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#39674 Oct 20, 2012
Really wrote:
http://www.electoral-vote.com/ evp2012/Pres/Maps/Oct20-noras. html
201 Obama/Biden

Toss Ups

Romney/Ryan 206

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#39675 Oct 20, 2012
bobby6464 wrote:
The tea bag racist warrior yap yap as usual, ha ha haaaa
201 Obama/Biden

Toss Ups

Romney/Ryan 206
Planned Romneyhood

West Mifflin, PA

#39677 Oct 20, 2012
Planned Romneyhood wrote:
A reporter was offended by Governor Romney's comments about women in the workplace and his stance on automatic weapons. She said President Obama won the second debate because he answered many of the questions directly and was consistent with the answers he has been giving throughout the campaign.
'When discussing his stance on an automatic weapons ban, Governor Romney said that "mom and dads should be married before they have children”. This blew me away. Unless there is some data that states that children conceived out of wedlock are more likely to use assault weapons, or for that fact, are more violent, the answer was not relevant to the question,' she says.
'It seemed Romney was passing judgment on anyone who has had a child out of wedlock as being responsible for a violent society.'
I was offended by Romney saying the way to help women was for employers to be flexible for them to get home in time to take care of their kids and make dinner. Take a dip into the present! Two parent working families BOTH take care of kids and dinner. Also.. the way to deal with assault weapons is to make sure that moms and dads get married before they have babies?????? Legislate morals why don't you. Extremely offensive to women.
Yes, because Romney shot himself in the foot: Romney "bumbled his way through a cringe-inducing attempt to graft what he thinks should be 2012 talking points onto his 1952 sensibility," says The New York Times in an editorial. In addition to giving a lame answer on contraception, he "made things worse when he tried to talk about equal opportunity for women." Romney not only uttered the cringe-inducing "binders full of women" line — his anecdote about his chief of staff needing to go home at five o'clock to make dinner for her kids made it clear he believes that true equality is "satisfied by allowing the little lady to go home early and tend to her children."
Planned Romneyhood

West Mifflin, PA

#39678 Oct 20, 2012
When women heard Obama framing women's issues as economic issues, I knew he'd found a winning message. "Taxes and jobs", as mentioned by Forbes above, include things like the cost of your healthcare plan, and whether or not that healthcare plan that you pay for covers the things that you need, including contraception. These aren't separate issues for many women, including married women with families. Losing the ability to plan your family as you see fit means less opportunity for women in the workforce. And this discussion also includes whether or not your employer is allowed to impose their morality on you through control of your healthcare plan. Should your Christian boss get to force you to live like a Christian if that's not your belief? Romney stands for that, while Obama opposes it. For women, there's a clear choice in this election, and it's Obama.
Planned Romneyhood

West Mifflin, PA

#39679 Oct 20, 2012
Etch-A-Sketch Romney lies the best, for the record. He showed up to the first debate a different man than he had been the week before, and he's been peddling a false campaign ever since. Romney is a flip-flopper without equal, because he either lies about his positions or he has none at all and will just tell anyone what he thinks they want to hear. He's pro-life in a conservative primary, but at the second debate, he wouldn't sign any anti-abortion legislation. He's against raising taxes on millionaires in the primary, but then promises (Scout's honor, I'm sure) that he won't make the middle class pay for more millionaire tax cuts. He claims he dislikes Obama's foreign policy, but under examination, Romney supports the same troop withdrawals as Obama in Afghanistan. The man is a proven liar, and that's from independent fact-checking organizations that have been examining candidate's claims for decades.
Planned Romneyhood

West Mifflin, PA

#39680 Oct 20, 2012
That's right, keep voting against your best interest. The money that Mitt and his billionairs are spending on lies is obviously working on you. Ryan voted against equal pay for women and Romney can't make up his mind. I am not going back to the 50's with these guys, I work too hard for my money and don't want my daughter and grandaughter to re fight the womens rights battle. I don't need a polititian or anyone else for that matter telling me what to do in my bedroom or my vagina. As far as the economy goes...Romney is proposing the same policies as Bush that got us into this deep hole. Now that we are finally climing out of the mess the republicans made, you want to go back to those same policies? Redistribution of money to the top (the"job creators") didn't work out too well last time and will not work this time. However, if they can make the American people so desparate for jobs, they can pay them less wages and less benifits. Do you work a 40 hour work week? Do you get vacation? Do you get sick leave? Do you get paid for overtime? All of those policies were put in place by Unions and the democratic party. Why do you think the Republicans and their big coorporate donors want to kill the unions. Don't you understand greed when you see it. I certainly don't want to sacrifice social security (yes, a social program), medicare & medicaid (yes, social programs), mortgage tax deductions. college pell grants, college tax deductions, edcucation, preventative healthcare screening, etc, etc. so we can give tax cuts to the top 1%. Romney will certainly keep you and the rest of the minions in our places. Did you love the latest audio of him on a telecon with a bunch of Coorporate CEO's asking them to pressure their employees to vote for him. Are you kidding me???? That may be legal due to Citizens United, but it is certainly NOT MORAL. Regardless of everything else I have said, even if I didn't like Obama, I have no respect for Romney's spinless flip flopping. Romney hasn't even been clever about his campaigns etch-a-sketch maneuver to move to the center to deceive people that don't pay attention. It is sad that facts don't seem to matter with the American people. He will do or say anything to get a vote. He is the one that lies. Not hard to prove either, there are many audio and videos of his own words over the years. Many, many different positions. Yuk, I have no respect for that. There has never been a presidential candidate who has changed his position more than this one. He stands for nothing and has no spine. He is a slimey used car salesman. It is also a big turn off the way he thinks he is the boss of the moderator and whoever he is debating. He and his "Stepford Wife" obviously think they are entitled to this and how sad that you buy into the scam that they along with the money and support their Rich Coorporate CEO's are pulling off. Don't you worry your pretty little head though, if all else fails his son Tag is a partial owner of the company that is supplying the voting machines to Ohio
Planned Romneyhood

West Mifflin, PA

#39681 Oct 20, 2012
Romney's "Binder Full Of Women" Comment May Have Cost Him The Female Vote and the Election:

Women should get flexible hours at work to get home and take care of the kids and make dinner .?????

Welcome to the "Leave It To Beaver" show !!!!!!
GOP voter fraud

West Mifflin, PA

#39682 Oct 20, 2012
Voter Registration Fraud Surfaces in Virginia
Last month, Florida prosecutors started examining hundreds of suspicious voter registration forms submitted by a firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, paid by the Republican National Committee. The RNC immediately fired the firm and said the matter was closed. Now, Virginia police have charged a former intern for Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), with tossing voter registration forms into a dumpster in Virginia. The Virginia Republican Party stated that this was an isolated problem and not indicative of broader problems?????
Mitt vs Mutt

West Mifflin, PA

#39683 Oct 20, 2012
Why Do So Many Republicans Really Hate Obama?

Could it be that they hate him because he has been able to do what they failed to do:
1. Affordable Care Act
2.$789B economic stimulus package
3. U.S. auto industry bail out (GM and Chrysler)
4. Cash for clunkers
5. Incentives for buyers of hybrid automobiles
6. Housing rescue plan and incentives for first time home buyers
7. Credits for purchasers of energy efficient appliances
8. Equal pay for women
9.$716B MEDICARE savings over next 10 years to keep program solvent
10. Lower drug costs for seniors and elimination of donut hole
11. Ended policy forbidding Medicare from negotiating for cheaper drugs.
12. Limited lobbyist’s access to the White House
13. Ended the war in Iraq
14. Closed secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and ended renditions
15. Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell and biomedical research
16. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect
17. Funded high-speed, broadband Internet access to K-12 schools
18. Expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million more children
19. Expanded Pell grant program and implemented easier loan repayment policy
20. Phased out the expensive F-22 war plane and other outdated weapons systems
21. The Guantanamo prison camp is being phased out
22. Torture banned. U.S. now in compliance with the Geneva Convention
23. Better body armor provided to our troops
24. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear inspection talks
25. Increased pay and benefits for military personnel
26. Improved housing for military personnel and veterans benefits
27. Proposed a Veterans Jobs Act (filibustered by the GOP 3 weeks ago)
28. Ended no-bid defense contract policy
29. Closed offshore tax havens (sorry Mitt)
30. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to allow US government access to records of tax evaders and criminals
31. Ended tax benefits to corporations that outsource American jobs
32. Championed credit card consumer protection legislation
33. Expanded loans and tax credits to small businesses
34. Appointed the first Latina to the Supreme Court
35. Limited salaries of senior White House aides to $100,000
36. Renewed loan guarantees for Israel
Ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and authorized drone strikes against Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries

Since: Sep 12

Seattle, WA

#39684 Oct 20, 2012
Issa To Subpoena Health Dept for Obamacare Documents

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is now on notice that her agency will be subpoenaed for documents for a program Rep. Darrell Issa says hides the effects of Obamacare.

The Department of Health and Human Services had a chance to repond without a subpoena but made an “embarrassing” attempt, according to Issa.

"Basically somebody hit a button and said print out a bunch of spreadsheets in an illegible format," Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told Fox News. "So we will be issuing the subpoena."

Issa has requested documents about an $8 billion program that pays bonuses to Medicare Advantage plans, which Issa claims is being used to hide the first round of Medicare Advantage cuts tied to Obamacare.

"It's an unbelievable abuse of power," he said, adding that the program basically funds "what Obamacare took away," Fox News reported.

Wellsboro, PA

#39685 Oct 20, 2012
I want to get butt molested by Romney while Obama pounds my face. Don't judge me.

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Seattle, WA

#39686 Oct 20, 2012
The $831,000,000,000 economic “stimulus” that President Obama spearheaded and signed into law requires his administration to release quarterly reports on its effects. But “the most transparent administration in the history of our country” is now four reports behind schedule and has so far not released any reports whatsoever in 2012. Its most recent quarterly report is for the quarter than ended on June 30, 2011.

One wonders how the administration would treat a private citizen who acted like such a scofflaw in response to one of Obama’s principal legislative initiatives. It certainly appears that this administration, which is so very fond of regulating Americans’ lives — witness the 13,000 pages of Obamacare regulations it has already penned — doesn’t hold itself accountable to the same set of rules that it’s so eager to compel the American people to obey.


Yep this sure is a tranparent presidency. By not releasing these reports as required by law he in a sense has become a criminal.

By: John Hayward
10/19/2012 12:18 PM

Jeffrey Anderson at the Weekly Standard reports on another adventure in lawlessness from the Most Transparent Administration in History: the President is legally obligated to issue quarterly reports on the “success” of his “stimulus” program through September 2013… but since both success and stimulus belong in ironic quotes when describing this trillion-dollar boondoggle, Obama quietly stopped issuing the required reports after the second quarter of 2011.

Back when the reports were coming out, they began with boilerplate text boasting of the “stimulus” bill’s beautiful transparency:“As part of the unprecedented accountability and transparency provisions included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) was charged with providing to Congress quarterly reports on the effects of the Recovery Act on overall economic activity, and on employment in particular.” But evidently that “unprecedented accountability and transparency” went out of fashion two years ahead of schedule, in defiance of clear legal requirements.

“Why would the administration not want to release these reports?” asks Anderson.”Presumably because they have shown what a colossal waste of taxpayer money Obama’s ‘stimulus’ has been.” Even using Obama’s ludicrous “jobs created or saved” parameters, his own economists figured the stimulus blew $317,000 per job – and that’s borrowed money we’re still paying interest on.(If Obama gets a second term, we might be paying interest on it for eternity, because he has no intention of actually reducing the national debt, ever. Instead, he’ll take it up to $20 trillion at least.)

And here’s what the money Obama took from our children is paying for, as a breaking-news expose in Holland, Michigan catches workers at the stimulus-funded LG Chem factory – built with $151 million from the Recovery Act – sitting around and playing cards, because there’s no demand for the Chevy Volt batteries they’re supposed to be producing.
The Great Gadsby

Baltimore, MD

#39687 Oct 20, 2012
buttfuckmehard wrote:
I want to get butt molested by Romney while Obama pounds my face. Don't judge me.
You don't have to worry about Mitt Romney butt molesting you...
And everyone else for that matter

That's a givin....
The Great Gadsby

Baltimore, MD

#39688 Oct 20, 2012
Hey notice Putin in just waiting for Romney to yank his chain..

Hahahahaa. Wow Its going to sting...

Vote Barack Obama 2012._yeah baby
The only sane choice...
Mutt vs Mitt

West Mifflin, PA

#39689 Oct 20, 2012
Momentum for Obama in FL
Three new polls are showing increased momentum for President Obama in Florida heading into the final debate in Boca.

1.A NewsMaxZogby poll shows the President widening his lead in FL to 6-percentage points over Mitt Romney, and also shows that he is performing strongly amongst moderates and the state's crucial Hispanic demographic.
2.A new Project New America poll shows Obama up 3-points over Romney, and indicates voters believe Romney is more likely to raise taxes on the middle class. The PNA poll also gives Obama an edge on issues of trust and decision making.
3.A new SurveyUSA poll also shows Obama leading Romney.
@politicalwire: Two new Florida polls today show Obama leading... http://pwire.at/PIlq2K

Florida Poll: Obama leads Romney 48 to 42% in new poll [The Examiner] "President Barack Obama have a bounce from his performance in Tuesday night’s second presidential debate, widening his lead in Florida to 6 percentage points, according to the third of three NewsmaxZogby Tracking Polls…President Obama leads among Hispanics (73 percent-16 percent), African-Americans (88 percent- 5 percent), liberals (91 percent-6 percent), and moderates (59 percent-29 percent)."

Another Florida poll with Obama/Romney neck-and-neck [Orlando Sentinel] "Barack Obama now holds a small, three point lead in Florida, garnering 48% of the vote to Romney’s 45%…By a large margin, Floridians believe President Obama is the one who understands middle class struggles while Romney is more 'out of touch.' The President also has a lead, albeit more narrow, when it comes to trust, decision making and taking a long-term view. Voters are also inclined to believe that Romney is 'more likely to raising taxes on the middle class' than Obama."
Mutt vs Mitt

West Mifflin, PA

#39692 Oct 20, 2012
A new Public Policy Polling survey in Virginia,
conducted on behalf of Health Care for America Now, finds Barack Obama
continuing to hold onto a lead in the state at 49% to 47% for Mitt Romney. PPP
has conducted three Virginia polls since the first Presidential debate and has
found Obama with a 1-3 point advantage on each of them.

Key findings from the survey include:

-By a 53/45 margin voters trust Obama more than
Romney to stand up for the middle class. And by a 50/43 spread they trust Obama
more to make sure that the wealthiest American pay their fair share of taxes.

-Obama has a 51/47 lead with seniors, which may be
driven in part by the fact that 51% of them trust Obama more to protect
Medicare, compared to 46% of voters who pick Romney on that question.

-Obama’s leading 54/42 with women, 91/7 with
African Americans, and 54/38 with voters under 30. Romney’s ahead 53/43 with
men and 59/38 with white voters. The candidates are basically tied among
independents with 45% going for Romney and 44% for Obama.

So basically, Obama leads with women, seniors and a majority see him as a better choice for Medicare, taxes and the middle class. It's +4 for Democrats so it's not an outrageous sample.
Mutt vs Mitt

West Mifflin, PA

#39693 Oct 20, 2012
Tagg Romney Invested in Ohio Electronic Voting Machines

Read more: http://www.politicolnews.com/tagg-romney-inve...
Mutt vs Mitt

West Mifflin, PA

#39697 Oct 20, 2012
About the DoltTipsShameless Self-PromotionAdvertiseOwners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

We’re not really into conspiracy theories here, so let us just say this upfront: we are not presenting the following article as any kind of conspiracy theory. We will say, though, that the people who own voting machines in some important swing states have a pretty remarkable bias toward Mitt Romney and, you know, someone should probably keep an eye on this, no?

Okay, so here’s what we know:

Hart InterCivic is a national provider of election voting systems that are used in swing-states Ohio and Colorado, as well as in states we don’t really care about so much because we already know how they’ll turn out (e.g., Texas, Oklahoma, and Hawaii). Private equity firm H.I.G. Capital, LLC bought out a “significant” portion of Hart in July of 2011, and now the majority of Hart’s board directors are employees of H.I.G.(It’s not entirely clear how much of the voting machine company H.I.G. owns, but the financial advisors responsible for the transaction state that “Hart Intercivic was acquired by HIG Capital.”)

H.I.G., in turn, has ties to Bain & Co. and Mitt Romney directly
Mutt vs Mitt

West Mifflin, PA

#39698 Oct 20, 2012
•Of H.I.G.’s 22 American directors, 21 donated to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. One person made no political donations at all; one person donated to both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama; the remaining 20 directors donated exclusively to Mitt Romney in 2012.(See below for links to donations.)

•Of these 22 American directors, seven of them (nearly one-third) are former Bain employees. Now, we should note (as a reader helpfully pointed out), this is Bain & Co., where Mitt Romney used to work way back when and then left in order to start the affiliated Bain Capital. The connection is therefore a little more tenuous, but we still find H.I.G.’s overwhelming allegiance and financial support of the Romney campaign surprising (not that it’s surprising that a private equity company would lean Republican, but this level of support is pretty unusual).

•Four of H.I.G.’s directors, Tony Tamer, John Bolduc, Douglas Berman, and Brian D. Schwartz, are Romney bundlers along with former Bain and H.I.G. manager Brian Shortsleeve.
•Two of H.I.G.’s managing directors, Douglas F. Berman and Brian D. Schwartz, were present at the $50,000 per plate fundraiser where Mitt Romney made his notorious ”47%” comments.

Mutt vs Mitt

West Mifflin, PA

#39699 Oct 20, 2012
CORRUPTION: Bain-Controlled Company Owns 2012 Voting Machines


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