The brillant post below was taken from the Sidney Ky forum, but it just rang so true for hardy I had to repost it. We have check drawing, government defrauding, drug dealing users, who have turned their way of life into a business literally. Hardy stand up and take charge of our area report drug activity to UNITE, call the social security board and report druggies working and getting money from every source under the sun, report pillheads to the crazy check SSI people. You can report drug activity without giving any of your information call UNITE 1-866-424-4382.

"nark rat the only ppl who even care what that word means is drug dealer and drug users its so stuipd.I'm mad cause they told on me i go to the doctor and sell my pills because i dont have enough ass to wrk a real job like a real man or they draw SSi sometimes ppl need that but drug dealers who draw and sell too are the lowest form of human beings they are and they they beeter be glad they are out if jail because you will get caugt sometime or another and if i get the chabce im gonna RAT OR NARK or whatever u say and u wanna hurt me beat me or the other thing then bring it on. I hope all the pill dealers read this they are the worst there murders yea u heard me. Like i said quit faking like ur hurt oooo my back oooo my leg lol... GET A JOB LOW LIFE!!!!!!! BE A MAN. MEAT HOUSE, STRATION,DIX FORK,ROAD FORK,AFLEX,LOWER BIG CREEK BYE THE way all these place have dealers some two or three hahahha lolloololoooolololololololol "