Who ever wins I would like for you to stop or at least curtail the fund raisers. Everything from candles to wrapping paper and everything in between. You take our kids out of class and disrupt their learning in oder to show them prizes they can "win" if the sell some absurd amount of merchandise. Our kids get excited over the possibility of winning an I pod and all the have to do is sell $500.00 worth of merchandise. We personally throw ALL of the fundraiser materials in the garbage. Its bad enough I buy enough paper and pencils for my child at the beginning of the year only to be asked to send more at Christmas. Not to mention the "request" for copier paper. I do not think its right for parents to be asked to supply copier paper, paper towels, soap for the bathrooms, etc. and havent sent school supplie to my childrens teachers in the last few years opting instead to keep those
supplies here and having my children get them from me.

What do you think? Should parents be required to send school supplies for their children to school so the teachers can distribute them? Do you think parents should be asked to supply copier paper and other "essential" supplies? Next thing you know they will stop serving lunch's or ask us to send food to school.