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#40974 Nov 1, 2012
Mitt vs Mutt wrote:
Good news....Mitt is going to cut loopholes........
BAD news.....Mitt considers FEMA a loophole......
You're clueless all the time.

You're wrong again West Mifflin. Mitt said he was going to cut fruitcakes and he considers you and those like you azzholes. LMAO

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#40975 Nov 1, 2012
Obama is....well...LMAO

Obama eases off 'one-term proposition,' says economic fix takes more than 4 years

Despite saying in 2009 that failing to right the economy in three years would mean a "one-term proposition," President Obama on Thursday may have moved the goalposts.

"Now, we knew from the beginning that our work would take more than one year, or even one term -- because let's face it, the middle class was getting hammered long before the financial crisis hit," Obama said in Green Bay, Wis., as he ventured back onto the campaign trail after a three-day hiatus due to super storm Sandy.

The possible adjustment in the president's timetable for turning around the economy comes one day before the Labor Department is set to release the October jobs report. Last month's survey provided a dose of seemingly good news for the economy and for Obama's re-election campaign, showing the jobless rate dipping below 8 percent. Some economists, though, questioned the accuracy of the stat - and the report being released Friday is the last major economic survey to drop before Election Day.

The president has long been making the case that he just needs more time to finish the job he started. At an August 2011 fundraiser, he said: "When I said change we can believe in, I didn't say change we can believe in tomorrow."
The claim, though, that "we knew from the beginning" it would take more than one term is a departure from what Obama told NBC's Matt Lauer in February 2009. At the time, Obama said, "A year from now, I think people are going to see that we're starting to make some progress, but there's still going to be some pain out there. If I don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition."

The Romney campaign hasn't forgotten about the 2009 remark.

"Four years ago, President Obama made a series of commitments to the nation and said that he didn't deserve a second term if he failed to keep them," Romney spokesman Ryan Williams told FoxNews.com in an email, following Obama's Green Bay remarks. "Now, faced with a record of broken promises and failed policies, the president is trying to reissue and repackage the same pledges and mislead Americans into believing that the results will somehow be different."

Thursday was the first day since Sandy hit that both candidates were out on the trail in full force, and they bickered over who can claim the mantle of the "change" candidate.

Romney's campaign says the former Massachusetts governor is the only one offering "real change." Obama, though, argued that his opponent is merely offering to return America to the policies of the George W. Bush administration -- policies that he claims unfairly favor the wealthy.

The president was campaigning Thursday in Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado, while Romney made a three-stop swing through Virginia.

All four are important battlegrounds. But Romney's campaign also revealed Thursday that it's pushing into Pennsylvania, reportedly planning a rally for Sunday in the state that has backed Democrats in recent presidential races.


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#40976 Nov 1, 2012
Who posted the Fox News poll earlier that showed Obama leading in Ohio today and I replied it was outdated?

I'm correct again.

Romney pulls ahead in Ohio


You libroids who really believe Obama is going to win, you're living in fantasyland. You look at the bright colorful maps and numbers that are pulled out of thin air and get so excited you run to Topix to share the exciting news while pissing yourself.

You just can't see beyond the bubble you were put in by your masters.

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#40977 Nov 1, 2012
Obama says I need larger government to fix this mess Bush and all the republicans got me into. LOL...what an ass.


Romney blasts Obama's 'secretary of business' plan as just another layer of government.

The Romney campaign is ripping President Obama for calling for the creation of a secretary of business to handle the nation's economic ills -- running a TV ad saying that solution would only add more bureaucracy to a cluttered system.

Fox News....not for morons.

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#40978 Nov 1, 2012
Obama loves the company of black racists. BLACK POWER!

It was a joke.....yeah right.


Rev who gave Obama's inaugural benediction reportedly says he thinks whites going to hell.

The reverend and civil rights advocate who gave the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration suggested at a recent Obama re-election rally that he thinks white people are going to hell -- though he later said it was just a joke.

The Rev. Joseph Lowery spoke at a rally Saturday in Georgia. According to an account in the Monroe County Reporter, "Lowery said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. Then he mellowed and just said most of them were.

"Now, he said, he is back to where he was," according to the newspaper.

"I don’t know what kind of a n----- wouldn’t vote with a black man running," he also told the audience in the St. James Baptist Church in Forsyth, Ga., according to the paper.

The 91-year-old Lowery, though, told an Atlanta-area TV station and the Daily Caller that the monologue was a joke and from the perspective of a young militant.

Lowery also said he made clear at the time that the comments -- at the event reportedly attended by hundreds of African Americans -- were intended as a joke.
Still, Forsyth Mayor John Howard said he was “pretty shocked” by the comments, according to the newspaper.

Lowery told the Daily Caller he doesn’t remember making the n-word comment.

“I never said that, I don’t remember saying that.”
Lowery was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 by President Obama. His benediction in 2009 for Obama's inauguration included one racially charged, though somewhat whimsical, line.
He closed with the following passage: "Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man -- and when white will embrace what is right."

Fox News.....the only fair and balanced news source.

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#40979 Nov 1, 2012
How will Obama be able to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win? I still haven't seen any liberal on here show how.

His only option is to rig the election. LMAO


Presidential race tightens across the electoral map.


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#40980 Nov 1, 2012
Could ‘hidden vote’ lead to landslide Romney win?


You libroids need to watch this video. Maybe you and I say maybe you will understand.

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#40981 Nov 1, 2012
Obama, idiot or liar?

Obama’s Election-Year Lie That Never Dies

Obama’s Assertion That Companies Get Tax Breaks To Ship Jobs Overseas Is A Political Ploy He Never Does Anything About

THE CLAIM: Today, Obama Presented As Fact The Notion That There Are “Tax Breaks To Corporations That Move Jobs And Profits Overseas.” OBAMA:“He says there’s no way that he would close the loophole to give — that gives oil companies billions each year in corporate welfare. Any tax breaks to corporations that move jobs and profits overseas, he had never heard of such a thing. Who knew? Who knew?”(President Barack Obama, Presidential Debate, Denver, CO, 10/5/12)

THE FACTS:“ Under Present Law, There Are No Tax Credits Or Disallowance Of Deductions Specific To Locating Jobs In The United States Or Transferring Jobs Overseas.”“Under present law, there are no tax credits or disallowance of deductions specific to locating jobs in the United States or transferring jobs overseas. However, Congress has provided various credits to encourage certain activities or behavior and has disallowed deductions to curtail behavior deemed inappropriate or to discourage certain economic choices.”(“Descriptions Of Revenue Provisions Contained In The President’s Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Proposal,” Joint Committee On Taxation, p.73, 6/12)

Fox News

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#40982 Nov 1, 2012

2004: Obama Said He Wanted To Ensure That “We Close Tax Loopholes To Companies Moving Jobs Overseas, And Making Them Invest Right Here In The United States.” OBAMA:“The fact of the matter is, it’s more fun being in the majority. You can get more stuff done. And to the extent that I can lend my assistance to these other candidates so that we can promote some of the policies that we’ve talked about: making sure that we close tax loopholes to companies moving jobs overseas, and making them invest right here in the United States. Then, I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen.”(State Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks In Illinois Senate Debate, Chicago, IL, 10/21/04)

2007: Obama Said “ That’s Why We’ve Got To Stop Giving Tax Breaks To Companies That Send Jobs Overseas.” OBAMA:“That’s why we’ve got to give unions the power to do what they do best, which is organize workers to lift themselves up into the middle class. That’s why we’ve got to stop giving tax breaks to companies that send jobs overseas. Save those tax breaks for companies that invest right here in the United States of America.”(Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Campaign Event, Columbus, OH, 10/26/07)

2008: Candidate Obama Again Presented His Economic Plan As One That Ends “Tax Breaks For Companies That Ship Our Jobs Overseas And Give Them To Companies That Create Jobs Here In America.” OBAMA:“At this defining moment in our history, the question is not,‘Are you better off than you were four years ago’– we all know the answer to that. The real question is,‘will our country be better off four years from now?’ How will we lift our economy and restore America’s place in the world? Here’s what I’ll do as President.…I’ll end the tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas and give them to companies that create jobs here in America.”(Obama For America Ad,“Barack Obama: Defining Moment,” 10/24/08)

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#40983 Nov 1, 2012
President Obama rigged the election to beat flipper, huh racist rogers? You just make sure to remember that excuse when Obama officially wins again next week. I'm pretty sure your high level of ignorance can accomplish that, but on some days i have my doubts. Your ignorant

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#40984 Nov 1, 2012

2009: Obama Said “ We Need To Stop Giving Tax Breaks To Companies That Stash Profits Or Ship Jobs Overseas…” OBAMA:“We’re also doing away with the unnecessary giveaways that have thrown our tax code out of balance. I said this during the campaign, I’m now saying it as President: We need to stop giving tax breaks to companies that stash profits or ship jobs overseas so we can invest in job creation here at home.”(President Barack Obama, Remarks On Taxes, Washington, D.C., 4/15/09)

2010: Obama Said “That’s Why We Want To End Tax Breaks Going To Companies That Are Shipping Jobs Overseas…” OBAMA:“And that means a future where we encourage American innovation and American ingenuity. That’s why we want to end tax breaks going to companies that are shipping jobs overseas and start giving those tax breaks to companies that are investing in jobs and research and plants and equipment right here in the United States of America.”(President Barack Obama, Remarks By The President At Finance Reception For Congressman Sestak , Washington, D.C., 9/20/10)

2011: Obama Said That Voters Have A Choice To “ Go Back To The Ideas We Tried In The Last Decade — Where Corporations Got To Write Their Own Rules And The Most Fortunate Among Us Got All Of Our Tax Breaks, And Jobs Got Shipped Overseas…” OBAMA:“We can go back to the ideas we tried in the last decade — where corporations got to write their own rules and the most fortunate among us got all of our tax breaks, and jobs got shipped overseas, and incomes and wages flat-lined as the cost of everything went up, and this society became less equal, and opportunity was diminished for too many.(President Barack Obama, Remarks By The President And The First Lady At A DNC Event , New York, NY, 9/20/11)

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#40985 Nov 1, 2012

TRUTH: FactCheck.org :“Obama’s ‘Jobs Overseas’ Fantasy, Again”(Brooks Jackson, Lori Robertson, Joe Miller and Viveca Novak “Closing Arguments: Obama,” FactCheck.org , 11/3/08)

FactCheck.org : The Tax Breaks That Obama Is Referring To Have Nothing To Do With Why Companies Ship Jobs Overseas.“Back in 2004 when we criticized John Kerry for using a similar iteration of this claim against President Bush, we pointed out that Christian Weller, a senior fellow at the Democratic-leaning Center for American Progress, had said taxes ‘are a very small part’ of companies’ decisions to move jobs offshore. Those at a 2005 Brookings Institution summit on trade also said taxes had little to do with outsourcing. Joel Slemrod, a tax expert at the University of Michigan’s business school, summed it up by saying:‘For those who see [offshoring] as a problem, this is not a solution.’”(Justin Bank,“Obama’s Trade Trickery,” FactCheck.org , 9/26/08)

Factcheck.Org :“Eliminating This Incentive Would Have Very Little Effect On U.S. Employment .”“The claim that the tax code favors locating jobs overseas has been a Democratic mantra since at least 2004, when John Kerry brought it up constantly in his campaign against then-President George W. Bush. It has some truth to it – but not much. As we reported in 2004, eliminating this incentive would have very little effect on U.S. employment.”(Brooks Jackson,“A False Tax Attack,” FactCheck.org , 4/9/10)

Factcheck.Org :“As We’ve Been Saying For More Than Four Years Now… Eliminating Them Won’t Do Much To Keep Jobs In The U.S.”“Obama’s infomercial, and his closing TV ads, continue to harp on the theme of ‘tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas,’ which Obama proposes to eliminate. We can’t say whether or not he can deliver on that promise, but as we’ve been saying for more than four years now,(and most recently on Sept. 26) eliminating them won’t do much to keep jobs in the U.S. In a recent exchange of e-mails with us, Eric Toder of the Tax Policy Center concluded that eliminating such tax breaks ‘is a nice political slogan, but will do little or nothing for U.S. employment or incomes.’”(Brooks Jackson, Lori Robertson, Joe Miller and Viveca Novak “Closing Arguments: Obama,” FactCheck.org , 11/3/08)

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#40986 Nov 1, 2012
My little comment is this. Look at what the form is called. So even when he is out of office he found a way to keep his name around. What an ego. Hopefully they change it to a number.

Here's why the IRS will require Americans to disclose their personal health ID information starting in 2014

When Obamacare’s individual mandate takes effect in 2014, all Americans who file income tax returns must complete an additional IRS tax form. The new form will require disclosure of a taxpayer’s personal identifying health information in order to determine compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

As confirmed by IRS testimony to the tax-writing House Committee on Ways and Means,“taxpayers will file their tax returns reporting their health insurance coverage, and/or making a payment”.

So why will the Obama IRS require your personal identifying health information?

Simply put, there is no way for the IRS to enforce Obamacare’s individual mandate without such an invasive reporting scheme. Every January, health insurance companies across America will send out tax documents to each insured individual. This tax document—a copy of which will be furnished to the IRS—must contain sufficient information for taxpayers to prove that they purchased qualifying health insurance under Obamacare.

This new tax information document must, at a minimum, contain: the name and health insurance identification number of the taxpayer; the name and tax identification number of the health insurance company; the number of months the taxpayer was covered by this insurance plan; and whether or not the plan was purchased in one of Obamacare’s “exchanges.”

This will involve millions of new tax documents landing in mailboxes across America every January, along with the usual raft of W-2s, 1099s, and 1098s. At tax time, the 140 million families who file a tax return will have to get acquainted with a brand new tax filing form. Six million of these families will end up paying Obamacare’s individual mandate non-compliance tax penalty.

As a service to the public, Americans for Tax Reform has released a projected version of this tax form to help families and tax specialists prepare for this additional filing requirement. Taxpayers may view the projected IRS form at http://www.ObamacareTaxForm.com or see below. On the form, lines 3-4 show where taxpayers will disclose their personal identifying health information.


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#40987 Nov 1, 2012
Only 14 Voted NAY for Katrina Relief


Measure Number: H.R. 2206 (U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007 )

Measure Title: Making emergency supplemental appropriations and additional supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

Vote Counts: YEAs 80

NAYs 14

Not Voting 6

Guess what Obama voted?

For once it wasn't PRESENT because he actually HAD an opinion.


Obama visited Joplin a week after the deadly 2010 tornado.(KC Star)

It took Barack Obama 7 days to visit Joplin, Missouri after a tornado wiped out half of the town and killed 120 people.

It took Barack Obama fourteen days to visit the gulf coast after the BP oil spill.

Obama declined to visit Tennessee after the historic 2010 1000 year floods.

Obama ignored the Texas wildfires when over 400 homes were lost.

And, of course, Obama ignored the calls for help from Benghazi.

But it took Barack Obama only one day to visit the hurricane damage on the east coast.

Then again, there’s an election next week.


It looks like Hoboken NJ and Staten Island are about to explode because they are getting little help. It won't be long it's going to get real ugly there. No place to live.

Very few tv stations showed the people on the building rooftops like Katrina. It looks like New Orleans in Katrina.

Better hold your opinion of the "Great One". People can't even get food, water or gas. The looting is going to start soon. It looks like they are more concerned about the NY Marathon than helping people. Nj resorts and Ocean City Maryland just destroyed.

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#40988 Nov 2, 2012
bobby6464 wrote:
President Obama rigged the election to beat flipper, huh racist rogers? You just make sure to remember that excuse when Obama officially wins again next week. I'm pretty sure your high level of ignorance can accomplish that, but on some days i have my doubts. Your ignorant

BOO HOO HOO Bobby pisspants has doubt.

BOO HOO HOO Bobby wide load is worried the half breed is going to lose.

BOO HOO HOO Bobby dum dum is afraid he will lose his welfare.
Dave Rogers

Biglerville, PA

#40989 Nov 2, 2012
Ted wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey, bonehead, try READing the content you plagiarize! Obviously you are copying and pasting old but accurate data.
You prove boxhard's point regarding the Rassmussen poll, you fool: "In the month of October, their polling will more accurate and neutral."
Here is Rasmussen Reports data from their site:
"Thursday, November 01, 2012
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Mitt Romney attracting support from 49% of voters nationwide, while President Obama earns the vote from 47%. One percent (1%) prefers some other candidate, and three percent (3%) remain undecided."
Such are the embarrassing mistakes plagiarists like you make.
Every election cycle has its winners and losers: not just the among the candidates, but also the pollsters.

On Tuesday, polls conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports — which released more than 100 surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, including some commissioned under a subsidiary on behalf of Fox News — badly missed the margin in many states, and also exhibited a considerable bias toward Republican candidates.

Mr Crumpets

Arlington, VA

#40991 Nov 2, 2012
boxhard wrote:
oh i think you do care. must suck to see the most accurate poll having your hero behind. well next tues you wil know. you libs sure are testy these days.<quoted text>
Hey sing along....

Blue, Blue song sung blue

Its going to happen and you'll feel blue too


Don't mistake testiness for confidence...

Hahaha you are really funny
Seriously your funny...I mean that too
Your hilarious....no kidding

West Mifflin, PA

#40992 Nov 2, 2012
Rasmussen Polls Were Biased and Inaccurate; Quinnipiac, SurveyUSA Performed Strongly

Every election cycle has its winners and losers: not just the among the candidates, but also the pollsters.

On Tuesday, polls conducted by the firm Rasmussen Reports — which released more than 100 surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, including some commissioned under a subsidiary on behalf of Fox News — badly missed the margin in many states, and also exhibited a considerable bias toward Republican candidates.

Other polling firms, like SurveyUSA and Quinnipiac University, produced more reliable results in Senate and gubernatorial races. A firm that conducts surveys by Internet, YouGov, also performed relatively well.

What follows is a preliminary analysis of polls released to the public in the final 21 days of the campaign. Our process here is quite simple: we’ve taken all such polls in our database, and assessed how accurate they were, on average, in predicting the margin separating the two leading candidates in each race. For instance, a poll that had the Democrat winning by 2 percentage points in a race where the Republican actually won by 4 would have an error of 6 points.

We’ve also assessed whether a company’s polls consistently missed in either a Democratic or Republican direction — that is, whether they were biased. The hypothetical poll I just described would have had a 6 point Democratic bias, for instance.

The analysis covers all polls issued by firms in the final three weeks of the campaign, even if a company surveyed a particular state multiple times. In our view, this provides for a more comprehensive analysis than focusing solely on a firm’s final poll in each state, since polling has a tendency to converge in the final days of the campaign, perhaps because some firms fear that their results are an outlier and adjust them accordingly.

(After a couple of weeks, when results in all races have been certified, we’ll update our official pollster ratings, which use a more advanced process that attempts to account, for instance, for the degree of difficulty in polling different types of races.)

West Mifflin, PA

#40993 Nov 2, 2012
The 105 polls released in Senate and gubernatorial races by Rasmussen Reports and its subsidiary, Pulse Opinion Research, missed the final margin between the candidates by 5.8 points, a considerably higher figure than that achieved by most other pollsters. Some 13 of its polls missed by 10 or more points, including one in the Hawaii Senate race that missed the final margin between the candidates by 40 points, the largest error ever recorded in a general election in FiveThirtyEight’s database, which includes all polls conducted since 1998.

Moreover, Rasmussen’s polls were quite biased, overestimating the standing of the Republican candidate by almost 4 points on average. In just 12 cases, Rasmussen’s polls overestimated the margin for the Democrat by 3 or more points. But it did so for the Republican candidate in 55 cases — that is, in more than half of the polls that it issued.

If one focused solely on the final poll issued by Rasmussen Reports or Pulse Opinion Research in each state — rather than including all polls within the three-week interval — it would not have made much difference. Their average error would be 5.7 points rather than 5.8, and their average bias 3.8 points rather than 3.9.



Fox news and Rasmussen are the same...... They only say and do things to keep their puppet base in place. It's like a Nazi news channel. Their audience is mostly comprised of low IQ people that they lure in and tell them what they what to hear.
And it works. Fox news watchers are for the very weak,simple minded and low educational watchers. The Fox news pigeons take their news and spread it all over the countryside hoping to lure in more idiots,and it works for these small minded people.

West Mifflin, PA

#40994 Nov 2, 2012
November 1, 2012, 10:16 A.M.
Oct. 31: Obama’s Electoral College ‘Firewall’ Holding in Polls

There were 12 polls published on Wednesday among Iowa, Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin. Mr. Obama held the lead in 11 of the 12 surveys; the exception was a survey by the University of Iowa, which had Mr. Obama down by about one point there, but also had a very small sample size (about 300 likely voters). On average, Mr. Obama led in the polls of these states by 3.9 percentage points.

None of this ought to have been surprising, exactly, if you have been attentive to the polls rather than the pundits. It was a pretty good day of surveys for Mr. Obama but not a great one: for the most part, the polls were coming in close to FiveThirtyEight forecasts in each state, give or take a modest outlier here and there.

Rather, the polls in these states confirmed what we already knew: that Mr. Obama remains the favorite in the Electoral College.

The more debatable cases are Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota. Mr. Romney is the clear underdog in each one. But his campaign has so much money that it probably doesn’t hurt Mr. Romney much to spend a little bit of it there to maximize whatever residual chances he might have in case the polls are wrong.(Arguably, it was a poor strategic decision for Mr. Romney to make a half-hearted effort to compete in these states.)



Folks you cant make this shit up!

OBAMA 2012 !!!!!!!!!!

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