Pedophiles and Child Molesters releases

Pedophiles and Child Molesters releases

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Puzzled Person

Saint Albans, WV

#1 Oct 10, 2013
What's up with the system and the people who are letting these scums out of prison early. I know of several scums who are now sitting at their homes because the prison system says they have rehabilitated themselves, they are somewhat old, they have a health problem, or they were accessed by the prison clinical staff and now it's time to release these outstanding men back into society. I say bullshit on the system and if these scumbags did the crime then they should do the time. We all know these scumbags cannot rehabilitate themselves while they are in lockup. If they are a little old , then so what. They still need to spend the time in prison on whatever it was. As far as having bad health. Well, every prison has doctors who can help you medically. If the clinical staff says they have made a new access meant and these convicted sex offenders are doing a lot better then let them go home with the know it all staff and sleep in the same house with their family. I have no faith in the West Virginia Prison System anymore, and I have no respect for the people who lets these perverts out of prison early. New laws need to be written to ensure convicted child molesters stay in prison for the number of years they were actually imprisoned for and not for a few short years. Just a pathetic system in my opinion. What's your opinion?

Saint Albans, WV

#2 Oct 10, 2013
I know what you mean. It's almost like the system is more concerned with helping the molester then actually helping the victim or the victim family. When the people who lets these snakes out off prison early they sort of become snake handlers for the prison system. Sad situation.
West Virginian

Nitro, WV

#3 Oct 11, 2013
All I have to say to the state is what if this was your child that was molested, raped, or sodomized by one of these would you feel? The system is just not doing their job when they let the scums out of prison early. Let the scums die in prison and we all will have a big party. Sometimes I do not know how parents can continue to cope with knowing that the person that took advantage of their little child is now a free man or woman.

Hamlin, WV

#4 Oct 13, 2013
the system really is fuĀ­cked up, but not the way you think.

plz to be reading the posts i made in this thread.

most sex offenders have mental problems relating to their sexuality, living with these types of disorders tends to be very difficult and the system is designed to deprive them of any method to release their desire at all causing their it to build and build until they are forced to act on it. if they seek help concerning these desires they are not only ostracized from the community but can be locked up for saying the wrong thing, even if they haven't done anything. prison adds to this problem.

yes, sex offenders (even murderers) can be rehabilitated and can become a perfectly normal law abiding citizen, it happens all over the world all the time. it doesn't happen in america much thanks to our wonderful draconian justice system and our vehement adherence to our wonderful social taboos.
Do some research

Lizemores, WV

#5 Oct 13, 2013
Research does not support your theory. Sexual assaults rarely have anything to so with a sexual release but have everything to do with exercising power over someone. Also, pedophiles' rate of recidivism is extremely high.
nono and more nono

Hamlin, WV

#6 Oct 13, 2013
Here children animal and elderly are almost the greatest creations by god.and thecourts lv seen pray. So I hold them to the law of god and state. Hopfully they don't keep. Keep letting the children lose
nono and more nono

Hamlin, WV

#7 Oct 13, 2013
Save the children. So they are not the next research!!!!!!!

Hamlin, WV

#8 Oct 13, 2013
Do some research wrote:
Research does not support your theory. Sexual assaults rarely have anything to so with a sexual release but have everything to do with exercising power over someone. Also, pedophiles' rate of recidivism is extremely high.
which theory would that be exactly (no i'm not being a smart ass)?

if a sexual assault was only about exercising power over an individual and that was the only reason for the assault then are we to assume that the sexual nature of the crime is not important to the individual committing the crime? i would argue that the (ab)use of sexuality to assert dominance over another is a key factor to understanding not only the individual committing the crime, but the reason for the crime to have occurred in the first place.

the human animal is an animal of habit and repetition. we're naturally inclined to follow patterns. obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but they are far and few between and anybody that's spent any amount of time studying human behavior will tell you that. we seem as though we act out randomly, and when you look at the big picture, it's difficult to see anything but chaos esp when your talking about violent crime, but a closer look will reveal the reasoning behind an individual's choices. most people that commit sexual assault where themselves sexually assaulted at one point. when you take that into consideration then it's rather easy to connect sexual deviance to control issues, and it's rather irresponsible to dismiss the sexual nature of their crime and claim that it was merely about control when to the offender the two are intrinsically linked.

the point being that most crimes of a sexual nature are linked to the mental health of the person in question. by simply locking these people up (and then further traumatizing them by forcing them into some public scrutiny program for the rest of their life) you're not only doing the public good a disservice, but as you've not solved the problem you've also done the victim a disservice as well. what's the point in locking somebody up for 30 yrs if you've done nothing to help them control themselves? why is it that the percentage of repeat offenders in america is so high, when nations whose penal system focuses on rehabilitation (and who's offenders get out often in less than 10 years) enjoy a relatively low percentage of repeat offenders.

upon googling recidivism (yes, new word, yum yum) i happened upon the wikipedia entry, it is highly pertinent to the conversation at hand and i'm running low on characters so please do click the link and read.

it goes hand in hand with everything i've been saying and is especially true where pedophiles are concerned. people that have sexual desires that are criminal in nature or considered taboo by society have a very difficult time finding a release for their sexual energy. society does everything in it's power to deprive these people of the ability to find sexual gratification. these people know how they feel is "wrong" but they can't stop feeling these things just because society thinks it's wrong. if a man posses even one instance of child pornography (even a drawing) then they're met with strict punishment. yes, the child in the media was abused and suffered at the hands of the producer and producing child pornography should be illegal, however, looking at these images can help satiate a desire in one that without said stimuli may be forced to act out said desires. if this material fueled said activity as most americans claim, then nations with lax laws about distributing said material should be awash in child rapists, but they're not, quite the contrary actually. it's the same reason that nations who suffer from strict sexual suppression tend to have a very high rates of rape and sexual slavery.

deprivation encourages one to act out on desires they could have otherwise controlled.

Saint Albans, WV

#9 Oct 13, 2013
Just NO JUSTICE for some families. When the molesters are let out early they are going to be careful for a while, but I would guess they will return to their same old ways after a while.

United States

#10 Oct 17, 2013
My daughter was sexually taken advantage of and this Guy got was 3 year's probation can you say s slap on the wrist no jail time at all
We the People

Charleston, WV

#11 Oct 18, 2013
Why turn them loose. What in the hell have they done to deserve to be released early. Please tell me if your brains are functioning oh great prison system of West Virginia. Absolutely sick of this. Things need to change. Lord I wish I was the Governor. I might live in West Virginia , but it's no longer my home. No justice for my family.

Charleston, WV

#12 Oct 19, 2013
Really do feel like molesters need to dealt with in a more structured environment within the prison system. Letting them out early defeats the whole purpose for placing them in prison in the first place. The need years of therapy, counseling, and learning self control before they are released back into society. Our lawmakers really need to find other ways of dealing with these perverts instead of letting them out of prison early. Most likely if you were a child molester when you went to prison then you will be one when you get out. Their age, health, and the fact the was a good boy in prison still does not give them the right to leave prison early. If they are released early then they should go through an intensive rehabilitation course that basically changes everything about them. It's just to easy for these scums to get out .
castrate em all

Hurricane, WV

#13 Oct 19, 2013
if ya get caught with a bag of pot they lock ya for 5 yrs, molest a child and ya get probation,, WHAT THE HEL- IS WRONG WITH THE LAW CUT IT OFF!!!!

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