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policy holder

West Mifflin, PA

#54437 Nov 23, 2013
The pre-Obamacare status quo is the system that allowed insurers to drop sick people and not let them buy insurance at any price.
Under ACA, everyone who wants coverage can get it, and they can get it for no more than 9.5% of their income.
The plans that have been cancelled were either cancelled because they didn't comply with the law or they were cancelled at the insurers' discretion because they rolled out better policies at the same price point.
95% of Americans (all who have coverage through their employer, Medicare, Medicaid or other public providers) will not be affected by changes involving individual coverage.
ONLY those Americans that get their policies on the individual insurance market will see modifications to their existing plans, or cancellations that would allow them to get a new much better policy right away. There are some policies that can be grandfathered if people want to keep insurance that’s substandard.
A significant portion of the affected 5% of people with individual coverage will end up paying less for better policies when they shop around in the new exchanges.

Thanks Barack !
policy holder

West Mifflin, PA

#54438 Nov 23, 2013
Learn the facts about Obamacare - it'll help you, your friends and relatives, and US:
- Medicare beneficiaries had already saved billions on prescription drugs because of Obamacare, which gradually closes a gap in prescription coverage since 2011
- insurance companies that spend more than a specified portion of premiums on administrative costs and profits must give a rebate to enrollees
- the health care exchanges could reject premium increases that insurers propose if they think they are too high.
- small businesses under 50 workers are not covered by Obamacare. If small businesses choose to cover their workers,
they gets 35% tax credit for covering. The credit goes to 50% from 2014
- Obamacare reins in waste, fraud and abuse by imposing tough new disclosure requirements to identify high-risk providers who have defrauded the American taxpayer. It gives states new authority to prevent providers who have been penalized in one state from setting up in another
- and of course no life time coverage limit and no denying of coverage due to preexisting conditions

Thanks Barack !
Ad hominem attacks

Los Angeles, CA

#54439 Nov 23, 2013
policy holder wrote:
The Truth Is Obamacare Is Working
Deborah Cavallaro was making the rounds on television complaining about how her current insurance plan was canceled under Obamacare. So Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik talked to her. Her current plan cost $293 per month but had a deductible of $5,000 per year and out-of-pocket annual limits of $8,500. Also, the current plan covered just two doctor's visits per year.
But in the California insurance exchange, which Hiltzik helped Cavallaro check, she could get a "silver" plan for $333 per month —$40 more than she's currently paying. But the new plan has only a $2,000 deductible and maximum out-of-pocket expenses at $6,350. Plus all doctor visits would be covered. Hiltzik writes, "Is that better than her current plan? Yes, by a mile."
Dianne Barrette also popped up on television on a CBS news report in which she lamented that her $54-per-month insurance plan had been canceled under Obamacare. But Nancy Metcalf at Consumer Reports investigated Barrette's story and found that her current policy was a "textbook example of a junk plan that isn't real health insurance at all." According to Metcalf, if Barrette had ever tried to use her insurance for anything more than a sporadic doctor's visit, "she would have ended up with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt."
The plan, for instance, only pays for hospitalization in cases of "complications of pregnancy." Instead, Metcalf found that Barrette could get a "silver" plan in the state insurance exchange for $165 per month that would actually cover Barrette in the case of any sort of serious or even moderate illness. Which is the very definition of insurance, isn't it?
Obamcare in time will put the scam insurance companies out of business that had been taking healthcare costs from hard working people and if a sickness comes up the policy holders get a rude awakening when their policies dont cover 99% of illnesses ....and huge deductables !
Thanks Barack !

A Good Product (Mostly) Sells Itself – a good product doesn’t need excessive marketing

rave on sycophantic idiot obummer drone
Ridge Runner

Baltimore, MD

#54440 Nov 23, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Goldberg Outlines ‘Three Basic Untruths’ President Told in Selling Obamacare
November 21, 2013
Bernie Goldberg....hahahaa
Now there's your man...just another bitter oddball creep...if I were the main stream media I would have expell his odd ball ass too..
He's just as credible as the plagaurizing master prick Rand Paul...aka copy cat.
Just another tea guzzler with a defective truth filter in his brain...
G Bush

West Mifflin, PA

#54441 Nov 23, 2013
Data shows demand for reform. Kaiser Family Foundation’s March 2013 health care tracking — the same survey that showed only 37 percent of respondents held a favorable view of the Affordable Care Act — found that a plurality of those surveyed actually support specific provisions of Obamacare.

Eighty-eight percent were in favor of tax credits for small businesses to buy insurance; 81 percent were in favor of closing the Medicare prescription coverage gap; 76 percent were in favor of extending coverage to dependents; 71 percent were in favor of expanding Medicaid; 66 percent were in favor of banning exclusions for preexisting conditions; and 57 percent were in favor of the employer mandate.

The only provision that regularly polled negatively was the individual mandate, but the requirement that all Americans purchase affordable insurance is necessary if excluding those with preexisting conditions is prohibited. To function as intended, the marketplaces need a broad, healthy risk pool to keep staggering rate increases from occurring. The premiums of healthy, cheap-to-insure people cover the big bills for the relatively small number of sick people.

Thanks Barack!

Take a peek here:

G Bush

West Mifflin, PA

#54442 Nov 23, 2013
The Republicans hate Obamacare, Porter suggests, because they're terrified that Americans are going to like it.

Specifically, they're terrified that some of the tens of millions of Americans who will have greater access to health insurance under Obamacare will realize that the new law is actually not going to destroy the country — that, in fact, it is going to improve life for tens of millions of Americans, including, importantly, many who vote Republican.

Many of the Americans who will benefit from Obamacare, Porter points out, are relatively poor red-state Republicans who are currently devout supporters of the Republican Party. For decades, the Republican pitch to these voters has been that "less government is better." If Obamacare works the way it is supposed to, however, it's possible that "more government" might actually seem to be better — and that many die-hard Republican voters might realize that.

After all, even now, before Obamacare has really gotten going, Americans actually very much like the specific benefits of Obamacare — as long as you don't call it "Obamacare."

As Michael Hiltzik reported in the LA Times yesterday, when Americans are asked whether they like "Obamacare," a majority say no. But when Americans are asked whether they support what Obamacare actually does, they love it:

Here are figures from Kaiser's March 2013 poll:

Tax credits for small businesses to buy insurance: 88% in favor.

Closing the Medicare drug benefit doughnut hole: 81% in favor.

Extension of dependent coverage to offspring up to age 26: 76% in favor.

Expanding Medicaid: 71% in favor.

Ban on exclusions for preexisting conditions: 66% in favor.

Employer mandate: 57% in favor.

Thanks Barack !

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-republican...
Dave Rogers

West Mifflin, PA

#54443 Nov 23, 2013
Republicans in Congress, you may have heard, are determined to stop Obamacare. So determined are some of them that they allowed the federal government to shut down when their efforts to stop the Affordable Care Act failed. But some Republican governors have a different view: Increasingly, they’re turning to a controversial part of Obamacare to save them politically.
The latest was Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, a dismally unpopular Republican who’s up for reelection next year. After months of insisting his state wouldn’t agree to expand Medicaid — a component of health-care reform that the Supreme Court made optional for states — Corbett suddenly flipped last month, announcing that Pennsylvania would negotiate with the federal government to accept the expansion money through a modified program.
If his plan is approved, Corbett would become the 10th of the 30 GOP governors to take advantage of the Medicaid-expansion funds made available by Obamacare — up from just four at the beginning of this year. Perhaps not coincidentally, most of the others are also vulnerable incumbents seeking reelection in 2014.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, for example, was damaged in his home state by a divisive battle over right-to-work legislation last December. A poll in June had Snyder trailing Democrat Mark Schauer by 4 points. But last month, after a heavy lobbying effort of his own party in the state legislature, Snyder got a Medicaid expansion passed in Michigan.* A subsequent poll put Snyder 8 points ahead of Schauer.“I think certainly the success of Medicaid expansion was a boost for him among independents and maybe even some Democrats,” pollster Bernie Porn told MLive by way of explaining the surge.
The governors up for reelection next year were all elected in the 2010 Tea Party wave, many in states — like Michigan and Pennsylvania — that went on to vote for President Obama by wide margins in 2012. Now, their reelections hinge on their ability to win votes beyond the GOP base in a year when the Tea Party fervor has cooled substantially.
Thanks Barack !
Take a peek here:

“Clinton is a Liar, Period!”

Since: Jan 07

Pittsburgh, PA

#54445 Nov 23, 2013
The company that I retired from just announced a "fix" for the dependent coverage of those aged 26 and under. They have stopped insuring all dependents. Their health care now is for the employee only.

I wonder how many other companies and unions will follow suit?
G Bush

West Mifflin, PA

#54446 Nov 23, 2013
Obamacare is Doing You a Favor By Kicking You Off Your “Fly-By-Night” Horrible Insurance Plan!

“What this is doing is driving the fly-by-night insurance companies out of the market,” Dean said on ABC’s “This Week” after the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol predicted that about 85 percent of people with individual insurance policies will lose their current plan.

Kristol pressed Dean about his “fly by night” jab by asking,“when Blue Shield and these huge companies drop 300,000 people in Florida, those are fly-by-night insurance companies?”

Dean settled on arguing that “even good companies have crappy policies with enormous deductibles.”

Yep, according to this new meme, Obamacare is actually helping us weed out all the awful, crappy insurance plans that we were happy with.
Mutt Robme

West Mifflin, PA

#54448 Nov 23, 2013
Irelands own wrote:
<quoted text> Hmmmmm....I take it you aren't aware that Joe Biden was caught plagiarizing? Better be careful what you say....can come back to bite you!

Mitt Romney's campaign was caught plagiarizing Obama's campaign website

Mitt Romney's campaign has been caught cutting corners when a page on their website matched a page on President Obama's website that had been published over 5 months earlier.

The pages in question are the Obama and Romney campaigns donation pages. This is the text of President Obama's website:

““After you’ve saved your credit card and phone number in your BarackObama.com account, you can use your cell phone to make a donation. All you need to do is text the amount you want to give. If you text us “10&#8243;, we’ll charge your saved credit card $10. It’s never been easier to donate.”

Now here was Mitt Romney's donation page text:

““After you’ve saved your credit card and phone number in your MyMitt account, you can use your cell phone to make a donation. All you need to do is text the amount you want to give. If you text us “10&#8243;, we’ll charge your saved credit card $10. It’s never been easier to donate.”

Take a peek here:

Mutt Robme

West Mifflin, PA

#54449 Nov 23, 2013
Sarah Palin Slapped With Plagiarism Charge


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been accused of paraphrasing at length from an article co-written by Newt Gingrich when she gave a speech, but her lawyer says proper credit was given to the former House speaker.

Blogger Geoffrey Dunn, who is writing a book about the former Republican vice presidential candidate, made the accusation on the Huffington Post Web site.

Dunn compared Palin's speech introducing conservative talk show host Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, to an Anchorage audience Wednesday to the article urging Republicans to study Reagan, written by Gingrich and Craig Shirley in 2005.

Take a peek here:

Mutt Robme

West Mifflin, PA

#54450 Nov 23, 2013
Rand Paul Plagiarized Several Sections Of 2012 Book 'Government Bullies': Report


WASHINGTON -- The plagiarism charges against Sen. Rand Paul continued to pour in Thursday, as BuzzFeed uncovered evidence that more sections of the Kentucky Republican's 2012 book Government Bullies were lifted from scholars at think tanks.

BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski revealed four passages from Paul's book that appear to be copied verbatim from an article in Regulation, the Cato Institute’s quarterly journal, published in January 2012 by Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation.

Take apeek here:

Mutt Robme

West Mifflin, PA

#54451 Nov 23, 2013
The Last Two Cases Of Rand Paul Plagiarism That We Are Going To Post
Another section of the senator’s book appears to be copied from a think tank scholar.


Another section of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s 2012 book Government Bullies appears to be plagiarized from an article by a think tank scholar, as well as a section of a speech copied from a conservative chain email.

As BuzzFeed previously reported, parts of the book were plagiarized from a variety of sources, including the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and a Forbes article.

As was the case with other instances, Paul includes a link to the work in his book’s footnotes, but does not note that the language itself was taken from the source.

Here’s Cato scholar Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation in Regulation Magazine in an article on wetlands.

Take a peek here:

drunken stupors

Los Angeles, CA

#54452 Nov 23, 2013
Even Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Has Higher Approval Ratings Than Obama

Friday, 22 Nov 2013 07:33 PM

By Todd Beamon

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine,

has been in "drunken stupors,"

and was caught on camera in an expletive-laced rant.

But he's still having a better month than President Barack Obama.

Ford has the approval of 42 percent of 1,049 Toronto voters surveyed by Forum Research.

The poll results,

released on Friday,

came as Ford saw most of his powers stripped by the city council in Canada's largest city.

South of the border,

Obama must wish he were doing that well.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/rob-ford-popu ...
drunken stupors

Los Angeles, CA

#54453 Nov 23, 2013
The town is turning on President Obama — and this is very bad news for this White House.

Republicans have waited five years for the moment to put the screws to Obama — and they have one-third of all congressional committees on the case now.

Establishment Democrats,

never big fans of this president to begin with,

are starting to speak out.

And reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/05/dc-turn ...


im not an addict

West Mifflin, PA

#54454 Nov 23, 2013

Republican Congressman Pleads Guilty To Cocaine Possession

Rep. Trey Radel pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession on Wednesday, after he was caught buying the drug last month.

Radel, a freshman from Florida, was sentenced to one year of probation while he seeks treatment in Florida, the Washington Post reports. He says he’s also seeking counseling in Washington.

The congressman was formally charged Tuesday. Police said he and a friend bought $250 worth of cocaine from an undercover cop in a restaurant in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

“This unfortunate event does have a positive side,” Radel said in a statement Tuesday.“It offers me an opportunity to seek treatment and counseling. I know I have a problem and will do whatever is necessary to overcome it, hopefully setting an example for others struggling with this disease.”

Read more: Trey Radel Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Cocaine Possession | TIME.com http://swampland.time.com/2013/11/20/congress...
Barack ist der ausfall

Los Angeles, CA

#54456 Nov 23, 2013

a five year failure
im not an addict

West Mifflin, PA

#54457 Nov 23, 2013
Radel and all the Republicans voting to force food stamp or welfare recipients to be drug tested at taxpayers expense (studies always show that they are at or usually below the national average) should be required to take drug test as a federal employee just as federal employee military personnel are required to do.

"All these welfare leeches do is snort cocaine all day while on food stamps" ,"Lets drug test them if found to be on drugs we take their food stamps away."

Should this also apply to members of congress.....take their pay away?//////Well. it's not the same thing!!.....

Read more: Trey Radel Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Cocaine Possession | TIME.com http://swampland.time.com/2013/11/20/congress...
tea bagger gagger

West Mifflin, PA

#54459 Nov 23, 2013
Did George W. Bush Plagiarize His Memoir?

He's an idiot, so probably. The Huffington Post's Ryan Grimm has identified several passages in Bush's new book Decision Points that he says are "lifted" from some of his advisers' books.

Did you know who George W. Bush was? He was our last so called President that took the country into a deep deep recession..........while lying over and over about WMD in Iraq then bombed the wrong country killings thousands of our young American soldiers?

Take a peek here :


What's your point son?
I Win

West Mifflin, PA

#54463 Nov 23, 2013
Irelands own wrote:
<quoted text>Take note of your own words....."he was our LAST so called president". Where you been? Bush hasn't been in the White House for 5 years!
Oh by the way, I don't open links I don't trust.
And another thing, I have become bored with you and have no desire to play your distraction game.
Obama only 37% Approval! LMAO!!! LMAO!!!!LMAO!!!!
still higher than the low number of Bush ,,he only had a 25% rating at his low point! LOL!

Again you prove nothing to me ..... anything you put up I can counter it.....and even top it.....as you have seen.....now go away ....learn how your past presidents did then compare to Obama.... it just shows your hatred toward THIS president when you give a pass on YOUR presidents.,,,,,,,,LOL!

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