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Ridge Runner

Hyattsville, MD

#54508 Nov 24, 2013
antenna wrote:
This blog is getting boring. Nothing but people pasting in whole articles or calling each other names like kids on the playground. What happened to the intelligent debates? I'm guessing the smart, informed people left in disgust.

There's now close to 50,000 posts and they're mostly the same...

You should take time and read them all before making such a profound accusation.
Ridge Runner

United States

#54514 Nov 24, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Obama vs. Liberalism
November 20, 2013
The conservative attitude toward Obama has largely been a mirror image of that of the left. To liberals, Obama is the ideal vision of Liberal Man -- the Lightbringer, the new FDR in a darker shade,who will right all wrongs, set the U.S. firmly on a progressive path, and give out lots of free stuff (from "Obama's stash," as one admirer put it.)
Conservatives see the exact opposite: a demonic figure, the community organizer from Hell, a combination of Caligula, Lenin, Mao, and Blofeld, a Muslim-communist- progressive Antichrist with a perfect and implacable plan to destroy the U.S. and the Western world as a whole.
Events of the past few months have belied both the liberal and conservative visions.
If Obama is the Antichrist, he's a kind of goofy, inept, comical Antichrist at best. And as for the Lightbringer, events speak for themselves.
Plainly, Obama is worst enemy liberalism has ever had.
So, he's not the antichrist now?

Like I said your brain synapses are mis-firing again.

I recommend the 30 day "Obama is the anti-Christ" detox program....
The AntiChrist Hunter

United States

#54516 Nov 24, 2013
Ridge Runner wrote:
<quoted text>
So, he's not the antichrist now?
Like I said your brain synapses are mis-firing again.
I recommend the 30 day "Obama is the anti-Christ" detox program....
I would like to take this time to thank you for trying to expose all these ignorant odd ballers attempts to accuse people of being the elusive anti-Christ...hahahaa

Wow how full of crap are they anyway...
Anyway we appreciate your efforts in exposing the hypocracy....

Anyway ....everyone knows that Mitt Romney was the one true AntiChrist...hahaha

Louisville, KY

#54518 Nov 24, 2013
"Another delusion to feed....like your odd baller bretheren...you just make shitt up and keep repeating it now matter how little sense or how absurd the proclamation....
Now that's a winning strategy...keep up the good work odd ball".----says the refined Ridge Runner.

If you like like your heathcare/doctor you can keep them along with paying less. PERIOD..........

Now go get on your knees BO sniffer .........PERIOD !
Ridge Runner wrote:
<quoted text>
Here's another fine example of your aptitude and refinement.
However, You are typical of the Tea Party loser class that's been permiating the political environment these days....and when I say permiating I do mean permiating...
Pheewee Pu...they/you do stink.
At least the Afordable Care Act includes Mental Health care too...most Tea Baggin' odd-ballers like yourself could benefit from this type of plan.
You can go through the Limbaugh Nut juice detox program for 30 days...it does take time to get off that extra-strength crap but you should look into it...

Pittsburgh, PA

#54519 Nov 24, 2013
Stillers are winnin.
SmokeFilledBackR oom

Bryn Mawr, PA

#54520 Nov 24, 2013
Heard a Republican/Corbett apologist today say that they wanted the Transportation Bill passed this year so any backlash would die down. 28 cent/largest gas tax in the country will NOT die down.

I don't know wether to hope the faux Republican legislature or the faux Republican governor should be voted out at this point. If both are voted out the tax and spend will continue. At this point I vote any third party that has a chance and split the ticket at the legislative level to get some of these con servatives out of office. One branch at a time vote these existing con servatives out.

Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#54521 Nov 24, 2013
Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#54522 Nov 24, 2013
HARRISBURG - A new taxpayer-paid $53,000 Chevy Suburban was ready for use by Gov. Tom Corbett March 30, the same day Corbett claimed his vehicle was a hand-me-down from Gov. Ed Rendell, which broke down often, state police officials said.

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg ended months of denials by the Corbett administration about the new vehicles in a story published Sunday.

That report cited criticism of the Corbett administration for buying new Chevrolet Suburbans, at $53,000 per vehicle, for Corbett and Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley and new Chevy Traverses, at nearly $40,000 apiece, for their wives. Those purchases came after candidate Corbett vowed to cut the state car fleet if elected. The four vehicles totalled $185,000, the newspaper reported.

Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#54523 Nov 24, 2013

Corbett one term governor !!

Another Republicon scamming the tax payers
Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#54525 Nov 24, 2013
Weird News – Corrupt Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Uses Millions of Taxpayer Money to Privatize State Lottery and Discriminate Against Voters Using the Voter ID Law

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Gov. Tom Corbett is being criticized for using millions of dollars in taxpayer money for legal fees.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the Corbett administration spent $6.4 million last year for outside law firms to handle high-profile state cases.

The cases included the privatization of the state lottery system and the voter ID requirement.

The Corbett administration defended the practice.

… this guy makes George Bush look like a liberal hippie.

Rub one out

West Mifflin, PA

#54528 Nov 24, 2013
Plus corbett might have been given handjobs by jerry sandusky no wonder corbett never went after him..........HAAA!
shoot ur load

Hazleton, PA

#54529 Nov 24, 2013
I always figured Corbett and Sandusky tag teamed 2nd mile kids.

Greensburg, PA

#54531 Nov 24, 2013
New Governor, We are only two steps away from Legalizing Marijuana for medical person, This would help with the epidemic of pain killers on the streets and lower crime, and save lives which pain killers is proven to be the reason or stepping stone of Heroin is our young children from all of us Pennsylvanians. The State would definitely profit from the revenue it would bring in. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA and your get my vote,
survivor speaks

Los Angeles, CA

#54533 Nov 25, 2013
Rape survivor speaks out against Obama for voting ‘present’ on rape protections bill

The lone rape victim who testified before the Illinois Senate on behalf of a 1999 rape-victim protections bill is speaking out against the lone Illinois state senator who chose not to vote for it: Barack Obama.

“I just couldn’t believe it.

How could he do that?

Thank God for the other [senators] who voted for it.

They had a heart.

They had compassion that Obama evidently doesn’t have,”

rape survivor Michelle Eppel told The Daily Caller after recently finding out that Obama was the one non-yes vote.

“He doesn’t care,” Eppel said.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/11/25/rape-surviv...
SmokeFilledBackR oom

Bryn Mawr, PA

#54534 Nov 25, 2013
Tom C wrote:
Good Reference.

Shows how tax payer money is used for political favor. Goes way more than it should but theoretically you would expect more from an ex attorney general who supposedly represented the state.


I wonder how much of this new transportation bill is/are no bid contracts or what kind of kickbacks and "bonuses" were exchanged to guarantee the work on both sides.

Time for a third party governor from any party at this point. But the faux Republican and con servative Corbett must be voted or kicked out of office by lawsuit.
Charles Darwin

Hazleton, PA

#54535 Nov 25, 2013
Rape is evolution. She needs to put down the bible and pick up a biology book.
MC Hammer

Chambersburg, PA

#54539 Nov 25, 2013
Charles Darwin wrote:
Rape is evolution. She needs to put down the bible and pick up a biology book.
That is just sick. This seems to be typical on what we expect from the left.
Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#54540 Nov 25, 2013
The one term Governor's corruption scandals ......

Take a peek here:


This is jaw dropping and eyebrow raising !!!
SmokeFilledBackR oom

Bryn Mawr, PA

#54541 Nov 25, 2013
Tom C wrote:
http://casablancapa.blogspot.c om/
Corbett one term governor !!
Another Republicon scamming the tax payers
And here is an excellent example of politicians protecting each other.


They all know each other. It's intermeshed. It's so bad that in many townships you need a politician's reference just become a trash man/women. They control all the jobs for a reason-favors and controlling the type of individual they want(won't rat and/or is desperate-they can hold the job against them). It's not about qualified or fair. This is why I don't expect much out of Kane because she probably got her start with favors like these as did most other politicians Democrat or Republican in Pennsylvania.

A lot of what goes on would be firable or layoff worthy in the private sector. Actually something would lead to criminal prosecutions.

I can't believe there isn't any cronyism in the transportation including no bid contracts.

Think of state and local level politics like the cold war where they had MAD or mutually assured destruction . By controlling the politics through individuals & hires they know that the hires know how things work. They know they will over look many things. They also know that their hires know the politicians control their jobs and if they do whistle blow they divulge all the stuff they do regularly-it's a case if you rat on me I'll rat on you and we'll be both out of a job.
Tom C

West Mifflin, PA

#54543 Nov 25, 2013
Govwernor of Pa [ R ] Tom Corbett promised NOT to raise taxes while running for office in 2010......

WOW !!!!

You wonder if people should just stay home and apply for welfare,with gas prices reaching well over 4 bucks a gallon who can afford to drive to work ? Gas prices will likely increase to over 4 bucks a gallon in the spring of 2014 !!!!!!!!!!

Drivers likely will pay a bit more for gasoline but were spared any immediate increase in registration or driver's license fees in the transportation funding legislation signed today by Gov. Tom Corbett.

The legislation repeals the 12-cent-per-gallon tax levied at the pump and shifts gas tax collections to wholesalers by raising the Oil Company Franchise Tax rate and lifting an artificial cap on the tax.

The formula is complicated but will result in a net increase in the state gasoline tax of 9.5 cents per gallon starting Jan. 1; another 9.7 cents for 2015; and at least 8 cents for 2017.

However Mr Corbett gets a state owned car, and his wife too, to jet around Harrisburg with unlimited mileage and a gas card to feed his BIG SUV !!

Wonderful !

"I voted down Obamcare because it is just too expensive for the working class"- Tom Corbett September 15, 2012

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