... What happened next according to Peter Malanga

(Pierotte’s ex husband)

who also lives at the same address and

was looking after the couple’s own children at the time was shocking to say the least.

The officer’s (Officer Garzon & Sgt. Ficarra)

asked Pepe to step outside to assist them in the matter.

Pepe who is a slight woman of 120 lbs. and

sick at the time with what she thought was a bad cold

as well as a pre exciting medical disability gladly went outside

hoping to help with the situation the youth was in.

As soon as she walked out the door she was

immediately tackled by the officers who handled her in an extremely rough manner,

kneeling on her stomach forcing her to defecate herself.

As soon as the officers had booked the woman,

rather than incarcerating her they rushed her to the Hackettstown regional medical center

where she was admitted and remains days later.

The desk Sgt. On duty with the Hackettstown police dept. that night

claimed she was being treated for pneumonia.

Weather this is true or not remains unclear at this time

as neither the hospital or the police will release information on her condition.

When this reporter called her room at the hospital the night of the arrest

her phone was answered by an officer Sheedy who refused to put her on the phone

or answer questions on her condition, the hospital also refused to make a statement ...