The Margaritaville Casino is probably...

Sarasota, FL

#148 Dec 19, 2012
watchful eye wrote:
Jimmy is a greedy..he only cares about money..if he cared about his name being associated with crap he would have come off the coin to have that concrete heap cleaned off of biloxi beach.
The MV is just too far from everything. We love the Beau and have never been disappointed. They do a Great marketing venue with plenty of player card points and great programs
Sorry to hear this casino and its emplyees are having so many problems especially at this time of year
As difficult as it may be, turn into yourself to see all your positives knowing you have something to offer. Venting can be healthy but use the energy toward positive self talk. Try making a plan for yourself. "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal." Make a goal and don't let this negative experience block you! There are good managers out there. Be patient and do work hard on YOUR goals not others goals. Merry Christmas and good luck

Greenwich, KS

#151 Dec 21, 2012
This place is the biggest joke to work for. Our Entertainmet Director/ Club Manager is hooking up with the Beverage Director. The Security guards try to hit in every decent looking female that walk on the casino floor. Which is few and far between when there is people on the floor. Then the slot tournements they walk around begging people to play in the tournement. This place is the biggest joke to work for on the coast. You could get more respect working for BFI. I feel ashamed to have to claim this place as a job when it's more of a joke!! Do not ever suggest people work for this company. When my boss is the HR directors daughter she does what she wants with nothing being done to her, along with her brother who is over the buffett.
Beyond Curious

Gulfport, MS

#152 Dec 22, 2012
So it really is a family affair after all? Seems like the head of HR is the one you need to suck up to...what a mess!!

Raymond, MS

#153 Dec 22, 2012
It's hard to suck up to somebody who has her daughter and son doing what they want without having to worry about anything. It's just sad that managers and directors employeed here don't have any business having the jobs they hold other then mommy, or aunt or uncle got them the job even though they have no experience in the position or even the dept they are over. It's basically a CLUSTER F**K with family members running things the way they want, not the way it should be ran. No wonder why this place is in debt and bankrupt!!
Beyond Curious

Safford, AZ

#154 Dec 22, 2012
The son too? Well looks like the entertainment guy knows how to play the game to stay employed, and which family to be involved with. A CLUSTER F***, might be an understatement.

Greenwich, KS

#155 Dec 22, 2012
The son is over the buffet. And has been heard making racist remarks to his employees referring to white people as "your kind" or "you people" and nothing was ever done! No kidding you can say and do what you want when your mommy is the HR director. And the entertainment guy he's a joke. He knows the rite family to get involved with, too bad he has destroyed his own family by messing with his employees and showing favoritism when she was employeed there. Now he goes to my boss over beverage an starts that. Shows how the family was raised to do what they want with no discipline for there actions. Ad CLUSTER F**K is by far an understatement. But the fact the casino is in dept and bankrupt and has ran most of the good employees away should say something for the company!

Mcnary, AZ

#156 Dec 23, 2012
Beyond Curious wrote:
So it really is a family affair after all? Seems like the head of HR is the one you need to suck up to...what a mess!!
Yep. And what's so outrageous is that you & me paid for this slop of a mess with our hard earned tax dollars that I could have used to pay down on my debts or to pay my bills or to go on a vacation to get away from this place.

That's what the management & these fools sticking up for management don't get. If Buffett or whoever had put up their own money w/out any taxpayer handouts or hiring incentives then nobody would have gave a rat's ass.

But no, YOU and ME are paying for this failure & for these idiots to be able to sit around & fuck off all day @ the buffet instead of actually putting people to work.
hoping for better days

Moss Point, MS

#157 Dec 23, 2012
Well we have a new GM and hopefully things will get better. Maybe with a new boss, then new administration will come in, therefore, getting rid of the dead weight that has been occupying space,and consuming much needed revenue that can stay within the company. I've noticed a bunch of them are now walking the casino floor, something they RARELY did, but hey how could you when you come and go as you please, or sit in office or break room all day. You won't know what's going on with your people if you're sitting in a office,break room, or not there!! But let something go wrong,wow,they just fire someone they don't like (someone who don't agree with them) have seen it too many times.

Belzoni, MS

#158 Dec 23, 2012
I have seen that in the Beverage Dept where I work, an in several other depts as well. The Bev dept and buffet are a little worse bc the 2 running those depts have there mommy in HR pulling the strings to get people gone as well
For Shame

Independence, KS

#159 Jan 1, 2013
Is Lisa still employed in the Bev Dept?
She SEEMED to have an idea about how to run the
dept but I never really saw her do anything with that
I worked there when the place opened, stayed just
about a month and quit. Was a ridiculous joke. I
remember using the term "Cluster F***" everyday
when I got home to my family. Was such a frustrating
time working there, made NO money, and thankfully
had savings to get me through that period and also
thankfully found work before I left that place.
Anyone reading this may think it's exaggerating employees but I can honestly say the posts here are
rather tame in terms of how oppressively difficult
working there could truly be. Could NOT imagine still having to clock in there. I truly have empathy for all those who still do. Wish you all the best and hope something gives.

Also... is there any way to call in and complain about the present management? Is their a company hotline where employees could file complaints? Most companies have one and an investigation is mandatory. You will just have to find out who is over the HR director. Everyone has a boss... just found out who hers is. And be quiet about it. Set the ball in motion. This is a new year..demand changes!

Miami, OK

#160 Jan 1, 2013
Lisa isn't there anymore. She had a lot of experience and knew what she was doing but was over staffed and hand cuffed as to what she wanted to do. They gave her a raw deal when the casino and resturant separated to there own venues. Lisa wanted to be over the beverage on the casino floor (bartenders,barbacks,cocktails ) but Lisa's (secretary) who is also the HR directors daughter got the beverage director position while Lisa was forced to go to Margaritaville Orlando and learn how to run the resturant. So basically Lisa was forced to go to Orlando to lean to run the resturant while her SECRETARY was given the position that Lisa wanted and had experience doing. NOTE Lisa's SECRETARY never had any beverage experience at all. Her background was marketing and had a job in marketing but couldn't get along with Kay (ex marketing director) so the HR director went to Lisa and asked if she would use her daughter as her secretary. Now Lisa is gone, and the HR directors daughter is running the casino beverage dept with no experience at anything in that Dept. Loosing Lisa was 1 of the worst things that casino let happen.
Beyond Curious

Gulfport, MS

#161 Jan 2, 2013
Sounds like a good soap opera script.....Between all the HR drama, and that entertainment guy, somebody needs to write a script. It's really something that nobody in the higher ups seems to know what's going on......or are they part of the script!!
Beyond Curious

Gulfport, MS

#162 Jan 2, 2013
Kinda like Big Brother......Margaritaville Biloxi "After Dark" and put it on Showtime....It's a HIT!!

Miami, OK

#163 Jan 2, 2013
It could be a hit, till they close the doors on this cluster f**k casino.
Jerry Harder

Cedar Rapids, IA

#164 Jan 10, 2013
Loved it, will go back again, SOON..! Great buffet and loved the machines..! Please don't close...!

“Where the beer flows like wine”

Since: Jun 08

Bizarro World

#165 Jan 11, 2013
Ok so what is the deal with the new paint job outside & the new posts at the entrance?? I was really surprised to see any further monies invested in this place. I thought for sure it would be closed by now! If they're in such dire straits, why are they spending more money on such petty things?

Miami, OK

#166 Jan 11, 2013
We finally have a GM and some investors that understand IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY

Safford, AZ

#167 Jan 12, 2013
I hear they are "cleaning house" again at the higher levels???? Perhaps there is hope. It is so sad to see only 10-15 people playing at a time of day when there are 10 times that many folks at the other casinos.

Independence, KS

#168 Jan 17, 2013
Recently heard someone bought Jimmy out & he's no longer
Affiliated with this place hence all the advertising they're trying
To do right now.
Any info on that?

Elk City, OK

#169 Jan 26, 2013
Lisa didn't do shit but run beverage into the ground. Lisa and Talia was acting like they where models on Mville run way. The worst bartender EVER Emma kept her job because she's guy and lives wit her girlfriend in upper management. Thanks Emma for running Mville business to me at my better job. I hear stories about you all the time. I hope Talia can teach Emma how to make a Grasshopper. Those people there are the dumbest people I ever worked with in my life. I hope the next hurricane finish the job Issac started.

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