Funds restored to women's center in B...

Funds restored to women's center in Bay St. Louis

There are 10 comments on the story from Sep 4, 2013, titled Funds restored to women's center in Bay St. Louis. In it, reports that:

Resident Rhoda Gamble was a leader of Tuesday's successful effort to provide funding for the center, which provides aid to women who are victims of domestic violence.

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Bay Saint Louis, MS

#1 Sep 4, 2013
This is a perfect example how you can make a difference! This is how things are supposed to work. Congratulations! Personally, I don't think $2,500 is enough, but a fine place to start.

Gulfport, MS

#2 Sep 5, 2013
It's shameful that councilman Joey tried to pull this financial support. Shameful, but not surprising at all considering his attitude about women. Glad those WLOX cameras changed his mind real quick.

Sioux City, IA

#3 Sep 7, 2013
Why is it the govt's job to play nanny to grown women? Instead of paying money for this why don't we let nature take its course?

I know what this is, most of you know what this is but the "domestic violence groups" either want to deny it exists/are delusional or they know about it & don't want those in charge to really think about it.

Go ask 90%(or more) of the women in these abusive relationships. What turns them on? "Bad boys." These women get turned on by these controllive, abusive, violent nutcases who half or more of the times are ex-cons are outright felons out on parole or under indictment.

These women in almost all cases are in highly predictable relationships where any cop knows what's going to happen.

These women get turned on by the 'danger' & the thrill of being with a dangerous mental case who beats the snot out of her any time something doesn't go his way.

These women are consenting adults, if they want to leave their men, then they should do so. Having several female relatives like this, including my cousin in the Moss Point area who just had a kid with a convicted jobless drug addict & ex-con felon who has 3 kids by another woman -- these women bring this upon themselves.

Instead of wasting money on this & on police services why don't we let the abuse take its course? Let the women get beat up & let them learn their lesson.

You wanna be with abusive men? Then you take on the risks that go along with that.

Instead of the taxpayer subsidizing their fetish & reckless lifestyle why don't we let a few of them get killed or hurt really bad by their psychotic boyfriends & maybe the word will get around that they better start dating nice guys.

If they get turned on by crazy dangerous "bad boys" then let them take the risks that go with that lifestyle.

If its a case where the girl is a minor or mentally impaired then yea let the cops get involved. But if she's a consenting adult in such a relationship -- lose the victimhood sales pitch. This is nonsense. These women are grown women who get off on abusive & crazy-dangerous felon-prone men.

Let them live the consequences of their life choice.

The rest of us get in trouble if we choose to date somebody who is criminal prone -- why should they get special treatment?

These are grown women. If they don't like getting abused by their 'bad boys' then perhaps they should date men who are nicer & with more manners.

But we all know what this is -- the old 'bad boy fetish'. If these women want to pursue such a thing, then that's their private business.

But we shouldn't go on some moral crusade thinking that these women are involuntarily in these relationships. Because 9 times out of 10 they are consenting voluntary co-habitants in said relationships. Let them live the life they choose & let them suffer physically & emotionally @ the hands of the alcoholic or drug addicted felons they gravitate to.

If they don't like that -- let them date men who aren't abusive.

And if a man appears nice @ 1st & turns into an abusive d*ckhead then dump his ass & report him to the police via restraining order.

The police shouldn't keep going back over & over because she's trying to "change" some "bad boy" over some fetish she has for dangerous men.

Gulfport, MS

#4 Sep 7, 2013
Well looky here! We have an expert about women & domestic violence. Good for you to be so smart & insightful about how someone else should handle their lives. Anyway, the point here isn't what women should or shouldn't do, the point is while the city pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the county library system (yes, the COUNTY library not CITY library system), I think it's around $300,000.00/yr (?) Councilman Boudin wants to pull a measly $2,500 from the women's nonviolence program as a way to save money. Fortunately I hear that next year the county is on their own, as they should've been for years, to support THEIR library system (that would be ALL librarys in Hancock Co. the city of BSL has been contributing to for decades. Does Waveland or Diamondhead contribute at all??). I'm sure we have an expert in accounting here that can do the math on that -$300K vs $2K. Should be a no brainer for such smart folks.

Sioux City, IA

#6 Sep 8, 2013
I don't think you understand -- you act as if 'investing' 2500 dollars is gonna prevent the issue. That's hilarious. These women will be back 'on the police radar' sooner rather than later. Because THAT'S THE TYPE OF MEN THEY SEEK OUT.

What? You think I'm just some random dude rambling about what Rush Limbaugh says? No no no sweetheart, been there, done that. There are 2 types of women -- one, my mother, who got abused by my father & then took off for another man who didn't physically abuse her -- now she has a job & her own house. And then there's the other type of woman, my aunt. A drug addicted white trash drunk idiot constantly in and out of jail. Women like her GRAVITATE toward men who choke them, hurt them, beat them, etc. She & her current boyfriend, a layabout who walks around town stealing stuff & getting high & drunk while collecting a disability check & then blowing it all on pills & crack each month.

Oh me & my mother have been thru this little scenario 100 times before. We know what it is. Boyfriend "A" of the moment beats her. The police come, they check both for warrants & arrest both. My aunt for unpaid fines or an old warrant or possession of drugs and then her new boyfriend "A" or "B" or whichever one it is, for domestic violence. Then she calls us & begs us to bail her out of jail & in the past before they were grown, to take care of her unwanted children by her 2nd husband.

Then she gets out of prison & goes right back to her "bad boy." Same thing, he buys a bunch of crack & beer, gets high & drunk. Calls police, rinse, repeat. Gets out of jail in a few days or weeks, calls us begging us for money. Rinse, repeat. Moves back in with "Tony" her current abusive drunk crack addict. He slaps the sh*t out of her, rinse, repeat. Same thing, again.

Her son, my cousin. 2 kids by his live-in common law wife. She provokes him, he slaps her. She calls the police, he goes to jail. He gets out, just got out on a felony conviction for domestic violence. We told him, stop beating her up. About a year or 2 ago his girlfriend threw him out of her trailer. They showed up without asking on my doorstep begging to dump him off on me for a few days while he worked off his drunk spree.

His stupid sister just had a baby with a convicted felon pill addict who just got fired from his job for being high. Her baby daddy has 3 kids by his previous girlfriend. Every time he beats her, she crawls back to us, begging us for help.

You know, I have a theory. Maybe if idiots like my cousin, my aunt, & my male cousin's wife shouldn't date "bad boys" who abuse them, abuse drugs & alcohol & are violent prone.

Even if you put women in your little shelter they'll be back in the system. If its not with their current a**hole abuser it'll be with another ex-con felon idiot. Same thing every time sweetheart.

You know what I'm saying is right, I know what I'm saying is right, everybody reading this knows what I'm saying is right, but hey, believe whatever you want.

Unless the female is a minor or mentally not-all-there to where she's not competent, then we shouldn't expend a dime on this topic. These women know what they want, know what they like & you're paying for it. They get off by dating dangerous, violent felonious men. Go ask them. They're not called "bad boys" for a reason.

The problem is -- when the 'leaders' read this/hear about it & think about it then groups like this one begging for money from me will be turned down.

Look, if this is a cause that's dear to you then go ask for donations from the private sector, don't ask me for a freaking handout from my tax dollars.

Because I don't want to pay for my aunt's fetish maintenance costs or for women like her. If you don't want to be abused then date men who won't abuse you & stop F**KING GOING BACK TO THEM!

Not rocket science, is it?

Gulfport, MS

#7 Sep 8, 2013
quite obviously you didn't understand my post, but that's not surprising. Regardless of what these women do or don't do, I guess the young children involved in all of this don't deserve our help or our tax dollars either, according to your opinion. Guess you think a 5 year old should be able to get out of these abusive situations on their own, using their unlimited resources and great wisdom. There's no arguing with people like you who only speak from your own bad experiences who don't see a much bigger picture of the effects on kids and others.

Sioux City, IA

#8 Sep 9, 2013
expert wrote:
quite obviously you didn't understand my post, but that's not surprising. Regardless of what these women do or don't do, I guess the young children involved in all of this don't deserve our help or our tax dollars either, according to your opinion. Guess you think a 5 year old should be able to get out of these abusive situations on their own, using their unlimited resources and great wisdom. There's no arguing with people like you who only speak from your own bad experiences who don't see a much bigger picture of the effects on kids and others.
What unlimited resources? I have student loans & a mortgage & i have less than 10 grand a year in discretionary income. I'm broke, in debt, & i don't have a nickel saved up for my retirement.

'WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?' We already have infrastructure in place to deal with this. Its called the Miss Dept of Human Resources or w/ever they're called -- the same people who enforce child support.

If a child is in such a situation then the welfare dept needs to come & take the children away. My cousin in currently on WIC, TANF & EBT & waiting for Section 8. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? You ask? Well, I'm already taking care of them while their deadbeat father spits out more kids & does time in jail for pills.

Again -- let these stupid women learn their lesson, if they date men who like to beat their ass & if they have kids -- then either those kids will be taken away or the mother will be punished. Send a signal to them.

We don't need any more "protection" for crazy white trash women who use drug addict felon boyfriends who beat them up & supply them with booze & drugs. If they want to pursue those relationships then we need to take their kids away & put them in state custody or find relatives willing to care for them.

I'm sick of this with all this 'abused wives' crap. When I saw women in high school talking about this stuff turning them on I knew you people advocating for this stuff were full of sh*t. These are grown women. Why should I keep shelling out my hard earned cash -- and when I work I work with my hands by the hour, I'm no f**kin Donald Trump here -- why should my cash go to pay for these crazy women? If they keep going back to these men -- what can you do?

What's your solution? These women are consenting adults, they're not sex slaves to some lunatic. When these women seek out this kind of treatment -- what's your solution?

Keep throwing money @ their problem? I say let them call the police & if the police have a record of them being in relationships like this & dating stupid men & if the men turn out to be ex-cons or felons -- then arrest the woman for wasting police resources. Give her 2 or 3 years in the county jail to let her think about it. Maybe then she'll date men who she thinks 'are too nice.'

Too bad for her. Waveland/BSL has been on FEMA welfare for the past half decade. Now that that's ending -- you've probably read about the county cutting 6% of its budget, right?

Well yea -- same here. Protest all you want. People are tapped out, & broke. And more importantly -- people are willing to help those like children who are vulnerable -- but that's what HHS is for. Or the 'welfare dept' as they're known.

As for these stupid women -- arrest them when they waste police/municipal resources & time. Money isn't free & it doesn't grow on trees.

If they wanna date dangerous violent men then let them get maimed or killed. If they want to get away from some nut-felon then file a restraining order & have his ass arrested & put away. But stop with this sob story -- these women crawl back to these men when they get out of jail & you f**kin know it. These women are grown consenting adults -- let them be treated as such.

Gulfport, MS

#9 Sep 9, 2013
you can't read any better than you can reason.

Sioux City, IA

#10 Sep 9, 2013
So then you go jangle a change cup begging for donations instead of asking for my tax dollars to prop up these stupid women.

Or maybe they should just do 'the right thing' and not have kids with abusive idiots. Date 'nice guys'-- oh but that's so boring -- felons are so sexy aren't they?

Get help

Bay Saint Louis, MS

#11 Sep 12, 2013
Anderson thanks for letting one know how much we need the services of the women's center. It seems to have hit home for you. I fear you are not aware of just how much you need help and I for one am glad my tax dollars are there to give you an opportunity to get the help you need. I will keep you in my prayers.

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