adelaidahenderson43pz wrote:
Is American Express going out of business?Or are They just running scared? After being with AM EX for eons they declined 2 of my AM EX cards. One card has a $20,000 limit I have a balance of $972.00 which is not even due yet. It is a Costco Am ex and I was buying gas at Costco. Amount was $38.00. The other Card is a Delta AM EX.with a limit of $9000.00. I was at a pharmacy for a purchase of $155.00 and this one was declined also.

The first time this Happened I called AM EX and the wait was 10 minutes so I did not hold. I thought nothing about has this type of thing,
It has happened before because technical issues. The second time it happened. I did call and was transferred to account services. I also had to wait for seventeen minutes and forty five seconds. I was told I had 1 NEGATIVE on my Experian but not on the other 2 credit bureaus. so I then went on line to Experian. Now I have never been late with anyone including Am ex. I have over 70 open accounts and never late. When I look at the negative I find it's not even my account. It is from a payday loan Company that charges 199% per year. I have never been inside or even applied for any loan. I called Am ex back and waited for 27 more minutes and then they disconnected me. There was a call before this to find out where I should fax my dispute that I already made with Experian yesterday evening. I did not have to wait very long this time however The service rep was insistent that I should make a payment that really was not due to until the end of the month she said it would
look better. I finally had to raise my voice to say no my accounting dept handles this. When I did call back after I sent my fax the Rep i then talked to next was very good. He even came back on the line after I was waiting for 8 min & 22 seconds to see if account services came on line. He also gave me a direct number. First time that happened. I then hung up and called directly. They then said call back on Monday.
What if I was in another City and only took my Am ex.(Don't leave home without it).I would have been screwed. Or what about if I was in Europe or any other country. This is not right. be care full if you leave home with it. What could I do?..
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