I've lived on the coast for most of my life & I flat out refuse to eat any of the seafood or to swim in that water. Somebody from BP paid off the right ppl in the govt to shut them up about the true nature of the spill.

The oil is still there. Its buried underneath the sand, its in the 'plumes' that exist between the surface & the bottom of the sea.

Watch it, in about 5 to 15 years you're gonna see a MASSIVE upswing in the number of cancer cases & other weird diseases popping up in people who eat a lot of the seafood or who swim in the gulf or who work in the water.

I've heard stories already this past year about shrimp missing eyes & fewer shrimp being caught plus these dolphin deaths with them washing up on shore & the idiot scientists instead of blaming it on the spill say they 'don't know why' its happening.

BP must be funding their grants & they must be afraid of rocking the boat.

And BP's gonna squeak out of it too. They won't pay any other fines or lawsuits outside of what teh govt already got out of them.

Long term this region is not going to be a good place to live & more & more people are going to get sick. Move to Texas. That's where they say all the work is.

Oh & about the local economy -- I read in the news the other month -- tourism is still flat over the last few years.

This economy isn't going anywhere but down or staying flat.