1983 Flood Settlement
Erdwin J Clausen Jr

Hammond, LA

#174 Aug 5, 2010
Blessedlady wrote:
The letter was written June 12, 2001 and all of our attorney's have a copy. I would be happy to send them out in the mail, however, my scanner does not work. It could be the operator. The letter is signed by W. Luther Wilson, from the law firm of Taylor, Porter, Brooks, & Phillips. In part it reads"Simply stated, interest will never be paid.""Children have no provable claims." "The concept of psychological damage now for the events of eighteen years ago is absurd." Direct quotes. This is what we have representing the State of Louisiana, and what tax payers are paying for!!!I also have a document signed by all five of the class representatives agreeing to accept 93 million dollars when Blanco was in office. I was never contacted about that decision! Were you!
I was never contacted either.
Erdwin J Clausen Jr

Hammond, LA

#175 Aug 5, 2010
Blessedlady wrote:
Cheryl, thank you so much for your input. When we got out, we literally had no place to go. A wonderful christian lady, I'm sure everyone knows Ms. Ernst in Ponchatoula took in my whole family for a week. The motels were full. This lady cooked, cleaned, and was wonderful to us. The worst loss was my children's baby pictures. We lived off Thibodeaux rd., had just moved in and had many things still in a storage building. It was all lost. Had two little boys hanging on the back of that tiny boat. My tiny daughter, a neighbor lady and myself in the boat. The water came so fast. For someone to say it didn't create trauma needs to go through it! We have been treated horribly from day one. Totally ignored as so much trash. The money belongs to us, by order of the Supreme Court. No one has the right to "play politics" and keep it from us. We should never have to hire lobbyists to get our money! How sad. This is the man that we are going to be asked to support for the presidency!
I hear that. I was 6 years old when it happened and it still haunts me! I wake up from nightmares all the time thinking that i am drowning and I will never EVER get into water if i cannot see the bottom, i do not care if it is a 1/2 inch deep !!! When i get around alot of water i get severe anxiety attacks!!!! On full moons my head feels like it is off balance because the bright moon light on the trees makes me think of the lightning on the trees. It has burned a perfect 3d image in my mind! The snakes swimming everywhere, Just typing this much has my whole body getting that tense numb feeling with dry mouth anxiety and cold sweats because im thinking about it! We lived on Forrest lane and got 5 1/2 feet of water in our house!!! We lost everything!!! ooo wee i needa cigarette!
Wesley Murphy

Detroit, MI

#176 Aug 5, 2010
I was like two months old when it all happen I do know it took me a long time to be able go near water by myself but once I was able to go near water like yal i would have to be able to see bottom I grew up hating water and not knowing why I did till I was old enough to know what really happened when I was young and now I know what we lost and that why I fight because it belong to us I know we can never get what we losted but at least we can get this judgement done and put this nightmare in the history book and close it up in our lives. I know GOD and all the family members that are looking on us from above are helping us through this..... (lord I pray that you keep us safe and give us the tools we need to get this case done and put in the history book in jesus name I pray...amen..)
Erdwin J Clausen Jr

Hammond, LA

#177 Aug 5, 2010
Erdwin J Clausen Jr

Hammond, LA

#178 Aug 5, 2010

This site has some info,
Bobby Lee

Houston, TX

#179 Aug 6, 2010
If anyone can call the folks you know who are on THE List, please let Wesley or myself know and we'll forward a copy to you.
[email protected]
Wesley Murphy

Detroit, MI

#180 Aug 6, 2010
Yes I agree with Bobby everyone Please help us there is only so much we can do alone we need as many of people as we can to come to the meeting. Here is my email also [email protected] I look forward to seeing yal at the meeting on aug.21st at 9am at bad bob's in Robert on hwy 190. GOD bless us all!!!!!!
cheryl bardwell

Ponchatoula, LA

#181 Aug 6, 2010
I was 23. I watched that water flow with such a strong current under my trailer right on 445. It was passing me and flooding the areas behind me on Ochsner Lane. 445 was damming it and it was going through the culverts in the ditch and just over the road. The waters then broke in full current over the road and as it backed up behind me, began to flood into our homes. My Uncle Gerald, Aunt Mildred evacuated with my family and grandmother.

The people of the community of Robert pulled together. The men went from house to house working as fast as they could to save what people had. I remember vividly seeing the sheriff in his glat boat going down Ochsner Lane checking on others as "my" group pulled out in that duece and half. To get us to Hammond, we had to go 190 to Goodbee then the interstate. Stopped in the pouring rain at PT Truck stop where a cousin took us to my in-laws home. We went back to the shelter to get the rest of the family. Could not return for about 3 days to see the devestation. I remember local pastors going house to house, again, offering their help. What a time that was in Robert.

We all lost so much. but I have great pride in my community and relatives. We all pulled together.

My email is [email protected]

Bobby Lee

Houston, TX

#182 Aug 7, 2010
This, and all my ideas, are meant to be taken with the proverbial "grain of salt."

I suggest we create a website. If none of us has the server, web based hosting services are very economical. We can post pictures, testimonials, facts, figures, letters & and the kitchen sink too. Also, a chat room where we can hold regular meetings that everyone can participate, no matter how afar. And when there's enough of us... we can hold a vigil, an everlasting virtual flame for justice, until those responsible are held accountable.

Why? Because it's been long enough.
Wesley Murphy

United States

#183 Aug 8, 2010
A chat room would be a great idea it would be a good place to get everyone on the same page at one time and get everyone out of the dark on what is really going on with this case

United States

#184 Aug 8, 2010
A central site sounds very good. I have told several people about this site, and no one can find it. So for those that may not be computer literate, we need to keep it simple. The only problem we may have with a chat room is having more anger than positive input. We definately need a central site. If we can afford $80,000 in fees for lobbyists, we should have our own website.
Bumble Bee

United States

#185 Aug 10, 2010
What is going on with the meeting? What is the agenda?
Bobby Lee

Houston, TX

#186 Aug 10, 2010
I had originally suggested that there be an organizational meeting prior a general meeting so that a distinct and achievable agenda be formulated. However, it appears that our State Representative and some of the lawyers involved are ready to meet and discuss the latest developments on August 21st. Please spread the news to all family, neighbors & friends effected.

After immersing myself, talking with class members & some of the class representatives and otherwise trying to catch up with my late Uncle's knowledge of this case, it occurs to me; that unless the State's ready to settle reasonably & cut a check, there be only one agenda item. Unification.

It is the opinion of many that the parties responsible for damages are using the fact that there are 2 different factions of victims (and lawyers)- to evade being held accountable.

Unless this is remedied and a united force emerges, success may be unobtainable.

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#187 Aug 11, 2010
New to the forum, but not new to the issue at hand. I've got a lot to say, but this is not the forum. Nevertheless, I will introduce myself and offer support to unify the class. My name is Bob McBride Jr. I was 17 at the time of the flood and helped my dad get my mom/brother/sister out...managing chest high water for 2 hours. Rough day and many followed. Graduated from Ponchatoula in 84', went to Southeastern, have a degree in Business. Live in Baton Rouge...have access to the Capitol and our counsel. Married 15 years with 3 children. My wife and I have a combined 20 years working in the hospice field...caring for the terminally ill. In my career, it's easy to find perspective..so I'm not out for myself here. I'm already blessed. I only want to help my parents and the other class members get made whole. There's accountability that needs to be addressed...and not only by the state. I'll help put a face to this travesty and help unify the class to bring our funds up the "priority flagpole" as budgetary funds are being appropriated. Unity of the class is essential...I'm not forcing myself into this...rather offering to help.
Wesley Murphy

United States

#189 Aug 13, 2010
Does anyone have a update of anything Or does anyone know how many of us will be able to make the meeting on aug 21st. At. 9am. The meeting is set in stone and I hope we all get our questions answered this is our time to shine and come togerther and we will do whatever we gotta do to put this at rest. Many have gone but not forgotten yes they live on through us and they believe in us to fight for this our time is now!!!!!!! To all the members who has losted family involved in this case we will fight and win so they may rest in peace.( lord as we come before you today we know our family is behind us on this and we know you will lead us into victory Thank you lord for letting us know you are there by giving us people who support this and are working very hard to win this victory lord we pray that you help keep us safe in Jesus name we pray. Amen)

Windsor, CO

#190 Aug 13, 2010
What about the post from enufizenuf? I am tired of getting no info or just bits and pieces here and there. I am all for someone who can keep everyone up to date on this matter. We all have alot of opinions but we need facts. And we need someone that we can ask questions to and get answers or will work to get us those answers, one person or a team that we are all comfortable knowing that they are still working on this for all our well being.

Windsor, CO

#191 Aug 13, 2010
One more thing....what about creating a Facebook page for members of the class. One central place to get info and ask questions. May be a little easier to navigate than this forum. Just a thought.
Bobby Lee

Converse, TX

#192 Aug 13, 2010
Mr Wesley, again I'm impressed with your passion and hope it's contagious. I have alerted quite a few folks but have no idea how many might make the meeting. I have my hands full in Houston, dealing with my elderly parents, but will try like the dickens to be there. However, whether we have a big crowd or small, the important thing is for us to take the information provided, use it to build momentum and then to decide how to work toward unification of the factions that are our legal representatives. I'll be available all morning tomorrow if anyone wants to chat about where we are, where we've been, and how we're going to get where we need to go. Keep up the good work & God bless.

Picayune, MS

#193 Aug 13, 2010
I've been spreading the word also.I'll be there along with my family members.
Bobby Lee

Converse, TX

#194 Aug 14, 2010
What are our goals for next Saturday's meeting? Other than receiving a big ol' check, please weigh-in on what you would like to see accomplished at 9am, August 21st at Bad Bob's Saloon, 24390 Highway 190 East. Robert, LA (just east of the Wal-mart DC). ty.

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