Taking the family out to Bolivar KFC?...

Taking the family out to Bolivar KFC? Might want to think twice.

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Bolivar, MO

#1 Dec 20, 2011
A friend of mine informed me about some disturbing information about some employees of the Bolivar KFC. There are allegations the General Manager has a sexual harassment charge being brought against him by a 16 year old girl who use to work there and was fired when she said 'no' to his unwelcome advances.
At the time of this alleged crime, the general managers girlfriend,(also the assistant manager who attended SBU and has a TEACHING degree), knows of the alleged crime and has from the beginning! Not to mention, these two managers have been caught performing a sex act in the stores office after hours.
The mere fact these people work in food service makes me cringe. These people handle food and are employed at a FAMILY resturant. Do we really want our children exposed to these individuals? Especially a woman with a TEACHING degree who has known of the sexual harassment charge from the beginning? The pending charge is only the most recent charge brought against the general manager of the Bolivar store. There was another minor female who was employed over the summer months who brought sexual harassment charges against the SAME general manager and were later dismissed.
I don't see how we can continue to allow these people to work at the Bolivar, Missouri KFC. This is a Christian, family oriented town and these people have no business serving our community, let alone our CHILDREN!

Bolivar, MO

#2 Dec 22, 2011
I have a daughter who worked there this past fall and I don't doubt these things happened at kfc. The head franchise office knows about the relationship between the managers AND the sexual harassment!
The way employees are treated there is appalling, my daughter quit from the unprofessional behavior of the assistant manager. She was working the front counter, taking orders and handing out change. At the end of her night, the assistant manager called her into the office and chewed her out when $23.00 was supposedly 'missing' from the register and demanded to know what she had done with it. My daughter tried to tell her she didn't take any money, but the manager proceeded to yell at her in front of other employees until my daughter cried. The assistant manager said she was going to have a talk with the General manager, and that she should make sure her uniforms were clean and ready to turn in since she wouldn't be returning to work the next day. When she came home, she told me everything. I was LIVID! I said I would be the one to take her things up there in a few days. the next day, around 5:30pm the assistant manager called my home asking why my daughter was late for work, and I told her after the way she was yelled at she wouldn't be returning. The assistant was very rude and shrewdly said, "if this is about the missing money, I counted the drawer down wrong and she was supposed to be here 30min. ago." She didn't say she was sorry or anything for the way she acted that night. Needless to say, I didn't allow my daughter to return to kfc.
I urge ANYONE wanting to work at kfc in Bolivar, MO to change their mind. They have NO respect for their employees OR customers. These charges of sexual harassment don't surprise me at all either. The way they treat people there, it was only a matter of time before someone came forward about misconduct from a manager. I think the best thing for anyone concerned about these people would be to write to the Bolivar Herald Free Press about this. The kfc head office knows about the working conditions of the store and nothing has been done about it. People deserve to be treated fairly, even if you work in food service. I urge you to write to the editor of the newspaper if you feel the same way as I do on this matter.
dan the man

Bolivar, MO

#3 Dec 22, 2011
Last time I was in kfc was a couple of weeks ago. I went in to get some dinner for the family after church and I had to wait at the counter for a while before anyone would come take my order, there wasn't even a line. I got to lookin around and that place is dirty. The floor in the kitchen looked like it hadn't been washed for weeks. There was pest traps put where people can see em' and the tables in the eating area hadn't been cleaned off. I don't know about any of the people working there, but from the way the place looked when I was in there someone needs to get fired. You would think a manager would know how to be a boss and make the workers actually work, but from the way it sounds he's too busy groping the girls that work there. I won't be eating at or gettin food from kfc till something changes up there.

Bolivar, MO

#4 Dec 23, 2011
OMG! I was there earlier tonight with my mom and sisters! I showed this to her and she FREAKED out!
We had to wait FOREVER for our food (we were in the drive thru) and there wasn't too many people there at all! We waited like, 10min just for someone to take our money! My mom and oldest sister were bitching the whole time and when we got home, my mom called the complaint number or something and the dude on the line was really rude to her. I know my mom is stressin' cause it's the holidays and my dad is in Afganistan, but she went effin crazy on the guy. She was sayin how it was crazy we had to wait so long for the guy at the window to take our money and how we had to wait almost another 10min to get the food, and the guy said it wasn't too long to wait if the store was bizzy and there were lots of customers. My mom told him again that it wasn't bizzy and the guy said Well, I'm gonna have to disagree with you. He said There isn't any reason why it would take that long unless they were bizzy! My mom had her cell on speaker, so I herd everything! No joke! After he said that, my mom asked to speak to his supervisor so the guy put her on hold. After like, 3min. some bitch picked up and my mom was still pissed but she wasn't mean or anything and before she got to explain again what happened at kfc, the bitch told her that This was the complaint number and the complaint was filed so there wasn't any need to take things further and hung up on her! Mom tried calling back but everytime she got thru to a person they kept puttin her on hold, this took about 30min. before someone picked up and said The complaint was already filed and hung up on her again. I got on here to trash kfc cause there assholes up there and I saw someone else already had! LOL! My mom said she IS going to write the newspaper about this since calling the complaint number didn't work and it sounds like the manager up there is a sick fuckin pervert. My friends and I used to go to kfc before we went to movies and stuff, but I don't wanna get food from some fuckin sex crazed manager. LOL! My mom even told me if I go there anymore with my friends and she finds out that I was gunna be grounded! Like I would after this! HAHA!
Concerned Citizens

Bolivar, MO

#5 Dec 23, 2011
I am a former worker of KFC and can tell you that these allegations are true. I myself have sent this very post to the editor of the newspaper and some other organizations in the area to bring light to these problems. I encourage everyone to do likewise. Write the editor, tell your church members, tell your friends. This store and the people who run it are disgraceful. This is not gossip, this is fact. There would not be as many people with bad things to say about this store if it were not true. Working at the store I saw and heard most of the customer complaints and I can tell you there are a lot of them every week. Why the people in charge of this company refuse to acknowledge the problems of this store is beyond me. But it is clear to me and so many others that calling a complaint line or trying to contact the corporate office does nothing. The only thing that will affect any change is if we take matters into our own hands and show the community the truth. I for one will never set foot in that store again as I advise all of you to do as well. So spread the word.

Broken Arrow, OK

#6 Dec 24, 2011
I worked at this KFC for 3-4 months. All of this is very true. This place needs to be demolished, rebuilt and put under new management. The lack of everything needed to run a proper resteraunt is appalling. I tried my best to UN-DO the lack of proper cleaning, but it was just too far gone. And the stuff on the buffett sits there for far too long. If its not ate that days its carried over until its gone, some of it for over a week!! And caught word one day they were cooking EXPIRED CHICKEN?!?! As long as it didnt SMELL? They just dont care. Plain and simple. I got offered a new job and put my two weeks in. They gave me 4 hours my last week and took me off the payroll completely the 2nd week. Down with Bolivar KFC Mangement!

Bolivar, MO

#7 Dec 24, 2011
In light of SO MANY complaints posted here, I urge you ALL to write the Bolivar Herald Free Press about this. Calling the KFC complaint number obviously isn't working. The mere fact the managers find ways to fire hard working people who they simply "don't like" is a slap in the face to EVERYONE looking for work and EVERYONE who has a family to support. I personally know two people who work there and bust their butts KNOWING the managers want to "get rid" of them by early next year simply because the assistant manager is in a sexual relationship with the general manager and she doesn't like them.
I personally know 4 people who have been fired or quit due to the assistant manager's power trip. If she doesn't like you, she'll find a way to fire you, or she'll make your shifts a LIVING HELL to MAKE you quit. I know this kind of thing happens often, but with so many people with similar stories to tell in such a small town ALL complain about the condition of the store, the service, the food and the people in charge of RUNNING it SOMETHING must be done! If you read JaceyLuvly's comment about her mother calling the complaint number, it goes to show you the head office DOES NOT care about the customers at all. All they care about is MONEY.
I propose ALL OF YOU show these comments to you FRIENDS, FAMILY and ANYONE ELSE you care about. These managers NEED TO BE FIRED. And the general managers NEEDS to face JUSTICE for the sexual harassment of MINORS! I personally KNOW TWO PEOPLE who KNOW IT HAPPENED. One person SAW IT HAPPEN and the other was TOLD BY THE GENERAL MANAGER HIMSELF he DID IT! Since the HEAD OFFICE KNOWS about the sexual harassment and WON'T DO ANYTHING TO KEEP IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN, I feel the PUBLIC as the RIGHT to know about it. Write to the Bolivar Herald Free Press, write to your churches, TELL SBU HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS SINCE THE BOLIVAR KFC IS A SPONSOR FOR THEIR ATHLETICS PROGRAMS and please, don't let your CHILDREN eat at the Bolivar KFC. From the comments above, why would you want to continue spending YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY there in the first place?

Bolivar, MO

#8 Dec 24, 2011
From a google search on KFC
Jared ‎ - Jul 13, 2011
This is the most disgusting and dirty fast food restraunt ive ever been in. there food is gross there floor is gross the bathrooms are very [traumatizing]. I wouldnt recommend coming here. EVER.
Disliked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

I personally know that the two managers' sexual relationship started while the assistant manager was STILL MARRIED. This is definitely not something that promotes family or Bolivar's community values.

Bolivar, MO

#9 Dec 25, 2011
I have never understood why the KFC in Bolivar has stayed open this long. Everyone in this town knows it's filthy and the service is terrible. Now these issues with the management and sexual harassment of minors is coming to light. I can't see how anyone would want to eat at and support this store. I for one, as well as all my family and friends avoid that place like a terrible disease. I recommend all others do so as well. I will be writing the newspaper and letting as many people know about this as possible. I think everyone should help spread the word.

Liberal, MO

#10 Dec 27, 2011
I don't go to kfc at all. Remember the New York store that was shut down from the rat infestation? ever since then, I can't help but view kfc as dirty. No one in my family will ever eat at a kfc again, and from the way it sounds no one in Bolivar should eat at that kfc either. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

Belleville, IL

#11 Dec 29, 2011
im all for the boycott. but i believe once the managers are gone the boycott should be lifted. there are people working there that dont deserve to have their jobs taken from them. they all bust their asses for them with zero respect from the managers.

Bolivar, MO

#12 Dec 29, 2011
Oh, I agree with you breakinginside. There are people working there who deserve much better. The managers need to be fired for sure, but I don't think innocent people should be punished. They work their asses off for sure and should be respected for the work they do and I think getting these managers fired will be the first step. I'm for the boycott. We need to let our community know how hard these people work and how they have to put up with managers who treat them like dogs. Along with the people the managers fired simply because they didn't like them. As I said before, it is a slap in the face to every hard working person in our town to allow these managers to treat people like this and continue to work there. We need to spread the message as far as we can, to let everyone in Bolivar know about these managers, how they treat people and the way they conduct themselves at work. Why should they be allowed to treat employees this way? Why are they allowed to fire people simply because they don't like them? Why aren't they held accountable for their actions? This should be just as upsetting to EVERYONE in our town as it is to us. Let's take this as far as we can, if we want to affect change I don't see any other option except a boycott. The KFC head office does NOT care about complaints, all they care about is MONEY. Lets SHOW them how much WE care about this. Boycott!

O Fallon, IL

#13 Dec 29, 2011
its also a shame these employees are afraid to say anything for fear of losing the job they have. if they were true managers they would take team morale into consideration

Bolivar, MO

#14 Dec 29, 2011
Very well said. I totally agree.

Bolivar, MO

#15 Jan 1, 2012
Well, after talking with a friend of mine the KFC head office has found out about this Topix forum and is sending an area supervisor to question specific employees concerning what they know about this forum. Not to mention these specific employees are workers who the General and Assistant managers want to fire because they simply don't like them. Yet ANOTHER slap in the face of every hardworking person in Bolivar. The head office still refuses to do ANYTHING about the way the managers behave while at work, now it appears the head office will be pumping employees for information and threatening to fire them when they refuse. Instead of doing the right thing and holding these managers accountable for their actions, the head office is going after employees who are simply trying to make ends meet. We as Americans have the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We are FREE to SPEAK OUR MINDS and we shouldn't have to LIVE IN FEAR of backlash against us for doing so.
The KFC head office has noticed their sales numbers dropping since so many people have heard what we have to say and KNOW it to be TRUE. People no longer wish to spend their hard earned money in a restaurant where the employees are being treated like they are less than nothing and the managers conduct themselves in such an unprofessional manner. These managers have NO RIGHT to treat people this way and CONTINUE to GET AWAY with it!
This is just FURTHER PROOF the KFC head office DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS "SAVING FACE" WITH THE COMMUNITY SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND TREAT ANY EMPLOYEE LOWER THAN AN ASSISTANT MANAGER LIKE THEY DON'T MATTER! They DO MATTER, they are people just like you and me, and they are GOOD people with FAMILIES they have to SUPPORT. To think these managers live in a small town and can get away with treating people this way is beyond me. It sickens me we have a company in this town who SPONSORS OUR LOCAL COLLEGES SPORTS TEAMS CAN TREAT PEOPLE THIS WAY IS APPALLING! How can we accept the actions of these people and this company KNOWING they spit in our faces when it comes to our communities core values?!? WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS ANYMORE.
I urge you all to STOP spending YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY at our local Bolivar KFC. It's fried chicken, although it shouldn't be the chicken leaving the bad taste in your mouths. It should be your sense of right and wrong. Your conscience. And if yours isn't SCREAMING at you about this sad, unjust, disgraceful situation I don't know what would make you feel for your fellow man.
Write to the Bolivar Herald Free Press, tell your families, your friends and everyone you hold dear about what's happening in our community. This company may not care, and other people may not care but I DO! I will NOT STOP writing about this. I BELIEVE IN THE GOOD OF MAN. I BELIEVE that we CAN CHANGE things if we ALL have a driving force and a loud voice. I propose we make OUR VOICES HEARD!

Bolivar, MO

#16 Jan 1, 2012
Not to mention the General manager has been seen harassing 3 employees about what THEY know when it comes to his sexual harassment charges brought against him by a MINOR. The managers superior, the ASL (Above Store Leader), will be there sometime this week to talk to employees about posting links from Topix to their Facebook accounts. I know people are fired EVERYDAY for posting things on Facebook, but it's one thing to "trash" your workplace and coworkers. It's quite another to reach out to your community when you KNOW things are wrong! Especially when your employer sends down an office superior to threaten employees in hopes of shutting them up or firing them since it would look even worse on the General manager to fire workers AFTER HARASSING THEM ABOUT INFORMATION THEY MAY HAVE ABOUT HIS SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGES OF A MINOR. This is a small town, word gets around and people know each other. We can walk into Woods and see people we went to elementary school with. We can walk into our local gas station and see our best friends family working behind the counter. We all talk and know who to trust. Why would a company want to make a bad reputation for themselves here? It's NO mystery why KFC sales are down. WE DO NOT WANT THIS BEHAVIOR IN OUR COMMUNITY. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. THE WAY YOU TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES WHO BUST THEIR BUTTS IS INSULTING. GOOD LUCK FILLING THE AVAILABLE POSITIONS YOU WILL HAVE AFTER FIRING HARD WORKING PEOPLE SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THEM. YOU WILL FIND IT DIFFICULT TO FIND DECENT PEOPLE TO WORK FOR YOU AFTER THIS. EVERYONE IN THIS TOWN IS TALKING ABOUT IT AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, I SUGGEST YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU CONDUCT YOURSELVES.

Lincoln, NE

#17 Jan 1, 2012
i will never ever take my family to the bolivar kfc again in the time i live this is disgusting and way out of line these poeple need to be charged at the full extint no joke but kfc dont expact to ever c me nor ne of my family manly my kids ps i hope this is taken care of real soon

Bolivar, MO

#18 Jan 2, 2012
Please, spread the word jethro. I'm not one for gossip, this goes way beyond mere gossip. EVERYONE who lives in Bolivar, has family in Bolivar, has friends in Bolivar or has a STUDENT attending SBU here in Bolivar NEEDS to be aware of these people and this company. I wouldn't be talking about this if I didn't feel it was IMPORTANT. Good people shouldn't have to fight for whats fair and people who do wrong should be made to answer for what they have done. Thank you for your support. These hard working people DESERVE to have our support, along with all the people who were needlessly fired on a whim. Things have to change, and soon. Thank you to everyone who feels the same as I. It's sad we as a community have to put up with this, but if we make our voices heard, we may not have to for much longer.
Write to the Bolivar Herald Free Press, post on Facebook, do whatever you can to support these honest, hardworking, good people who we are PROUD to call our neighbors. Bolivar deserves MUCH better than this.
Dude From Arkansas

Meadville, PA

#19 Jan 2, 2012
Ummm just thought you talk about this on here.... uuummmm i think some HEALTH INSPECTORS need to be called OR SOME AUTHORITIES or something besides talking here BBBUUUTTTT... this is prolly enought incriminating evedence to do something SOMEONE GOT A PRINTER???? print it out and take it to someone who will do something about it..

Bolivar, MO

#20 Jan 2, 2012
The authorities are aware of the sexual harassment and are working the investigation.
I personally have been sending a letter each week to the editor of the Bolivar Herald Free Press. I'm not sure they'll run a story about it, but as long as they know, they'll talk. I will never set foot in the KFC again, so calling the health department may be a mute point on my end. But I encourage anyone concerned about food safety to make a call to the health department. Thanks Dude From Arkansas!

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