Snyder's of Hanover
beaten stepchild

Marlborough, MA

#1749 Dec 21, 2011
new wrote:
We haven't had routes presented but it looks like they aren't doing any Snyder's guys any favors. High multiples. additional stops, warehouses further away. Feel like a second class citizen. It's ashamed.

it"s the other way in mass. snyder's guys taken care of. which is good for them.
greer guys not so good.
Northeast Snackman

Sharon, MA

#1750 Dec 21, 2011
The one thing that favored the former Snyders IO's was a specific clause in the old contracts where it stated the buyback ratio. Previous meetings S-L mentioned what ever the IO bought their route for S-L will buy at the same ratio. Thanks to a coworker, who was smart enough to read and understand our contracts, our routes are being bought back at a ratio the past IO's who've sold their routes in the past 24 months. On the flip side we can buy the new transitioned route ratio much less than market price. Bottom line the old Snyders IO's are walking away with a large sum of money. I don't want to put numbers on here due to the respect of the Lance-Greer IO's who are not happy with their deal, which is much different from ours. Some feel as though alot of the IO's are clouded by the money aspect. The fact is mgmt straight out lied about some things and the response? "We reserve the right to change our minds." Well, if they changed their minds from 2 meetings ago, and this past meeting verbally said different things that made most of us happy with a financial winfall, how are we suppose to trust their words? In mid January we will receive this areas new route offers. We are told their is no room for tweaking the route when proposed to each IO. An IO either says yes or no. The IO will have 10 days to decide his or her faith, 10days!! And don't some of you say it shouldn't take that long to decide. Might I remind everyone we don't have a new contract yet! They also changed a few things from our old contracts AFTER they said nothing has changed. Their excuse for the many new pages of the agreement, "If you look at the font size of the new agreement...." Are you kidding me?
We all know when a merger takes place there are going to be significant changes, good for some and bad for others, but looking at my personal employment history this is the only job I've ever had where I've taken many DECREASES in commission to keep my job.
Lastly, I've posted about our area being different from the rest. I can now say YES, our buyback ratio is better and the commission rate going foward will also be different from the rest of the country. I am saying this from what I've read about the buyback ratio and commssion of past posts. I hope there are Mass ex Lance-Greer IO's that can post on this forum their displeasure of the deal they are being proposed to.
Johnny Pajamas

Parkesburg, PA

#1751 Dec 22, 2011
Lance Wife wrote:
I need advise on insurance.
Truck insurance $1500/year
Business insurance -$606
Workers comp insurance -$3,600
I'm in West Virginia.
What amounts are you paying?
Hey Glen Mills... I would like to talk to you, I'm from Chester County...have many questions.

Hanover, PA

#1752 Dec 22, 2011
My route will be more stops, more items, and less pay, but more responsibility. I have been at Snyder's a very long time and I too was told "Sorry but we can't change your route." That's what I got for all my years of loyalty. I probably allowed them to add 3 or 4 routes over the years by taking on massive route cuts with no compensation whil other route salesmen who did not get cut laughed at me. Many of us are very undecided.
mass io

Sharon, MA

#1753 Dec 22, 2011
Northeast Snackman you are so politically correct lol. The past meeting mgmt took a verbal thrashing. Some thought it was over the top, but I say it was justified. It's about frigging time mgmt was challenged. The lip service mgmt always spew is sickening. I am waiting for the era where a merger means the IO's get a commission raise and coporate-mgmt takes a decrease in pay, vacation, sicktime, 401k etc! I would love to see the reaction then. Every time IO's ask for things in writing mgmt changes the subject, why cause it's BS. At the meeting an IO would not let mgmt changed the subject when they flat out lied and got called out. Uncomfortable, but worth it.
Before this past meeting Snyder's IO's were the angry unsatisfied people cause we were the ones getting shafted going foward. Then all of the sudden, without any notice, mgmt changes everything. Lance-Greer IO's are the ones displeased now. Snyder's IO's are happy with some aspects of the VERBAL contingencies (buyback ratio and buying the new routes), but until we get the check in our hands anything can happen.
The one thing that really gets under the skin of the IO's here is the lack of communication. IO's are financially invested. Mgmt doesn't have to disclose everything, but don't feed us BS. Every little question we ask mgmt says "I don't know". S-L has completed the transition almost all across the country and they don't know how things will be done here in the northeast? There are IO's here who have been told their territories and the calculated amount/week. The ones that don't know? Are the ones not in the supervisors click. I hope mgmt read this and realize humans can't keep secrets.
It makes me sick the direction S-L is going. IO's across the country built Snyders, Lance, and Greer and here comes the pencil pushers dictating from a computer printout on which routes to give to which IO's. Building relationships, seniority, and proximity to where you live means nothing to a frigging computer.
Being an independent means I work for myself and I shouldn't care about my counterparts. Well guess what people I do, cause I don't work for coporate or management! I have a heart.
Just wanted to vent. Whew!

Since: Dec 11

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#1754 Dec 23, 2011
I'm a route sales rep in North Central WV and we've been shown our offers but have yet to hear anything else and its been right around a month. I've talked to about 5 different people that are pretty high up on the food chain with Snyders and they give me the run around and no one from Lance knows what the hell is going on. We were told that we would be offered better deals because we took care of Snyders after they took it away from Mr. Bee. To say that we got a deal, im not convinced. Hell the way i figured it up, i'll have every bit of a $200 a week route payment if not more. Not to mention i have to work like a fucking dog if i want to hit all 40 stops every day of the week like they expect. Things were also much smoother as a Lance only rep. I never hear of promotions anymore and i get my ass chewed out every other day because my accounts are low-empty and i have nothing to sell. Then the D/C cant get half the shit that i need. This is nothing but a disaster and a very poorly thought out plan. Guess i'll just take my $100 loss that i spent on my LLC and move on! Good luck to the ones who do decide to move forward with this whole I/O deal, i think youre going to need it.

Virginia Beach, VA

#1755 Dec 23, 2011
does anyone know anything about sl making us add another type of insurance coverage for OUR OWN product? if the product belongs to me how can they mandate that i need insurance on it. SL must be getting some kind of kick back for all the extra expenses they are making us have.
gone and happy

Branford, FL

#1756 Dec 23, 2011
Mr Ormsby a Thief. What a shocker. Ormsby dropped my commission %. The percent drop cost me $100's every week. The only reason I can figure is cause I asked him personally to many questions.
Hopefully the new I/O (suckers) get the commission % written into the contract!
Lightered Knot Enterprise

High Springs, FL

#1757 Dec 24, 2011
After months of trying everything I could, I walked away last week. Another guy here in Lake City, Fl walked away yesterday. I ran through my savings and into my retirement trying to make this IO thing work. Between all of the lies and the warehouse being unable to keep an ample supply of product I had enough. I was lucky to find a job so I took it. What a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. To anyone looking into this venture, STAY AWAY.

I terminated the contract do to violations by reps of S-L. I do not know what happens now, guess I will find out. Anybody else walked away? Any suggestions, or information is appreciated.

Hanover, PA

#1758 Dec 24, 2011

Bronx, NY

#1759 Dec 24, 2011
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the IO's out there.

-The Distributor Tax Services Staff

(877) DTS-4TAX or (877) 387-4829

Bronx, NY

#1760 Dec 24, 2011

Bronx, NY

#1761 Dec 24, 2011
yes lightered call a lawyer

Bronx, NY

#1762 Dec 25, 2011
any fool who thinks my statments are mean has not lost every thing yet i have 3 lawdsuits aginst them merrychristmas snyders good luck your gonna need it
mass io

Sharon, MA

#1763 Dec 25, 2011
danielle03 wrote:
any fool who thinks my statments are mean has not lost every thing yet i have 3 lawdsuits aginst them merrychristmas snyders good luck your gonna need it

Were you a Snyder's IO or a Lance IO? When you went through the transition S-L bought your route back and you could've walked away, correct? If you decided to stay S-L offered you a territory to repurchase? If so you had to have read the new contract correct? What has changed?
Our area is going through the transition now. We were told by mid January our new territory will be offered. This area doesn't have the rural routes or bin routes. So stales are not the problem here. We fought for our prior contract stipulations and mgmt corrected their strategy with this area. The Snyders IO's are getting a little monetary winfall. We've earned it and deserved it. Not saying others don't but like I've said many times if you stay together and fight for your rights you all have a better chance to prevail. The Lance side believed mgmt lip service and that side is on a rampage now. In the long run everyone could make money when they sell their routes. It's the time from the rebuy to when they sell the problems will always be there.
When you deal with coporate you realize the bottom line: greed!
Johnny Pajamas

Parkesburg, PA

#1764 Dec 26, 2011
Does anyone have anything positive to say about Snyder’s, I’m interested in buying a route but reading these blogs makes me want to run in the other direction… how about it FRIEND’S, any thing nice to say…

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#1765 Dec 26, 2011
no. run like hell from these scammers.

you will pay for partner brands and when they crossdock, you get short payed commission everytime and thats if they decide to pay you at all. then when they buy your route back those sales will be left out along with any partner brand that leaves. and they will leave. all of them. and you payed for the partner brands when you buy the route.

s-l has seen a mass exodus from their shady, greedy, terrible attitude operation. that alone is all you need to know. forget about a 17% commission that is not guaranteed. thats right, if they feel you should make 15% next year, guess what, you be makin 15%. they hiring temp workers to cover routes in this area. lmao.

they will nickle and dime you to death. whether it be a late paperwork charge although its turned in on time or just not payin crossdock comm... after a year you will see those nickels add up to thousands. when you prove your case of whats owed to you, you still wont be paid.

i could write for hours of why not to get involved with these crooks.

it took them 3 months to pay me back what was owed!!! ridiculous.

heres one positive thing i can say about s-l. i dont distribute for em anymore.

if you want to be an i/o, go somewhere that pays you more than 17% and thats guaranteed. 22% the industry standard in my area. anything less makes it damn near impossible.
D Mac

Wayne, PA

#1766 Dec 26, 2011
Wow, I am glad I found this today. I had called for info on a route and have an appt to meet next week. Sounds like maybe I should go no further? Anybody out there have a route that works for them?

Bronx, NY

#1767 Dec 26, 2011
johnny please i dont even know you but as a human being i must stress runnnnnnn for your life you will lose everthing

Bronx, NY

#1768 Dec 26, 2011
d mac can you read tell you what ask snyders to let you have the contract so your lawyer can review it then let us know what you think

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