managers! They DO NOT return phone calls, they take forever to repair anything...its RIDICULOUS! I WOULDN'T ADVISE ANYONE TO RENT FROM FOLKERSON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!
little leaf CT resident

Dallas, TX

#51 Sep 10, 2012
They are very unprofessional. They do not answer your phone calls or return phone calls all the time and when they do call back they give attitude. My AC went out in the middle of July. The landlord blamed it in my kids.(a 3&4yr old) he says I was responsible and had to pay 1700 for it. I got it fixed for 160 and then was told this was due to the last service rep turn the switch upside down. Wren I went on post to complain there was not much they can do but send me to small claims court. Then I took pictures of everything before I left and then they tried to charge me triple (1575) and nothing was wrong except the stove. when my husband was deployed my windows started to get mold on it and I asked if someone could come fix the issue BC I was pregnant at the time they told me they would charge me 90 each... This company is a sure rip off. Folkerson is not right. And I still have my pictures, AC report, and phone records just in case this has to go to court in the future.

Maxton, NC

#52 Jan 21, 2013
Chris I went to JAG when I was there and they didn't do anything but write him a letter. My credit still have folkerson property on it
Chris wrote:
<quoted text>
I filed a complaint with the BBB and attempting to get this issues reviewed by JAG and the local news. My goal is to prevent this from happening to another Servicemember and their families.
If you would like to join me with this action, you can email me at [email protected] Hope to hear from you.

Fayetteville, NC

#53 Jan 22, 2013
Cheryl wrote:
Folkerson Property Management was very professional & helpful when we rented from them. We dealt with them for 2 years and had absolutely no problems with them!!
you must work for them because these people are very unprofessional and rude to everyone including my chain of command when i rented from them and they tarnished my husband and my credit report without notifying us of what they thought we owe after they kept our deposit and full month rent. im taking legal actions against them if you would like to join me email me at [email protected]
Paul from Los Angeles

Cerritos, CA

#54 Jan 24, 2013
I have used Folkerson for over 15 years now. I must say I disagree with most of the comments here. I do own rental properties across the nation and Folkerson is tops! Yes, I do wait for my monthly statements. They can direct deposit your procedes for you also. I also do not care that they repair without consulting me first for immediate action items. If you know the rental laws, then you know that they must maintain your home at the standards it was rented or your tenants do not have to pay rent. Also, as for the racket of repairs. Ok, Folkerson is about 10% higher than if I did it myself. But I am 2000 miles away. To me it is worth the 10%. Now for all of you first time rental property owners...don't get in over your head! You either need to have access to monies to cover annual repairs and tenantless months OR DO NOT GET INTO THIS BUSINESS! It is very rewarding as someone else is paying your mortgage and taxes and in time will produce very high monthly positive cash flows as rents increase. As for me, Doug and his crew manage two homes in Killeen for me. My current situation is that one home is completely profit and the other pays all bills including annual taxes and repairs for both. PS We also allow big dogs in our homes which causes more repairs but increases our rents received!

Killeen, TX

#55 Apr 11, 2013
I am so glad that I never rented from Folkerson. I called to set up an appointment to view a home and they never showed up. I tried to call but I talked to their answering service and left a message. They never returned my call. I finally rented a house from Tri-city properties and they are awesome. I know Folkerson has some new homes for rent at great prices but their cusomer service is awful...DON'T rent from folkerson or you will regret it....

Killeen, TX

#56 May 2, 2013
Why am I the neighbor to property that has terrible management? It reflects poorly on me as a homeowner.
I am a homeowner of 13 yrs and I live next to property that is being managed by Folkerson Property Management. The property has been vacant since Jan 2013 and still is. NEVER has this property taken this LONG to rent. There was a car parked under the back carport. I called Folkerson to inform that and left a message with the answering service and no phone call was returned. The fence that adjoins my property is broken in two places. No response from them also. I would like to inform the owner of the property. Do anyone have any suggestions??

San Antonio, TX

#57 Jun 11, 2013
Why..You can go to the property tax office on Priest Dr and get the owner info on the house and send them a letter.

Killeen, TX

#58 Jul 22, 2013
I have been renting from this bastard since Oct 2011. He seemed like a decent human being in the beginning. But as time went on and 2 years coming up, I am regretting ever renting from these people. I have always paid my rent on time, except for the month of july. My vehicle was broken into, all my personal belongings was stolen along with my checks, bank cards, government credit card, military equipment and thats just a few. I called this landlord to let him know what was going on and that I would be late on my rent. First thing, I got some letter in the mail, saying I was late in june, when I wasn't. Paid my rent on time like Ive always did. Now, Im just receiving a letter in the mail stating I need to be out by 16 of july for non-payment of July's rent. I mean, come on now, what, He thinks no one reads the law? But then again, says nothing about being late in June, Hmmmm, fishy. I have been leaving messages, emailing this man, and he has failed to return any messages. I am just now reading up on all these complaints, and I swear, I am appalled that I even rented from these people. My lease is up in October, and I wasn't planning on moving due to my deployment coming up in April. But to hell with that, I am NOT RENEWING my lease for the life of me. Not by a long shot. First, he raised my rent after one year, didn't do any repairs that he said he was gonna come and fix. He just doesn't give a damn about his tenants and find pleasure in ripping off the military. Look, Here Folkerson, as God is my witness, I will make it my business to never allow you to lease any properties in this town again. You are disgusting and rude. And you have no type of customer service at all. This is why your business has a bad reputation and will continue to have such. Karma is a _______ and you will pay for ruining peoples lives. Nasty people. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH FOLKERSON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!!!!!!

Chester, VA

#59 Sep 3, 2013
I wish I would have saw these reviews prior to me moving in. I moved my stuff in this house on Friday and he left the lease with my sister since I wasn't able to make it on Friday. When I got the lease I saw that they were charging me $100 extra dollars than they advertised so i didn't leave the rent or lease because I needed the price to be changed. I'm back in VA until Thursday so I emailed him to let him know the problem. He called me later and told me that I had to have the lease and rent signed by 1700 today or he was going to evict me. I was so lost. He made the mistake on the lease trying to overcharge me and he is threatening to evict me? I am trying to get a hold of the Fort Hood housing office to see what I can do about this issue. It's unfortunate because all of my stuff is in that house and I am in VA until Thursday. What should I do?

Odessa, TX

#60 Feb 12, 2014
I tried calling Folkerson to inquire about one of their properties. I got the answering service. It was 10:30am and I thought that a little wierd but I called later in the day and again got the answering service. I decided to email them and email seems to be the only communication source they use. Anytime I called I got the answering service. I left my number in the email and they never used it. I was asked to come see the house on Feb 13th. Here it is the 12th and they email me saying they got a deposit on the property and offered me another property. If it takes 3 days to inquire about a property because their only source of communication is email, I do not want to rent from them. What kind of business do you run when your never in your office and you got the answering service answrring and taking messages you do not respond to. How they have been in business this long beats the hell out of me. I will never try to rent from them again and will definitely let others know not to deal with.
Miguel D

Dayton, OH

#61 Jul 5, 2014
If I could give this business zero starts I would. Do not rent from this property management. I ignore all the bad reviews this company had and decided if still rent a property from them. Worst mistake I ever done. Please learn from my mistake and avoid renting from Mr. Folkerson at all cost. He does not return calls or emails and no matter how clean you leave the house, he will not give return your deposit. I met with Mr. Folkerson for my final move out inspection, during the inspection he said the house look good and there was no issues. I provided a carpet cleaning receipt and he assure me that there were no issues. Four weeks later, I get a letter in the mail charging me $580 in cleaning fees. This guy just takes advantages of his tenants avoid at all cost.

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