An apology for slavery should flow fr...

An apology for slavery should flow from the source: Virginia

There are 3236 comments on the Richmond Times-Dispatch story from Jun 18, 2006, titled An apology for slavery should flow from the source: Virginia. In it, Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that:

Born white in segregation-era Virginia's heart of darkness, Ken Woodley seems miscast as an ardent advocate for a national slavery apology.

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#4064 Nov 23, 2007
They seem to think that if they continue to pour oil on the ground we will continue to step in it and slip and slide....they're full of sh*#. I see it. They see it too. But remember they're in deep denial.

Moscow, Russia

#4065 Apr 16, 2008
Billie Jean Thorton wrote:
<quoted text>
You're right. We will never let it go. How can we when they're people like you that keep it alive and kicken. I think what we all as blacks want every racist to know is that you don't scare us you make our spirits stronger;)
African Slavery still occurs even to this day why dont you fight somthing relevant to the present. The white caucasian people of the world did not start African slavery though our forefathers shared in the injustice of the institution it has been and is still a part of African culture even today. Your ancestors certainly shared the wealth as well as in the suffering equally!

Crewe, VA

#4066 Apr 18, 2008
For real if anyone should appologize,it should be the GOVERNMENT. They should appologize to everyone,starting with the INDIANS. Quit crying people, get over it, move on, make the most of what God gave ya.

Little Valley, NY

#4067 Apr 18, 2008
Blame, Blame, Blame...thats all anyone does anymore. And they wonder why the owrld is such a harsh place to live in. I agree slavery was wrong but I cant change that no matter how much I apologize for my race. I mean that would be like having to apologize for Jesus dying on the cross. I wasnt there to change that so why should I apologize. Damn people, something has got to give. If you keep dwelling on the past its only gonna cause conflict for the future. We cant cahnge what happened but we can change what will happen. As far as present day slavery Im not aware that it exists but Im sure if it does there is some kind of law being broken. Im not prejudice nor have I ever been. But I do feel that people who ask present day people to apologize for something their ancestors did...they are the racist ones. And there will always be someone trying to prove that one race is more superior than the other. We are all equal and you can blame the government for them not being treated equal!!! God gave us blood and made us eqaul on the inside, and gave us skin color to make us unique on the outside! As long as your blood flows red, you are no better than anyone else!!!

“I'm just here to help!!”

Since: Apr 08


#4068 Apr 19, 2008
I can't understand this forum.It is foolish.No one that communicates on this subject really knows anything about it.We were not even a thought in our fathers minds,black or white when all of this took place.God has his own plans,people.Whether you think its right or wrong does'nt really matter.Whats done is done,there's no changing that.I'm American..I'm all American,black,white,hispanic or oriental.It does'nt really matter.Let's get on with our lives and be happy...happy that God has given us one more day,one more minute or one more second..because we don't own anything,we just inherit what ever we get while we are under this soveirgn nation or any other.I thank God every day that not only has he given me the right to be his child,but that he also has given EVERYONE that same equal right.God Bless You.

Las Vegas, NV

#4070 Apr 20, 2008
nitro wrote:
why should "we" who are alive NOW have to apologise for something thet happened 150 years ago-
Why would anyone apoligise for an accepted form of trade..the black warlords sold there own people into slavery. Many religions had this practice..Robert hay bought 74 slaves and Married one greek woman who was for sale. He paid for their education and supported them...Even slavery is mentioned in the old testemant....Jesus healed the man who had his ear cut off because the custom was that if you did not bow to your master they would cut off your ear...So who needs to apoligize for slavery?

Las Vegas, NV

#4071 Apr 20, 2008
Why would Condi Rice be advisor to J.P Morgan?

Las Vegas, NV

#4072 Apr 20, 2008
Is anyone qualified to be called Masta?

Las Vegas, NV

#4073 Apr 20, 2008
Jesus's testimony was Worship GOD....

Las Vegas, NV

#4074 Apr 20, 2008
Now Prime Minister Brown is trustee...That money came from America...

Las Vegas, NV

#4075 Apr 20, 2008
Where did the standard oil Trust go that sucked 17% of the world's oil at one time?

Las Vegas, NV

#4076 Apr 20, 2008
From Oklahoma....

Las Vegas, NV

#4077 Apr 20, 2008
Where did the anti trust laws disappear????

Las Vegas, NV

#4078 Apr 20, 2008
Where they privitized?

“I'm just here to help!!”

Since: Apr 08


#4080 Apr 24, 2008
This forum is crazy...haha..Its hard to believe anybody would waste a finger typing on this mess.Dont U really think its more important things to discuss?As long as you keep talking to these trash seekers,they will certainly try to grab the glory of it.Damn,its better to live in the great old USA than to be running from some hungry tiger,wouldn'nt you say?Hey there intelligent humans,don't keep playing a game with ones with no intelligence....Think about it.


#4081 May 18, 2008
nitro wrote:
why should "we" who are alive NOW have to apologise for something thet happened 150 years ago-
It's not you in particular, its the American nation as a whole. Much genocide was done to the American Indian to gain the rights to this country, then to capture African people to work it! You really need to read more of your history and how third world people were treated in the making of this great nation of ours. It really is a sin.....


#4082 May 18, 2008
Yeah Toast wrote:
First of all, back in slavery times, slaves were considered as property, just as automobiles or televisions, etc. are today. While I believe some slaves were mistreated, I don't believe that the majority of them were. Beating a slave would be like taking a sledge hammer to the fender or windshield of your band new car. Why would anyone want to damage his property. I just don't believe it was as bad as some would have you believe. My great, great, great grandfather fought for the Confederacy, and he never owned a slave in his life. And no, he wasn't a poor dirt farmer...he had numerous acres and was what some would call a gentleman farmer. He was an officer in the Confederacy, and he fought for states rights and his individual rights as a Virginian...not for the slavery issue. Northerners won the war, so that gives them the right to write the war's history. What a shame!! Neither Virginia nor any other state needs to apologise for slavery. And by the way, if it wasn't for slavery, the blacks who are complaining about it wouldn't be in America to complain. I'm not saying slavery was good, but I just don't think it was as bad as many would have you believe.
Then you better read a little further in history, and not what they teach you in school, or what you hear on the news or newspapers. But really research and see how slavery really was. Hanging, beating, seperating families, brainwashing.....I could go on and was not something to just shrug off.....if the shoe was on the other foot, you might think differently.
Learn the true history of this nation of ours. Yes, it is the best of all nations internationally, but please don't sugar-coat it!

“Burn down the sacred ground.”

Since: Apr 07

Boise Idaho

#4083 Sep 22, 2009
Oh by the way Mexico had black slaves too!
The old man

Farmville, VA

#4084 Sep 22, 2009
Most blacks have a chip on their shoulder, and bristle when you mention RACE. THEY BUILD ON RACISM, and really want reparations. They get food stamps,(charge card for groceries, so they won't be noticed in the store), medicaid, free school lunches, free rent, free habitat for humanity houses, free tuition at college, free food at FACES and then go by churches to get food, utilities paid for, help with rent. Gee whizz, did cover all of it?
thinking free

Charlottesville, VA

#4085 Sep 23, 2009
Just to put my 2 ct worth in, Meheico abolished slavery, Texas became a slave state(territory) hence the Alamo. So much for those that look back with some reverence upon those that died in that little fiasco. Of course that equation is not brought up in school books, Remember The Alamo....Bullhoowy

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