Not for profit ?? Charities exposed.....

Welcome to the world of philanthropy readers.Times are at there worst for the north country and this deadly cold makes the conditions more grave. We need answers to the many problems that plaque our struggling communities but must be extremely cautious for the predators lurk in the shadows waiting for there prey. How can you investigate charitable organizations that advance while we sit paralyzed from economic disaster. Answer: A genuine charity or law - abiding fund raiser should be willing to send you any information you request ( audited financial statements ) and most will send you it's latest I.R.S. form 990 on demand. Daniel Borochoff ( president of the American Institute of Philantrophy ) warns that many charities misreport their fund-raising as " program developement " , " public education " and other misomers. A good fact finding website on the internet is ( ) which has data on more than 850,000 I.R.S. recognized non-profits and posts 990 Forms for many. The I.R.S. document is public information so hold on folks for the shock might blow you away!! It did to me and I've been around NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS for almost 20 years in over 40 states throughout this country. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This experience has had a traumatic impact on my life but I prevailed and today I stand stronger then ever vigilantly fighting to keep our communities properly informed and protected from the hidden dangers. Remember people knowledge is power !! My final words to the citezens of the north country who took the time to read this article. Please be careful for your hard earned money may be a blessing or a curse if it lands in the wrong hands.
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