Woodbury has the lowest income per capita in the state. It has the highest and fastest growning school tax in the state for a town of similar attributes in Vermont. Those aren't my stats, they are from the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. I can't remember the exact figure but we were talking about 30 plus students, which has been steadily decliniing over the last 10 years. The handwriting is on the wall for this school. The state is obviously pushing small town schools to consolidate and people are holding out in a losing cause which is costing the tax payers dearly. If the education received was of such quality the town could be proud it wouldn't be so hard to swallow. Sometimes you need to use your head when you vote. The people for keeping the school open use "Vote for our Woodbury Children" instead of facing the issues for what they are. It really is a shame to hold kids out in front of you ... oh wait that's a terrorist tactic. That couldn't be right. Could it?