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Seattle, WA

#42496 Nov 14, 2012
Gringo wrote:
The Boom is coming...
Days of doom and gloom from Bushy will be long gone soon....
The economy is going to boom like you treasonous Tea Baggin' fools have ever seen...
Its coming to a theater near you....
And its going to be HUGE
Really HUGE
Right now a barrel of oil is down to $85.00 per barrel..
But why is it that we are still paying $3.75 per gallon..this is too much?
Answer: President Barack Obama is mind controlling gas station owners not to lower prices. Hahahahha
But never fear because the price of gas will never go up again. In fact its going to come down...
Its going to come down big time too...
We may be looking at gas at under $1.00 per gallon again..
Go ahead laugh hard
This is going to take place under President Barack Obama and its going to HUGE I tell you..its going to be really huge.
This is going to turn the economy around like we've never seen before...just wait and see what's coming your way...
It couldn't happen under a better President because. Barack Obama is going to go down in "real history" not the made up shit history that you Tea Baggin
Idiots subscibe too.
It coming...its going to be great for the USA its going to great for Democrats but it going to be very bad for you freaks...
But it will be HUGE Donald, really really HUGE
I see you over medicated again.

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#42497 Nov 14, 2012
Add this to Obama's I own it.

Texas Instruments to lay off 1,700

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#42498 Nov 14, 2012
Another add to Obama's I own it. Special thanks go to the union. The Unions well to go dry.

Hostess to liquidate if bakers' strike continues through Thursday

Baltimore, MD

#42499 Nov 14, 2012
Its coming and its going to be HUGE

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#42500 Nov 14, 2012
Obama's opening bid on taxes

The White House didn't estimate how much a millionaire tax could raise since everything would depend on the how the proposal is structured. But a bill from Senate Democrats modeled on the Buffett Rule was estimated to raise $47 billion over 10 years.

LOL, this is a drop in the bucket 4.7 billion a year.

Will Obama seek cuts too?

Baltimore, MD

#42501 Nov 14, 2012
Just remember these days of $3.75 dollar're not ever going to see them again...
Its sad I'm going to miss these overinflated high gas prices but I will look back with fond memories

Los Angeles, CA

#42503 Nov 14, 2012
Europe Austerity Protests:

Strikes Sweep Southern Europe In Response To Cuts


* Police, protesters clash in Madrid; 81 arrests in Spain

* Flights, trains cancelled, factories at standstill

* Demonstrations in Greece, Italy, Belgium, France

* Recession deepens in southern Europe, record joblessness


obummer's utopia

1 an imaginary and indefinitely remote place

2 a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions


3 an impractical scheme for social improvement

Los Angeles, CA

#42504 Nov 14, 2012

OooBaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa!!!!



Waxhaw, NC

#42505 Nov 14, 2012
Is you gay racist warrior tea bag? Deep thrust gets you off. President Obama can and will go deeper, u know it
Mr wright


#42506 Nov 15, 2012
If u beleive all this check this Obama on welfare proof
Hognut and Lefty

Clearfield, PA

#42507 Nov 15, 2012
bobby64 wrote:
Is you gay racist warrior tea bag? Deep thrust gets you off. President Obama can and will go deeper, u know it
There you go with the gay stuff again. Come out of your closet Muffins. We will still love you. LMAO

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#42508 Nov 15, 2012
Hostess to liquidate if bakers' strike continues.

I bet the administration is celebrating the possible future demise of Hostess. Those awful things that make people fat there is no place in Amerika for those things. I bet Michelle is dancing through the White House halls. Who cares about the jobs we got those high calorie makers off the market. Hey at least they can say they had a union when they are signing up for unemployment.
Marissa T girl

Reading, PA

#42509 Nov 15, 2012
Hognut and Lefty wrote:
<quoted text> There you go with the gay stuff again. Come out of your closet Muffins. We will still love you. LMAO
There ya go wit da Hog Nut Shite again. Git outta the farm area at the county fair. ya know yer on probation and not allowed in da animal pens.


Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#42510 Nov 15, 2012
Coming soon to Obama World....The elections are over now, Obama can do more.

Vladimir Putin's new law makes talking with foreigners 'act of treason'

Los Angeles, CA

#42511 Nov 15, 2012

OooBaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa!!!!




Florida restaurant owner adding surcharge on menu for Obamacare

John Metz, a restaurant owner and executive in West Palm Beach, Fla., says he plans to charge his customers a five-percent surcharge and decrease his employees’ hours to offset the costs of Obamacare on his businesses.

“If I leave the prices the same, but, say on the menu that there is a five-percent surcharge for Obamacare, customers have two choices. They can either pay it, and tip 15 or 20 percent, or if they really feel so inclined, they can reduce the amount of tip they give to the server, who is the primary beneficiary of Obamacare,” Metz told The Huffington Post.

“Although it may sound terrible that I’m doing this, it’s the only alternative.

I’ve got to pass the cost on to the consumer,” he added.

Read more:


OooBaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaa!!!!
informed voter

Washington, DC

#42512 Nov 15, 2012
xfactor wrote:
<quoted text>
keep putting it there, enjoy your 0.5% interest
so voting for obama or romney made a difference?
mind controlled weasel - 101 - incapable of critical thoughts
it made more of a difference than throwing your vote away on a third party candidate that was guaranteed to lose. please explain how wasting your vote on a guaranteed loser makes a difference. talk about being a mind controlled weasel. you know deep down that your quest is a hopeless venture. your efforts are futile. you cannot win. it must burn you inside, knowing that your ideas are rejected by the vast majority of americans and will NEVER come to fruition in your lifetime. let that sink in. you are toast. feel the burn, let it sink in some more. TOAST.

now i'll go and i'll enjoy that 0.5% interest, then maybe i'll open another account at wells fargo, just to spite you and laugh that you actually prefer to be an ignorant minion.

Charlotte, NC

#42513 Nov 15, 2012
These tea bags still don't see president Obama is in the driver seat, but he is and every patriotic american voter made that happen. The tea bags can do a worthless protest against the wealthy paying there fair share but that ain't going to work out for them. All they can do is bitch, belly ache, moan and groan. Bah hum bug boo hoo wah wah. The president did not need there approval

Charlotte, NC

#42514 Nov 15, 2012
And he is not seeking tea bag racist approval today.
Jeremy Lawson

West Mifflin, PA

#42515 Nov 15, 2012
Why Romney lost!
The real truth!

Rush Limbaugh

Defeat had a thousand GOP fathers, so I don't know where to start. Limbaugh is a good place. The Republican rout was not a fluke. Limbaugh was part of the team effort that helped Democrats hang on to the White House and the Senate. Limbaugh and his "ditto heads" set the tone for the Republican Party

Mitch McConnell
The Senate minority leader was the biggest loser who was not on the ballot. He blew his chance for the second straight time to run the Senate, because of the Tea Party candidates Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. The two unsuccessful Senate candidates played the parts that Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle played in 2008. McConnell also failed in his own priority, which was to deny the president re-election.

The Tea Party
The Tea Party gave us Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri. The Tea Party also drove Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine out of the politics and she took any hope of GOP control of the Senate with her. You would think that some Republicans would have already taken on the Tea Party and pushed it aside. In 2010, the Tea Party produced Sharron "Second Amendment remedies" Angle of Nevada and Christine "I'm not a witch" O'Donnell of Delaware and killed the GOP's chance to control the Senate then

Karl Rove
The Koch brothers would have done better investing their money with Bernie Madoff. The GOP's failure to flip the White House and the U.S. Senate means American Crossroads was a flop. Turd Blossom's (George W. Bush's nickname for Rove, not mine) groups spent more than $170 million and he directed 98 percent of the money to losing Republican candidates. Republican strategist Rick Tyler described Rove's operation as a "colossal failure." My guess is that Rove is still in the Fox News Channel studio trying to convince Megyn Kelly and Michael Barone that Romney will win Ohio.

Religious Right
Their fanatical opposition to abortion led Republicans to make rape a campaign issue. Attacking the victims of sexual violence became part of the GOP brand and was a stone cold loser for the party.

Older White Males
The first 12 years of this of this century—not the 1960s—represented the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. After ruling the roost for the last few hundred years in the United States, older white guys are losing traction.

Donald Trump
Calling The Donald a loser is like shooting fish in a barrel. His constant questioning of the president's birthplace distracted the GOP from the issue that they should have talked about—the economy. Plus he forgot that "news" means something new. After he built up the announcement that he said would radically shake up the presidential race, he trotted out a $5 million award for anybody who could give him Barack Obama's college grades.

Fox news that still believe Obama wasnt born in the USA,didnt attend college,and is a Muslim...

The only report what their base wants to hear.
No Opinion

New Castle, PA

#42516 Nov 15, 2012
Don't be too concerned, TaxNoMoron-

"Obamacare" will soon pay for your meds & things will be just fine!

Hang in there, buddy.

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