Chelsea Clinton courts Maui votes

Chelsea Clinton courts Maui votes

There are 126 comments on the Honolulu Star-Bulletin story from Feb 18, 2008, titled Chelsea Clinton courts Maui votes. In it, Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that:

By Gary T. Kubota WAILUKU Chelsea Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd on Maui that she was grateful for the strong showing of support for her mother, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and urged ...

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Andrew Cheng

Chicago, IL

#1 Feb 18, 2008
Aloha from Chicago, not Obama country!
Please go out and caucus for Hillary Clinton, the true champion for Hawaiians. Her record only demonstrates her commitment to roll up her sleeves and do a great job on day one. We want change, but it is imperative that we give the power to someone who actually knows what to do with it. Having had Obama as senator for 3 years now, I can say unequivocally that we need a change. Vote for Hillary and you would be voting for real change!!
From Hawaii

Springtown, TX

#2 Feb 18, 2008
Amen, Andrew!
Lots of skeletons in that Obama closet, no? He's not really a Hawaiian "native son"... no real island roots. And I'd still like to know how he was able to afford to attend Punahou at the same time his Mom was collecting welfare payments. Just google his name and lots of interesting stuff comes up. Some of it he wouldn't be too proud of.

Kaneohe, HI

#3 Feb 18, 2008
Obama will sweep Hawaii. And Roz Baker and her gang of 3 senators will regret that they are riding the wrong horse.

Kailua, HI

#5 Feb 18, 2008
What change has she committed too! Voting for the war in Iraq, then saying wants to end the war their. Voting for her will be like voting for her husband, and we all know his track record. Guess what you won't have to google the Clintons, all of the dirty laundry was aired out when he was our President!
tracy orego

San Jose, CA

#6 Feb 18, 2008
Liberal media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times are trying to hijack this election by unabashedly supporting Sen. Obama without giving equal opportunity to Sen. Clinton. They are sucking every morsel that comes from Obama's mouth. No doubt, Obama's speeches are inspirational, but is that all we need to confront the daunting challenges that America faces??? unsustainable entitlements, broken borders, nuclearizing enemies, rising unemployment, housing foreclosures ??? these problems require tough solutions. Is EXPERIENCE STUPID. Do we select an inexperienced surgeon to perform surgery on us? Do we hire an inexperienced attorney to represent us? Talk of CHANGE. Wouldn't the election of a strong, intelligent and a woman with proven credentials herald a momentous change in the history of this great nation? UNITING people. If Sen. Obama didn't have the slightest decency to acknowledge Sen. Clinton at the Union Address, how can we expect him to unite different factions? His words do not manifest into action. Can we trust Obama with the NUCLEAR button when he has admitted to have pressed the WRONG button, several times, during crucial legislature votes? Let us vote with our MIND and not our HEARTS for the future of this great nation.
Mel Padello

United States

#7 Feb 18, 2008
Chelsea Clinton served her mom well....while the delegate votes appears to be close.....I look to Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee when all is said and done!
Get Real

Kailua, HI

#8 Feb 18, 2008
Hilary Clinton does not support change, the only change she supports is more money in her pocket.

Did everyone forget the fact that she votes for bills and when it doesn't pass says that she was relieved that it didn't pass... uh duh? shouldn't you have voted against it in the first place.

Clinton is too polarizing of an individual. The only reason that Uncle Dan is supporting Clinton is to insure that his military pork barrel money comes through. He knows with Clinton that she will keep the war going, regardless of what she says today. Remember she voted for the war, now she says she "thinks" she will end it.... I seriously doubt it.

The Clintons have shown what they do with their experience... they lie to the American people, they sign in laws like NAFTA which promote American jobs to be moved outside of the country, and they make sure that all of the special interests that funded them are well taken care of.

This country needs real change. And that is Obama.

HillaryHillaryHi llary

Kaunakakai, HI

#10 Feb 18, 2008

Please do not vote for the Jesse Jackson type of candidate Obama -- vote for the person you trust -- Hillary.

Hillary will give you health care, Hillary will stop foreclosure and give you back your house, Hillary will give you student loans and most of all Hillary will give 100% of Hawaii back to the Hawaiians.

New Haven, CT

#14 Feb 18, 2008
So Hillary doesn't look good among young people, she dispatched Chelsea, as her younger and supposedly better self.

Well, Chelsea is not on the ballot, let's not forget that. Hillary and her policies are, as well as all the hideous baggage of the Clinton era.

We are a republic, not a monarchy. We had Bush I and Bush II, now we are offered Clinton II. Thank you very much, Your Majesty! We do not need dynasties, they are for Pakistan.

New Haven, CT

#15 Feb 18, 2008
One more point, guys:

Hillary seems to be the only presidential candidate in history to go negative on herself. Her argument goes like this: I have had more scandals than Obama in my past, therefore I am more vetted and more electable.

I somehow miss the "therefore" part. But maybe I just don't qualify to be a Clinton supporter. Her core constituency seem to be poorly educated people, as her campaign freely admits.
No Hillary

Wahiawa, HI

#16 Feb 18, 2008
Don't vote for Hillary, vote for Barack. Barack is from Hawaii and Hillary is not. People who vote for Hillary, are a bunch of losers. I don't want another Clinton in the white house. Is she does win, I think she should hire an intern and sleep with them to get back at Bill.

Churchville, MD

#18 Feb 18, 2008
Aloha Hawaii:

I love Hawaii and have been blessed to visit a number of times -- only wish I could be there more.
Senator Obama’s campaigns on the promise of change – change in the way he runs his campaign and change in the way politics operate. He asks us to vote for him because of this promise and because he will unite us. He recently has complained about “politics as usual campaign tactics.”

But, before I cast my vote in exchange for his promises, I’d need to know the answers to the following questions:

Why, as the son of single-mom, husband and father of two daughters, didn’t he speak out against the obvious sexism of the MSNBC’s commentator who said that Senator Clinton had “pimped out” Chelsea? Had it been a racial slur against his daughters, wouldn’t he have expected Senator Clinton to speak out against it? Isn’t that what we should expect of our leaders, particularly one who claims to be a “uniter”?

Why has he missed almost 50% of the votes that he could have taken since he became a U.S. Senator? What was more important?

Why does he continue to claim that his health care plan offers “universal” coverage when it leaves 15 million people without coverage? Independent experts confirm that his plan is not truly universal, so why does he keep saying it is – isn’t that the tactic GW Bush used to justify the war – just say its true and people will believe it?

Why does he continue to insist that he hasn’t taken money from lobbyist and that he is somehow “independent” from special interests when independent, non-partisan organizations have verified that he has taken money from lobbyists as well as from “bundlers” and from corporations like Excelon? See

Why, when he rolled out his economic plan this week in Wisconsin, didn’t he acknowledged that his ideas for 5 million “green collar” jobs and an “infrastructure bank” were proposed months ago by Senator Clinton? Isn’t this tantamount to plagiarism – taking the ideas of writings of another without giving her credit?(In my view, this is worse than "borrowing" some of his speech material from Governor Duval Patrick)

Why has he refused to debate Senator Clinton one-on-one before the Potomac and Wisconsin primaries? And don’t tell me that there have been 18 debates. There is a big difference between a one-on-one versus a group debate. The strategy of refusing to debate in areas where you are ahead in the polls is “politics as usual” so why isn’t this inconsistent with his promise of change?

As these questions illustrate, it’s easy to promise change and claim that one is different and on a higher moral platform than other candidates. It’s much harder to actually walk the walk. As far as I can tell, Senator Obama excels at “politics as usual” campaign tactics and his oratory of change does not measure up to the reality of Senator Clinton’s experience, knowledge and resilience. I’d rather gamble on a proven track record than a promise of one.

Please vote for Hillary!
jeannineforhilla ry

United States

#20 Feb 18, 2008
Hillary Clinton has been an agent of change for 35 years. She has worked tirelessly for women's rights and health care reform; both of which are unpopular issues. Time and time again she has demonstrated resolve and guts when standing up to critics from both sides of the aisle, not to mention the constant bashing from the media. If you want to know what she will do, look at what she has already done. I may not agree with every single thing Clinton has done, but I know she and I share the same interests and our hope of what America can be. Barack Obama does not have the copyright on the words "hope" and "change" and he is not the only person who will achieve those goals. Clinton is the most qualified person to lead our country after the debacle of the Bush administration. Please consider Hillary Clinton when you are caucusing tomorrow.
think before you vote

Sun Valley, CA

#22 Feb 18, 2008
Obama may have grad from Punahou, but that does not make him "Hawai'i's son." Last week Sen. Clinton released her "Solutions for Hawai'i," -- -- addressing many of the unique problems we face here in Hawai'i Nei. She recognizes that our isolated rural areas, unique agricultural issues and tourism-economy cannot always be solved by blanket solutions that work on the mainland. She understands that some of our most serious issues here are our fossil-fuel dependency, shifting agricultural trends, the need for more affordable housing, not only healthcare coverage, but lack of healthcare access in remote areas and the problems our educational system is facing.

If you are really concerned about our future, ask yourself: Do I want to vote for the cool kid who went to high school on O'ahu and talks great rhetoric, or for someone who understands our local issues as well as the serious global and national issues facing our country today?

Remember, last time we voted for the guy we'd rather have a beer with, the guy who told us he was a "uniter, not a divider." And we know how well that all worked out for us!

San Marcos, CA

#23 Feb 18, 2008
Chelsea - I'm so proud of what you are doing for your mother.

I plan to caucus for her tomorrow in honolulu.

You're doing a great job and we love that you came over here to court us.

Hillary clinton is clearly the most qualified candidate running for President.

I will vote for her tomorrow!!!

Pearl City, HI

#24 Feb 18, 2008
OK, what has she changed in 35 years?
Diane Lander-Simon

Honolulu, HI

#25 Feb 18, 2008
I think it is so exciting to have these Senators neck and neck but I hope for the good of the country and the safety of the world Senator Clinton's wins because she is tried and true. Obama's time will come. Aloha and mahalo!

Kaneohe, HI

#26 Feb 19, 2008
From Hawaii wrote:
Amen, Andrew!
Lots of skeletons in that Obama closet, no? He's not really a Hawaiian "native son"... no real island roots. And I'd still like to know how he was able to afford to attend Punahou at the same time his Mom was collecting welfare payments. Just google his name and lots of interesting stuff comes up. Some of it he wouldn't be too proud of.
Yeah - whatever Texas. I've eaten kalua pig and lomi salmon with Barack and I've seen him bodysurfing at Sandy's. Did you ever stop to think maybe he was on a scholarship at Punahou? I don't know that he was, but they have'em. So back off and let us Hawaii people have our time with this awesome keiki o ka aina.
Our Time For Change is Now.
Harold Post

Lacey, WA

#27 Feb 19, 2008
Unfortunately the universal coverage Hillary talks about comes with a price. If you do not agree with it, tuff, she will garnish your wages. Mandated health insurance another name for socialism. It makes no sense in a system like ours. It failed back in 94, it will fail again if it gets that close. Hopefully not. It still allows private companies to profit and quality of care is not guarenteed. Read the fine rpint people. Sure Chelsea's great, but is eating at Zippy's very meaningful? Don't forget what the Clinton's have done? I remember, the day they were minutes away from capturing Osama Bin Laden and Our former national security adviser for Billy-boy aborts the mission? Then covers it up by sneaking out documents from the national archieves in his socks so he could destroy them? Come on Hanabusa? I thought you was on it! I guess not, Often times we remember the stuff we like and forget the stuff we don't like. And how can you not forget Billy-boy's affairs! How dare you suport people that embarressed our country! Billy will do the same thing again and again and again, it's just we don't hear about it every time--ask the military staff that handled the football during Billy-boy's presidency! Come ON people, dancing hula will get you to vote! Give me a break!
Ronald Loui

Saint Louis, MO

#28 Feb 19, 2008
Obama's time will come? After a Bush cleans up after a Clinton cleans up after a Bush? The time for excellence is now. The time for self-respect is now. The only candidate who understands the world as we find it TODAY is Obama.

Vote for a candidate who can run a clean campaign without going broke, without getting mad and firing managers, or accidentally sending untruthful email the night before an election!

Vote for a candidate whose spouse is a role model, not a national embarrassment. Vote for a candidate who uses his child to honor his island origins and best memories of childhood (Malia), who does not use her to win votes because you like the daughter more than the mother.

Vote for a candidate who did not fail his bar exams and did not equate legal practice with sitting on corporate boards, a candidate who has fought for the little people all his life even though he could have easily chosen to do the bidding of the usual power brokers.

Vote for a candidate who trusts the American people to make the right choices, who believes in truth and candor, respecting the electorate's intelligence, and government transparency.

Vote for a man who actually understands and believes in the Constitution.

Vote for the person who can win, and who is going to win, anyway. Why not be happy and get it over with? It's time for the Democrats to get it right!

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