Snyder's of Hanover

Raeford, NC

#64 Mar 31, 2011
What are some of the other forums that you guys have been reading on?

Raeford, NC

#65 Mar 31, 2011
snack man wrote:
I am glad to here that I am not the only one working for this terrible company they call Snyders of screwed over. Let everyone know what the lawyer says. We have got io's here in Cincy that have gone three or more weeks without being payed and have sold well over 21,000 dollars worth of product! now you tell me how that is right. We also have another problem here if we go to our route supervisers with a problem all they want to do is jump down your throat and never give you an answer or try to fix the problem. So all the drivers here are afraid to say anything for fear of loosing there job.But at this point it wouldn't really matter because everyone here is about to loose everything they have already. Thanks for putting us all into bankrupcy.. We also have another problem cincy is all run by family so if you piss one of them off you piss them all off.
YOU GO SNACK MAN!!! You feel just like me because I go weeks with out pay and budgeting don't have a dam thing to do with it you work all week, you should be paid by the week.

Raeford, NC

#66 Mar 31, 2011
Got a joke for you guys, synders is gonna merge with utz and they are gonna be called "Slutz"
Mad Wife

Indianapolis, IN

#67 Mar 31, 2011
Why would drivers be afraid of loosing their jobs if they're not being paid anyway? If you guys are IO's you have every right to voice your opinion after all the route belongs to you.

Also I read in the merger deal that all IO's have a right if they are going under to have the company buy back their route at fair market value. Is that true is it in the contract? It also said in the merger papers that Snyder is for lack of a better word the co-signer for alot of routes. According to the merger deal they are indebted (if the drivers don't pay) to the tune of more than 60,000,000 dollars.

This is the web link to the merger papers:

This is the web link to the lawsuit the other IO's filled and setlled (conviently right before the merger) for 10,000,000 dollars.

Also if the company keeps hiring drivers and other people but is not disclosing that they will soon need to become an IO or may not even have a job. Isn't that grounds for hiring on false pretenses?
hank florida

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

#68 Apr 1, 2011
the problem in these forums are all people who hate!! Im a IO for snyders and make a great living!! Snyders has been nothing but great since I became a Io for them!! Yes some weeks I owe them money but u get payed double the next week!! The problem is that some people are not business people and just shouldnt own a route!! And some people arent route people!!
Mad Wife

Indianapolis, IN

#69 Apr 1, 2011

With all due respect that is fine. I don't hate either company. What I am concerned about is the fact that you went into this profession willing. What happens to all the people who didn't want to own their own route? They hired on to work for a company and delivery that companies product and not managing everything theirselves. These people have no choice. They either buy a route or have no job to exception. On the other hand you have IO's who everything sugar coated for them they are given paperwork and shown films to make them think it is the greatest most rewarding things every (they aren't shown a down side).

What happens if when time comes for Florida they only pay you what you paid when you bought your route? You also do know that they are restructuring everyones area so your route more than likely won't stay what it is now don't you? It says that in the transition news letter.

I asked earlier what can someone make if they managing things well? Can you give us some insight? Also how long is the longest you have gone without a check? Did you have problems finding resonable priced health insurance or do you get coverage through a spouse?

Morganville, NJ

#70 Apr 1, 2011
snack man

Cincinnati, OH

#71 Apr 1, 2011
Listen Hank the people we have running Cincy have cut our routes so bad that no one can make any money any more. They told us the reason why was and I quote" to keep us hungry". When we went io we were not given any time to find another job. You can't negotiate the contract so we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. All they want to do is keep putting more routes on and giving more of there family jobs the hell with the rest of us. You see Snyders in Penn does not see this all they see is the number that come out of the warehouse not the number of individual drivers so they don't care.

Raeford, NC

#72 Apr 1, 2011
Well Hank you say that all we are doing is complaining well I have a right to complain because i am a rout person I have been in route sales for 15 years and I know what I am talking about. When I was hired with synders I was hired on to purchase a route and a computer. Then 2 months later I was given a shocker that I would have to start buying my product also. I went from doing okay to nothing for 2 weeks or more. So I feel like i have a right to bitch because this was not what I signed up for. Sorry that you can't understand what it is like to be lied to!!!
hank florida

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

#73 Apr 1, 2011
I buy my product too!! But the more I buy the more I make!! business 101
Mad Wife

Indianapolis, IN

#74 Apr 1, 2011

Like I asked earlier without being to nosy what is a good year for you? Just a ball park figure would be fantastic. We heard one person say earlier he had sold over 485,000 in product but only cleared 28,000.00. It's hard to be optomistic when figures sound so grim.

Snack man,

Are you saying they keep changing your route and putting on more routes?
How can they do that if you bought a territory? Does your contract say that's allowed?

I have heard that alot of Snyder product is delivered by Mikesell's drivers. Are you a Snyder IO or Mikesell's.
Lance Rep

United States

#75 Apr 1, 2011
Simply put....everyone is getting screwed! Point blank.
snack man

Cincinnati, OH

#76 Apr 1, 2011
i am a snyders io they cut all the routes when we were forced to pay to have a job
snack man

Cincinnati, OH

#77 Apr 1, 2011
Hank I wish it was like that in cincy the more you buy the less money you make. Up here you have to play a stupid game with buying and selling. If you sell to much on a certain day you wont get payed. It is stupid why we have to play games with our money. We should get payed off of what we do for the week not buy when we buy and sell our loads.
snack man

Cincinnati, OH

#78 Apr 1, 2011
Hank can you tell me why I can sell 8000 in a week and only be payed 800.00 I am not a rocket scientist but that is not 18%. And no I don't get the balance the next week they say it all works out but it doesn't come close.
snack man

Cincinnati, OH

#79 Apr 1, 2011
oh and here is another thing how can snyders sell directly to stores in my territory I went into big lots the other day and right up front was a display of pretzel pieces why didn't I get credit or even have the option to deliver it?
Mad Wife

Indianapolis, IN

#80 Apr 1, 2011
Snack Man,

I bet Big Lots is a drop ship account. I have been to alot of stores and low and behold there is Lance Product but no driver delivers. For example Meijers stores are drop shipped.

It is suppose to be that you have exclusive rights in your territory. Does it say that in your contract?

According to the transition letter it states:

Understand that the route you are currently running will likely not be the exact same route you purchase. Your current route will be re-engineered along with all of the other routes in your territory in order to combine the existing snyder's and Lance routes. The goal will be to reduce the size of each territory and the number of stops on each route and provide a route average equal to the average weekly sales per route in your market or higher. The 52 week average weekly sales of both Lance and Snyder's products for each stop will be used to establish the route average for each of these new routes which will then be used to establish the selling price of each route.

That is exact word for word what the transition letter says so no one is safe.

Raeford, NC

#81 Apr 1, 2011
hank florida wrote:
I buy my product too!! But the more I buy the more I make!! business 101
Well here in North Carolina it ain't like that as Snack Man Said that is BULL!!!!!!!!!!
Snyder Ho

Leawood, KS

#82 Apr 1, 2011
Mad Wife wrote:
The IO transition letter came a few days ago. On another forum I read where some drivers haven't been offered their routes. They say instead a distrubution company is buying them up. I hope that's not true and that everyone will have a change to keep a route if they want one. Snyder HO if you don't mind since you have been at this a few years what has been your average yearly take home pay after all expenses. This is so darned unnerving it would be nice to have a little hope.
what other forum mad wife??? e-mail me

To answer your question.....Not nearly enough money. Snyders bought back my route from me last year because Snyders bought out Texas premium. All those guys came aboard and routes were cutback to around 5000.00 a week sales.(not nearly enough to make a viable business)Before that I was doing 8-9 grand a week, on the old route, and having no problem making it work. Since then all our guys have been struggling to make it and now most of the guys from Texas Prem. have quit. I myself have been looking foward to the buyout coming up and adding new lines of product to our routes. The main downside to me is the fact that I may have a string of non-profitable convenience stores to deal with on a new route. Any insight from anyone on this ??
Anyway I completely understand the harsh remarks from everyone, especially the people who were with Lance as employees. I was with Archway Cookies for 8 yrs and felt completely f**cked over when they called on a Saturday Afternoon and said we were all let go due to Bankruptcy.(They still owe me 15 grand) They were owned by an Investment group the last 2 yrs and I believe that closing Archway and pilfering the company before they did was their plan all along. But at least in this instance with Snyder-Lance there could be opportunity. Which I didnt have with Archway. Hopefully the powers that BE will make sure we have routes big enough to sustain a business for each of us. Making routes at least 8000.00 a week in sales. Which is what I was told would happen. At least here they realized they screwed up last time.
I really dont understand why some feel like they are not getting paid what they earned. I actually have had no problem with that. I would definately make them spell it out so YOU understand their billing. If they r actually ripping you off definately see a lawyer.
I think it was Kim who had some links to some websites for some documents. Would you mind sending me an e-mail with those links on it?? Please!!! I couldnt get them to work here.
Finally I think I agree with Hank to some extent. Everyone needs to decide if owning a business (with some limitations definately in the companys favor ) is for them. It is completely different than working for the company. And everyones priorities and needs are different, so it might not be for you. I know one thing for sure its not against the law to restructure your company if you want and the IO model is here to stay.

Other questions
Does everyone with equity routes make 18%??
Mad wife and Kim....are you guys Lance reps??
Does anyone else sell Partner Brands?? Like "On The Border"??
Lance people...What is your stale policy and how much stale did/do you have a week??
Thanks to Everyone for commenting in this forum. We all need to know what is going on with this company nationwide and this is a great way to at least do that. Of course its a good source to VENT too.
Take care and good luck to all you Snack schleppers out there.
Snyder Ho

Leawood, KS

#83 Apr 1, 2011
I mis wrote was Mad wife with the links to documents. Could you please send me a e-mail with the links??

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