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Bacon masturbator

Canton, OH

#57175 Apr 8, 2014
With bacon hater fails to remember… A lot of black people voted solely for the reason Barack is black. Dems aren't gonna have all those blacks voting..some will..not a ton

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#57176 Apr 8, 2014
Bacon masturbator wrote:
With bacon hater fails to remember… A lot of black people voted solely for the reason Barack is black. Dems aren't gonna have all those blacks voting..some will..not a ton
And that's important, during the second term of a Presidency....BECAUSE???

“Comfort the afflicted”

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#57177 Apr 8, 2014
Bacon masturbator wrote:
With bacon hater fails to remember… A lot of black people voted solely for the reason Barack is black. Dems aren't gonna have all those blacks voting..some will..not a ton
Yeah, black people will show up in hordes for Newt Gingrich. Are you high?

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#57179 Apr 8, 2014
bacon hater wrote:
<quoted text>
It takes a conservative to lose two wars, invade the wrong country, commit international war crimes, empty our treasury and destroy the greatest economy in the history of civilization. But we pass healthcare legislation to replace a completely failed healthcare system, and we're the bad guys.
Sometimes you just have to laugh at these people.
If they only knew, how much they have soiled the longterm, GOP brand......Obstruction and protecting the wealthy will never be a path to American Leadership.....

Homestead, PA

#57180 Apr 8, 2014
Bacon masturbator wrote:
With bacon hater fails to remember… A lot of black people voted solely for the reason Barack is black. Dems aren't gonna have all those blacks voting..some will..not a ton
If all the white people in Amerika would have voted for Romney , he would have won. Seems like was magic underware tipped off a lot of teabaggers,eh?
J Bush

Homestead, PA

#57181 Apr 8, 2014
Governor Jindal proposes Republican alternative to Obamacare

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to repeal Obamacare, and now he's put forward a plan to replace it. It features no individual mandate and a voucher-like program for Medicare.

Democrats lambasted the plan. "The plan Governor Jindal announced today – much like the Ryan Budget – starts by repealing Obamacare, which could result in millions of Americans being kicked off their current health care plans and bring back the worst parts of the old, failed health care system," said Michael Czin, press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, in a statement Wednesday. Mr. Czin criticized Jindal for heading a state with one of the highest rates of uninsured residents in the country, and for refusing to expand Medicaid under Obamacare in his state.

Bring it on, is basically what Jindal is saying about the need for more vigorous debate, especially among Republicans. The youthful governor has considerable experience in health care, including as assistant secretary of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush. He says the Republicans must not cede issues such as health, energy, or education to Democrats, but offer solutions of their own.

Read more here, you'll laugh!

J Bush

Homestead, PA

#57182 Apr 8, 2014
The New Republican Health Care Plan With A Twist ??

With the election around the corner, each party is digging their trenches and creating a plan for the long hard battle. Democrats are focusing on income inequality through a minimum wage increase. Republicans are focusing on, yet again, repealing Obamacare. Finally, instead of straight repeal, they are presenting a plan to replace Obamacare. As you’ll see shortly, this is the same old song they sang in the past and it is not enough. They could use fresh ideas.

Components of the “new” plan include – sell insurance across state lines, limit medical malpractice suits and judgments, beef up high risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions, and expand health savings accounts. The new plan is titled “A Stronger Health Care System: The GOP Plan for Freedom, Flexibility, & Peace of Mind” and the GOP establishment will take their new plan on the road in April in a series of town hall meetings. They want feedback, and I hope people are unbridled in what they share

Read more here:

J Bush

Homestead, PA

#57183 Apr 8, 2014
Does the 47% want more money? They want what money will buy – safety. Food in their belly, a roof over their head, and their health. We all want these things. And most of the people in the 53% want everyone to have at least food and a place to sleep. Since we are a wealthy, great nation, the 53% want the other hard working people in this country to have good health too. The 53% knows a healthy workforce is important for productivity – try to find an economist who disagrees with this statement.

Which gets us back to the Republican health care plan – the 53% knows the same tired Republican plan will leave many hard working individuals behind. Many of their ideas are good ideas, AND if insurance is not guaranteed issue, and if there is not assistance to help the working poor purchase coverage, it will not work for the 47%. All the “messaging” in the world won’t get the majority on board.

Is it possible for the Republicans to win using the same ideas? They could if they can show they care about the 47%, show they care about women, and show they care about immigrants. What “twist” could they add to their plan to show they care?
J Bush

Homestead, PA

#57184 Apr 8, 2014
The Lonely Death of the Republican Health-Care Plan

Last week, Republican Senators Tom Coburn, Richard Burr, and Orrin Hatch unveiled a health-care proposal – or, at least, a close approximation of one. Conservatives hailed it as a seminal event, the moment when the Republican Party would finally dispel the accusation of mindless obstructionism and assert its full equal status as a vessel for serious health-care policymaking. Ross Douthat rejoiced,“mirabile dictu, an actual health care reform proposal!” The new plan “explode[s] the myth,” exulted a National Review editorial, that “Obamacare or something like it is the only game in town.”

Republicans are certainly going to have to abandon their indifference to policy and formulate an actual health-care reform policy. But the moment has not arrived, and the events since the plan’s hopeful emergence have made the gap between aspiration and reality painfully clear.

Within hours of the new plan coming into contact with political reality, things began to fall apart. The general outlines of the plan involved deregulating health insurance, so that healthy customers paid less for cheaper plans and sicker customers paid more, and shifting the tax burden off the wealthy and onto the middle class. Defining its effects more specifically has proven difficult. It’s less a plan than an outline that, depending on how the authors filled in its missing details, could mean any number of wildly different things.

The first blow to its coherence came when the authors faced questions about their proposal to cap the tax deduction for employer-sponsored health insurance, a politically risky but economist-approved change that provided most of its money for covering the uninsured. Asked about this piece of their plan, the authors changed the language within hours to ratchet back its scope, insulating them from political attacks, but also neutering its value.

Read more here:

Sean Hannity

Homestead, PA

#57185 Apr 8, 2014
This stuff you will never hear on FAUX NOISE...

The GOP Has a New Health Plan—and It Sounds Exactly Like the Old One

House Republican leaders have come up with a new health care proposal. And based on a report in the Washington Post, it will look a lot like their old health care proposals—the ones that would have done very little to improve access, reduce financial distress, and contain health care spending. But this new plan would be different in one key respect. Implementing this sort of Republican plan now would probably mean taking away coverage from quite a lot of people who just got it. That’s a pretty big deal.

Of course, they don’t admit that. The main feature of the Republican approach, according to the Post’s Robert Costa, will be cross-state purchasing, expansion of high-risk pools, and malpractice reform. The idea, which Republicans have been talking about for 20 years, would mean that somebody in, say, New York could buy a policy from a carrier in, say, North Dakota. Sounds great, right? We order shoes from far-flung websites and drive across the state line for beer—why not do the same for health insurance? Here’s why: A big reason coverage in places like New York has gotten expensive is local rules designed for protect people from insurance companies’ misbehavior. In New York, carriers must sell to anybody, regardless of pre-existing condition, and they must provide a reasonably comprehensive set of benefits.

Read more here:
More Insured Under Bush

Narberth, PA

#57187 Apr 8, 2014
More Insured Under Bush
Apr. 8, 2014

Gallup reports,“In the U.S., the uninsured rate dipped to 15.6% in the first quarter of 2014, a 1.5-percentage-point decline from the fourth quarter of 2013. The uninsured rate is now at the lowest level recorded since late 2008.”

All fine and dandy, right? As anticipated, there's more to this poll.

PJMedia's Charlie Martin explains:“The low was 14.4 percent, just before the financial crisis”– in other words, under George W. Bush.

Martin continues,“Since Obama was inaugurated in 2009, the net change is from 15.4 percent uninsured to 15.6 percent. So the net effect has been that by the Gallup Survey the number of uninsured has improved in the last year, but gotten worse since Obama was inaugurated, and is 1.2 percent worse than under Bush.”

That equates to about 3.6 million fewer Americans today covered by insurance, even with the ObamaCare mandate. Aren't Obamanomics and ObamaCare great?

Massive Premium Increases

Narberth, PA

#57188 Apr 8, 2014
Health Insurance: 14.5 Million to Get Massive Increases
April 8, 2014

The price of health insurance premiums on plans purchased outside of the federal and state exchanges are much higher than expected, a survey of brokers found.

A proprietary survey of 148 brokers conducted by Morgan Stanley analysts revealed the largest acceleration in small and individual group rates in the survey’s history, Forbes contributor Scott Gottlieb of the conservative American Enterprise Institute first noted.
The Morgan Stanley report attributed the increases to “changes under the ACA” including the new excise taxes being levied on insurance plans, and the new requirements that plans provide more robust coverage.
The latest survey found that states seeing the steepest price increases for off-exchange individual plans include Delaware—where off-exchange plans increased by 100 percent, New Hampshire increased by 90 percent, Indiana by 54 percent, California by 53 percent and Connecticut by 45 percent.

Meanwhile, as Forbes noted, small group market plans increased the most in Washington by 588 percent, Pennsylvania by 66 percent and California by 37 percent


Homestead, PA

#57190 Apr 9, 2014
No love here: Why Jeb Bush is losing the conservative pundit primary

Jeb Bush has achieved his goal: he’s got the chattering classes yakking about him as a presidential candidate.

Unfortunately for him, the chatter is mostly negative, especially on the right.

And maybe that’s what the former Florida governor wanted to find out.

Bush seems a reluctant candidate, at least compared to Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and many other Republican wannabes. So he was using the media spotlight the other day in Texas, including a Fox News interview, to essentially dare his party to accept him.

Here, according to my handy-dandy pundit psychoanalyzing machine, is the subtext of his comments.

So you think you want another Bush on the ticket? You’d be getting a guy who believes in compassion for illegal immigrants. I’m not going to play the self-deportation pandering game. Message: I care, as my dad used to say. You’re also getting a guy who believes in education reform, including Common Core, the program that Republicans love to hate. If I do this, I’m going to run a hopeful campaign, not a slash-and-burn operation. And if you don’t want me, fine. I don’t need this gig.

Read more here:


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#57191 Apr 9, 2014
Yeah, Jeb Bush is too grounded and appealing for this GOP.....
Illegal Immigrant Dies

Narberth, PA

#57192 Apr 9, 2014
Obama aunt who stayed in U.S. illegally dies at 61
April 8, 201

President Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango, who was denied asylum in the United States but stayed illegally for years, died Tuesday at age 61.

Onyango, whose immigration status was reported by The Associated Press days before Obama’s election in 2008, had been treated in recent months for cancer and respiratory problems, Cleveland attorney Margaret Wong said. She died in a Boston rehabilitation center, said Wong, who represented her in her immigration case.

Onyango, a half-sister of Obama’s late father, moved from Kenya to the U.S. in 2000 and was denied asylum by an immigration judge in 2004. She remained in the country illegally, living in Boston public housing.

money bags

Homestead, PA

#57193 Apr 9, 2014
Retirement assets at the end of 2013 were the highest on record, a strong indication that many savers have seen their investment accounts bounce back from the financial crisis of 2008 when the stock market fell so hard it lost nearly half its value.

Following a strong equity market in 2013, retirement assets at the end of the year had grown to $19 trillion compared to $16.3 trillion at the end of 2012, according to the Retirement Market Insights Report 2014 prepared by Chicago-based Spectrem Group.

"The total retirement assets now are greater than they were before the recession," said George Walper Jr., president of Spectrem Group. "All of the accounts have grown primarily due to record stock markets last year.

"But people also are continuing to make contributions to their retirement accounts. More people are working now — due to lower unemployment — and more employers also have restarted matching 401(k) plan contributions. All these things are driven by the economy as a whole being stronger today versus 2009."

In 2013, there was $7.8 trillion in company 401(k) retirement plans; $6.2 trillion invested in Individual Retirement Accounts; $3.9 trillion in public sector retirement accounts; and $985.4 billion in 403(b) retirement plans, according to Spectrem Group.

Thanks Barack !

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#57194 Apr 9, 2014
The stock market has recently reached an all-time high and has many looking at their 401Ks and celebrating their exceptionally good fortune. However, I wouldn’t pop the corks on those champagne bottles just yet. There’s a chance that this bubble is about to burst.
Drudge reports that 8.5 million Americans left the labor force during that same time period while unemployment remains unacceptably high at 7.9%. It was suggested on Forbes that the real unemployment rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 14.7%. USA Today reports on the anemic growth of the US GDP. Even Forbes asks the question,“Why is Wall Street winning right now and everyone else seems to be losing?”
Chief investment strategist and CEO of Fearless Wealth, RC Peck says that the “federal Reserve stimulus and government borrowing to meet its obligations are driving stocks to record highs on a daily basis”, and I tend to agree.
In an article on Market Consensus titled,“Stock Market Correction is Imminent – Time to Take Profits (2013)“, it states,“Continual quantitative easing by the U.S. Federal Reserve has been a major factor contributing to the rise in asset prices.”
Thanks to the government, the National Debt is now 17.5 Trillion. Every person share of this is 55K. THATS why the market is up. Only a Kool-Aid drinking monkey would celebrate this BS "economic recovery"
Thanks Barack!
Roger republic

Bethlehem, PA

#57195 Apr 9, 2014
Love day guv
Roger republic

Harleysville, PA

#57196 Apr 9, 2014
Roger that
Roger republic

Harleysville, PA

#57197 Apr 9, 2014

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