Dear Mr. Richmond, You could not know how close a companion you have been to me. I was born in Oakland in 1947, went to USF in 1962m UCMED in 1968. Grew up in the same tumultyous runes (forgive me I left my glasses in the car) the Black Panthers, VietNam, the Fillmore, fantastic music, the feeling that we were going to change things because we cared. Such hope, then marriage, three kids----one you really helped with
you came to her school in Alameda when she was about ten I guess, she's twenty-nine now, you were so kind and patient with the class and after you left Jen she wanted to write the news. Later when when in high school she was getting off track, I reminded her of your visit and she refocused went to NYU and SF State in journalism and works now in editing--she's getting married to someone she met at NYU on July 13 th. a little Italian family wedding, no gifts, great food, we'd love to see you if you wanted, one thirty 2950 Northwood Drive, Alameda---silly, but you see, you feel like family all these yars through ups and downs, divorse, ovarian cancer battling now, through it all you were there and recently when you were gone I missd you and prayed all was well. I'm sorry you have also met the beast. Too much rambling , dear one of my best relationships I love you, your face, your voice, your work. Be well and if you ever want a good meal just holler, lynn