Daniel Shaw
D Shaw Roofing and Remodel
21 Rue de Soleil
Longview Tx

Stole 75000.00 from funds paid by home owner to remodel a home from 09-03-12 to 11-30-2012

Presented a Bond that was not valid for the project, and was altered to pass the sniff test
Was only insured 13 days of the 4 month project

Presented accounting books that have been altered to cover his misdeeds.

Owes from fund solen / misappropriated
13000 Rodney Smith ( Painter)
7500 Keith Neely Project Manager
7000 Creative Stone - Longview
9000 Ledbetter plumbing
3800 Designer Accents
5600 Gilmer Lumber

Contact Upshur County DA if he stole from you too