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#211 Mar 15, 2013
Its_A_Joke wrote:
Every casino starts hiring this time of year bc of the "busy season" with kids getting out of school and people comming to vacation. After summer business slows down and hours will be cut or lay offs will happen again.
Had some friends went to the buffet last night, said it was "better then it use to be, but still needs alot of work!" This place was set up to fail before the doors ever opened last year
I haven't seen any casinos hiring for summer season right now. Maybe I'm missing something but its obvious they are hiring because of the increase in buis. I could be wrong but if not they certainly need to! If its set up for failure it certainly don't look it now. Like I said, go look at the other casinos right now. Hope they do a better job this summer at the marina bar then last year. Never knew if it was open and service sucked

Boise, ID

#212 Mar 15, 2013
If you don't think casinos are hiring for the summer you must not be from around this area or not familiar with casino employment!!! When a casino has a job posted for "pool attendant" or "pool server" or "pool bartender" that means that the casino is getting ready for the summer and hiring there staff needed to cover positions for the summer!!! And each dept usually has a certain amount of employees they can have. During the slow season the casinos will "cut hours" meaning they cut hours back so employees usually quit to find full time positions to pay bills. Cutting hours saves casinos from having to "LAY OFF". But Margaritaville put people "on call" after they did the massive lay-off so they didn't have to pay unemployment for "on call" employees bc they would go find other jobs before they were called for A shift hear and a shift there!

Independence, KS

#213 Mar 16, 2013
Then what did you mean by "Every casino starts hiring this time of year bc of the "busy season" with kids getting out of school and people comming to vacation. After summer business slows down and hours will be cut or lay offs will happen again". I've gone on line and I don't see anything more job adds on a casinos website then before. When I went to Margaritiville last week our cocktail waitress and a waiter both told us they were brought back from a layoff BECAUSE they are so busy. It had nothing to do with any season issues.

Ridgeland, MS

#214 Mar 16, 2013
It's called busy season for a reason. All casinos have a "busy season" and a "slow season". The busy season is here bc of spring beak and summer vacation from schools being out. It's a process that each dept head has to do before an opening can be posted. Some casinos start posting before others. After Aug hours get cut and tips fall majorly bc of what is called "the slow season" for casinos.

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#215 Mar 18, 2013
But they were busy in Feb too. That can't be because of spring break

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#216 Mar 18, 2013
I've been here since day 1. It's a much different place now. And it has nothing to do with season. The energy level is extreme and we are all busy since January.Tips have been the highest I've make ever. And the people coming here don't seem to mind the lines. I rarely get a complaint but do get a lot of positive comments about the changes. And that's the honest truth.

Semmes, AL

#217 Mar 21, 2013
Checked the place out recently. Not bad but surprisingly small compared to the outside. I thought it odd too that there are not headline music acts-I would have thought that Margaritaville would be a good place for shows. I think the biggest disappointment though was that once you get inside it looks much like every other casino-same slot games you see at the other places. If you're going to have a Buffett-themed place, how about Buffett-themed games?
I will be back again, but there was a lot of missed potential here IMHO.
Buffet no

Saucier, MS

#218 Mar 22, 2013
Margaritaville was just fined by the Gaming Commission for not having enough money on hand to pay patron winnings and Casino bills. Go figure

Boise, ID

#219 Mar 22, 2013
This isn't the 1st time they have been busted by the MGC for this! The MGC didn't fine then the 1st time it happened. But with all the business everybody on this site has been saying they are getting now they should have the money to be cover the bets on hand! Good job you guys!! Guess no matter what people are saying about business being better, the proof of things getting is all washed away with this! Good job Margaritaville. The more things change, the more they stay the same!!!

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#220 Mar 22, 2013
I was just in there yesterday and couldn't believe it so called my friend who works there. She said it happened almost a half a year ago, not today. And to her knowledge it was the only fine they every got.

Boise, ID

#221 Mar 23, 2013
If it happened 6 months ago it wouldn't just now be getting released by the Gaming Commission and reported by the Sun Herald
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Saucier, MS

#222 Mar 23, 2013
It was at this months Commission meeting at the Place Casino. Margaritaville was fined 10,000 dollars and will be fined 5,000 a month untill they comply.

Boise, ID

#223 Mar 23, 2013
Now they are being sued by the Isle for Doug Shipley taking the Isle's player information and using it at Margaritaville when he had a NO COMPETE clause in his contract at the Isle. Margaritaville looks and seems like its in a world of hurt now. Guess the cat has been let out of the bag with the financial troubles they have had/still have now. WOW!!!
traveler from indiana

Gulfport, MS

#224 Mar 23, 2013
The first time I went to the buffet, it was a weekday when seniors get 1/2 price.There was a long line, took me a 1/2 hour to get to the register. there was only 1 cashier and one person seating people. the lady seating people was spending 1/2 her time talking to other workers. There were lots of tables open and not being used. When I finally got seated, the music was so loud, it was not pleasant. I thought how stupid, 90% of the crowd are senior citizens who definitely didnt care for the rediculously loud music. The music was set to please the staff, not the customers. I went and told a manager about my experience. She said to try them again. I went back twice and it was just like my first visit dont go unless you like long lines and crappy service. no wonder the tips are terrible. matches the service.

Van Alstyne, TX

#225 Mar 23, 2013
I cocktail at margaritaville and i work dayshift , I have been here a month . Not sure what you consider good tips but i average around 100 a day . not what i used to average swing shift at another casino i worked at the hours were horrible there i got off at 3 am sometimes and averaged i don't know 175 a night in tips then business got worse and i averaged around 100 . day shift at that casino when i left averaged 60 a day. so for a day shift cocktail position i am comfortable with what i make working only weekdays is nice i get i have a normal life now . The customers are happier here as well , the ones that come aren't complaining about not getting free play or comps . I get constant questions of how to use freeplay not why am i not getting any . the buffet line is long but where else can you get a casino buffet for 4.99 at lunch? i haven't eaten there yet but plan to because it is yay a buffet that won't break the bank . I am looking forward to what doug has to bring as there is order that is needed here but for the people with faith in the company has stayed it is amazing to work with such a low drama group of girls , people are actually happy where as when i worked at hollywood casino everyone was miserable watching employees of 16 years being laid off all around them . So I am glad to be where I am very happy current staff here .

Jackson, MS

#226 Mar 24, 2013
I agree that Doug has done a good job so far with helping get people back in the casino. But with the negative things in the public rite now about the fines and Doug bringing a Lawsuit against him and the property it just don't look good having the name in the news with that negativity.
I am a former employee of the Beverage Dept. The cocktails, barbacks, bartenders don't have alot of drama but the Dept Director Talia has no idea of how to run the dept. And with her mom being let go as HR director and her Brother who is over the buffet leaving. Hopefully for the Beverage Dept she will follow her families footsteps out the door so somebody can turn the beverage dept around and make it to what was expected from it when the casino 1st opened in May
seen it all

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#227 Mar 31, 2013
Doug has done a wonderful job of getting people here, and has bought a dead situation to life. He has gotten rid of most of the unqualified people that held high positions,( with a few remaining) but Rome wasn't built in a day. Yes it's true Talia has no idea of what it takes to be a dept. head, most of the cocktail waitress' refuse to pick up the glasses, only the tips. Glasses are stacked and left there sitting all shift, customers pass by and they are constantly knocked down and broken leaving the housekeepers to pick up constantly behind them and every other dept. that refuses to do their job. I'm not a waitress but I know, when you bring a glass, you pick one up. Talia should walk the casino floor and see what her suppose to be waitress' are NOT doing, and address the issue. You would think with so many complaints from viewers she would have gotten better by now, but no such luck, that just shows her lack for being head of any dept.

Hattiesburg, MS

#228 Apr 2, 2013
What's Margaritaville?

Tickfaw, LA

#229 Apr 3, 2013
Mr. Shipley and the New Mgmt. team would help themselves immensely if they could get in touch with a Colleague of mine.

Prior to MVILLE opening, he met with Ms. Sock and presented her with plans for a Hotel development that would and could have complemented the Casino.

Further, he explained - as well as he could - that the Hotel development would not entail an "investment" by the Casino to get it under construction. I.e., NO CASH REQUIRED !!!!

Shockingly, he was turned down - without even having an opportunity - to fully explain the concept.

Wiser minds would have at least listened before " giving the cold shoulder. But,... some folks are JUST SMARTER than OTHERS.

Thought, name a Casino - on the Coast - or anywhere for that matter, other than BOOMTOWN,... that operates WITHOUT A HOTEL for its valued clientele.

I would doubt that Mr. Shipley or ANY of his Senior Admin. Staff read these types of blogs, but.... the original offer of a Hotel could be revisited.

Tell my colleague - via this format - with whom and where to meet and the "wheels" can and will turn accordingly.
seen it all

Moss Point, MS

#230 Apr 3, 2013
Actually Silver Slipper doesn't have a hotel, and yes one is being built at the Margaritaville.

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