Being harassed by the local/state pol...
Black Minority

Chesapeake, OH

#48 Jun 24, 2013
no fat chix wrote:
<quoted text>i don't know about that but i have heard that they know how to gang bang a pill ho.
Most cops do

United States

#49 Sep 5, 2013
Recently I have had a sherrif with something against me. I understand that we have some history with the law. Let me go back to over a year ago...(First run in with this one cop) he had come up to my house on a disturbance and ran my license and told me it had been canceled. I understood that it was from an unpaid ticket. We live in a small town with few cops so I knew I shouldn't risk driving knowing that he would pull me over. The next day I had a friend drive my car and when we were all standing outside my car the same cop drove by and yelled out his window "your lucky I'm on another call or I would take you in for driving" I hadn't been driving and I knew it was wrong of him to accuse me of something he didn't see. What if he wasnt on a call and arrested me. That day I had 4 whitnesses. Another incident occurred and he had made up charges on my ex, when I had recently gone in to talk to the DA he let me read the report written by the same cop there where numerous charges that were made up. I told the DA and he dropped the charges against my ex. So there's #2. Then about a month ago I was fishing and I walk up from the river and there he is same cop at my car. I sat there knowing I had nothing to hide just watching him at my car. He left I got in and drove away he followed, I pulled off and he passed and then pulled over. I took another way home... That's #3. And finally today were once again fishing this time my ex is there and a friend he drove past my car probably 5 times, pulled over and parked, sat there for 10 minuets and then came over yelling for my ex to get out of the river and to go talk about a warrant not even in his county/jurisdiction he was just trying to find some reason to mess with us... Once again. This cop makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't know if I should file harassment charges I don't feel like what he's doing is right... Accusing and following my around everywhere... Is that ok? I get he's a cop but I don't think it's right that he does this to me please help!

Princeton, WV

#50 Sep 17, 2013
I came across this post and found it interesting.

My daughter is being harassed.
In May of this year her ex was tearing up her apartment and the Sheriff's office is in her complex....heard him throwing thing and cursing and busted down the door. The officers arrested him but he got out of it. He is suppose to go to court for destruction of property. They illegally searched her apartment.
Then on Sept 15 2013 an officer of the Sheriff's office showed up to get the ex's play station that was at her home pending a written agreement to pay restitution for the rent, food, elec. he used while living in her home. When she showed him on her phone the agreement, he went through her text messages and started questioning her about people in there. He threatened to arrest her (not sure for what) if it wasn't handed over although she asked to see the warrant...the officer just stated the ex told him to come get it. She gave the officer the play station. The ex is a known druggie.

What recourse, if any does she have?

Rexburg, ID

#51 Oct 8, 2013
My family is being watched and harassed by police or some other law enforcement. We haven't done anything wrong and have no clue who they are or what they want. There is always at least 5 of them. I am scared to leave my house and would like to know what to do. Please help - thanks.
Aaron Rau

San Diego, CA

#52 Oct 12, 2013
sometime in the begining of this year i was driving my r.v. too my moms house and i was facing east bound stoped at a red light and a moter cycle cop was heading south bound he had a green light and as he was driving past me his neck was so twisted focusing on me and my r.v. so when my light turned green he did a u turn and got behind me and pulled me over for a cracked back up leanse and sense then he has pulled me over two more times not knowing if i had gotten my lic

Hamlin, WV

#53 Oct 13, 2013
i'm not positive if the last few posts are serious, but if they are you folks should be talking to a lawyer or at the very least get the word out to the news media. things like these can be pr disasters for pds.

Bridgewater, MA

#54 Oct 18, 2013
It's has nothing to do with being a shit bag or Asshole, ive been pulled over 5 times in 2 weeks by the same mass state trooper for nothing im so sick of it no speeding no tickets he's very rude soon as he sees me he gets right behind me then lights go on its to the point im scared im not sure what his problem is
disgustedatlawen forsment

Honeoye Falls, NY

#55 Oct 20, 2013
duh wrote:
Thanks, Joe. Maybe the next time time you can post instructions on how to make meth or how to run a prostitution ring without getting caught.
I was arrested for protecting my self from being rapped. Because I used a weapon against a man twice my size. I don't do anything illegal, yet I had to pay 5000$ for a jury to throw out and was granted a no bill. It was obvious self defense. I think badges give big heads and no balls. Go after the meth dealers and crap stop making a quota on the working class.
Sheeple slaves

New York, NY

#56 Oct 21, 2013
disgustedatlawenforsment wrote:
<quoted text>I was arrested for protecting my self from being rapped. Because I used a weapon against a man twice my size. I don't do anything illegal, yet I had to pay 5000$ for a jury to throw out and was granted a no bill. It was obvious self defense. I think badges give big heads and no balls. Go after the meth dealers and crap stop making a quota on the working class.
You just hit it! Working class.....we always pay the taxes, fines, fees. While the rich and welfare don't pay.

Fort Worth, TX

#57 Dec 18, 2013
if u are walking out to your car at a motel and are about toget in your car and police just pull up and jump out the car and say put your hands on the back of the car and start patting u down and searching u for no reason and u ask them what this is all about ,and they say cause this is a high crime area is that legal cause they caught me with a little pot then search a vecheal i told them they couldnt cause it wasnt mine they did anyway can i beat them in court
Bullied Citizen

Huntington, WV

#58 Dec 18, 2013
I know that if the troopers see this that were involved in the incident, they will surely try and find me and harass/beat me. But oh well, it needs to be known. I was at the Hamlin PUBLIC Library one day, working on the stuff I needed to enroll in college. I had my headphones on listening to music on youtube while I was doing so. Next thing I know a state trooper taps on my shoulder and says log off and come with me now. So I comply, because if I didn't we all know what would have happened. So he takes me to the back of the library in between some shelves where the cameras weren't focused on. There are two more troopers, waiting there for me. Then they start searching me, without consent, so I asked why they were doing this (at this point I wasn't given any reason, and I was doing nothing wrong) They basically told me they were state police and could do whatever the fuck they wanted. So they find nothing on me, and started talking trash to me. Saying they should just beat my a$s right there, or when I go home. So I'm standing there, wondering what in the world I did to receive such treatment. So again I ask what the deal was, politely, because again, we all know what would happen. They said they didn't have to give me a reason for the treatment and it would be in my best interest to shut my effin mouth. Then I was harassed some more and they told me to leave the library. I told them I was doing my college work and was on facebook listening to music that I'd done nothing wrong, and that the library is a PUBLIC building. They harassed and bullied me some more, and then told me that I was leaving the library NOW, and I was to never come back, or I would be obstructing justice! So they threaten to come to my house later that day, and followed me out the library. The only thing I could come up with is that one of the librarians (Pieces of Shite) called the police on me, because I am my father's son. I didn't do anything wrong, and was harassed, and illegally banned from a PUBLIC building without any paperwork. Good job guys, you just stopped a man from enrolling in college that day was all that you accomplished.

Austin, TX

#59 Feb 25, 2014
I have a 15 yr old son and every time when a certain officer always goes by or is parked at our park by my house he always tells him and around witnesses that he can't wait to put his hands on him

Hamlin, WV

#60 Mar 8, 2014
Yeah I like how they can just walk right in your house and do what ever they want no search warrant or nothing it's messed up just walking up in a home like they own the damn thing
my name doesnt matter

Charleston, WV

#61 Mar 13, 2014
I hate the stupid fuckers! They pull you over just to give. Ticket to ensure they're pay! I understand they have to give so many tickets a night, but damn, not to people who actually aren't doing anything in the first place! Seriously you pigs, find someone else to pick on, cause someday someone is gonna catch your last name & your badge number & turn your stupid asses in! Just be warned. It's bound to happen eventually!
my name doesnt matter

Charleston, WV

#62 Mar 13, 2014
And you have half the cops in that department that find out if your a young girl all by yourself, they like to hit on you & tell you that they can't and won't help you unless you f*ck them or give them head! That's when I bring out my 30-06 & tell em I feel threatened all over again and run them off my f*cking property! They can't do anything because they always tell you when they're first in your property, if you feel like the person could hard you or threaten, that you have the right to shoot then ask questions later!

Charleston, WV

#63 Mar 13, 2014
I think some not all of them do use their badge as a way to harass ppl they dont like. Again Im not saying all of them b/c there are some good cops out there just the few that are not make the others look bad
Adolf Schicklgruber

Washington, WV

#64 Mar 14, 2014
Remaining silent is not enough to assert your 5th A rights, the Supremes recently ruled remaining silent does not protect you.

Yep, it's crazy, just thank the liberty-stealing Republicans on the court.

Stratford, NJ

#65 Jun 14, 2014
Answer this please.My husband and i live in a small town..Back in the day he and a friend ran a flower farm which we live on the farm.I used to be a junkie pain in the ass alot of run in's with the local police..they hate me..since then i am sobar and trying to live right ..My husband got sick and cant work and myself had to stop working to care for him..His buisness partner owes him 4 yrs back pay and still didnt buy him out of his shares..We lost almost everything and now lights and getting food from food banks..the police pull me over ask to see my arms in front of my 15 yr old daughter ask if im getting high again? his partner told me to sell off assets because he cant pay us..i did and was about to sell the last..the cops show up and charge me and my husband with thief and we were told not to go on the farm?? i get a letter typed up saying dont touch lawyer no judge..the local police has me so humilated we are scared to leave our house

Portland, OR

#66 Jul 2, 2014
so 3 wks ago I was walking home from a quiet morning trip to the park (about a mile from home.), when I was pulled aside and frisked by a cop who along with her were 4 other police officers. They said I fit a description of the individual they were pursuing. So they frisked me and searched my back pack without my consent. In doing so, I was unaware that I still had my buddies pouch from the night before inside my bag, they found a scale and a unused point within that pouch. So they seized my phone without giving me a case # or anything I could use to retrieve my cell phone. furthermore, I still have not been formally arrested and yet 3 wks without my phone service.
Is this legal ... do I have any rights here in this situation?

Branchland, WV

#67 Jul 18, 2014
Really wrote:
The only people being stopped, ticketed,checked or arrested, are the low life pill head drunks. Quit driving drunk, quit doing drugs, get your drivers license, make your car legal, stop breaking traffic laws, get a job, and be a productive tax paying citizen, and maybe you will not be stopped. The good people appreciated the police, only criminals hate them, so by your rants, I see that you are scum, like 75% of the county, nothing but pill head trash.
I'm non of those things. Have a job. Obey the law....still get stopped. I didn't consent to a search and I've been harassed multiple times since then. What do I do genius?

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