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Mill Valley, CA

#1 Aug 20, 2007
I get opana ir, can you snort?inject these as well. I heard they have capsiscum(cayanne) so it will burn.

Santa Barbara, CA

#2 Sep 20, 2007
Sure you can snort it but be very careful not to do too much the first time. I've personally snorted 10mg of a 40mg green opana and it got me pretty loaded! It's alot smoother than any other drugs I've snorted so be careful not to get too addicted. It goes through your body alot faster and you don't feel the drug in you for long periods of time. If you are going to snort opana be sure and try the smallest amount first and then wait at least an hour, you should feel it within 15 minutes. I weigh 120 pounds and I can take 1/2 a green 40mg opana orally and can snort 1/4 of it without getting sick, I don't take half and snort a quarter at the same time, it's either one or the other.

Santa Barbara, CA

#3 Sep 20, 2007

the green opana are 20mg and the yellow opana are 40mg and also make the dosage a little smaller, instead of snorting a 1/4 pill, make it 1/6 of a pill.

Don't "take" OPANA unless you have good control of yourself!

United States

#4 Jul 17, 2008
Opana is a good drug. But the tablets with this inner time release are hard to break down into an injectable form. The best way I have found is to use a 3 mililiter b-12 syringe. First add about 200 units. Boil it on the eye of a stove until the gell has joined together and is floating. Then you want to take something to press out the drugs and make a hole in the center of the gell. Then put in a wet decent size cig filter. Unscrew the needle tip from the 3 mil syringe and press tip into the filter and draw it up until dry. Then heat again so the water left in the "fat" or gell comes out again and draw it up. Then add 100 more until and repeat. You still wont have 300 unitl drawn up so add a little more water, estimate it. Heat it and draw up again. Then screw the neecle back in. Cool it off good and then do the deed. Since there is so much gell you may have to repeat it again for a second shot. After that work up another but first spray some in you mouth to see if it still has the bitter taste of dope. If so, do another. But after the third shot, there may not be anymore, so its best to lick it. After that, you should be set for the night. This also applies to oxy contin generics oval shaped, morphine tables esp. purple 30's, orange 60's, and gray backs also known as 100 mils. morphine, unless they are instant release or the brand name is AVG. Those break down just like the name brands. Just be careful not to do a hot shot and be sure to take your time. If 3 mils are used and you take your time, they will be just as effective as the good kind. So good luck and take it easy. Dont want to get dope sick or trash fever, no fun. But if so, try to find some methadone and detox your self.

Rancho Mirage, CA

#5 Oct 30, 2008
does anyone know how to shoot the opana ir 10mg instant realese? there pink and have e615 with 10 on it? i tried my best and seems i lose a lot and it gets very gooppy

Paterson, NJ

#6 Jan 20, 2009
dont inject it you fiend. Becareful snorting it also. It taste like complete shit. I would say one opana 40 is equal to about 100mg of oxycontin. Also its very easy to throw up snorting a whole pill at once. Do small bumps I would reccomend 5 lines from one pill.

Guilford, CT

#7 Feb 12, 2009
i have done a lot of opana and oxycontin for a long time and yes opana is about double the strength of the oxys. i myself can snort 3+ opana in a day (40mg)and i want to try shooting them. if you take the yellow coating off the pill does it still gel up like you said or is it just fine to bang let me know

Wellsboro, PA

#8 Feb 16, 2009
Opana can be snorted, im not sure about injecting... not into needles myself, I know I ate half of a 40mg one and didnt even feel it, so eating them is out of the question... Be careful tho as it is much stronger than oxycontin. Opana is about 3 times as strong as oxycontin. I usually do 10mg lines and see how I feel if I want more or less. I can snort 2 80mg Oxy's and not get the same quality high from 40mg Opana's.

New Rochelle, NY

#9 Feb 28, 2009
Opana can DEFINATELY be snorted as well as used other ways.The Ir's are far better for this than the Er's.As mentioned above start off slowly ,snorting will give you more of a dose than if you take it orally so if 1-2 10 mg Ir's(the pink ones) give you a buzz I'd recomend breaking it into quaters.Also a HIGH fat meal will aid in your experience.Another thing is that tollerance builds up really quick with these.STAY SAFE!!
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Stockton, CA

#10 Mar 8, 2009
I myself, have a VERY high tolerance to pain killers. And the sad part is that I didn't abuse my meds, even when I first got them 40mg Oxy Contins 4-5 times daily- I was still in pain. I have to admit, I was in a very bad car accident and 9/10 pain docs that I have seen in the last 2 years say that I will be like this the rest of my life. So now, I have to take an 80 mg oxy every 4 hours, especially now that they dont make the 160's anymore. Plus I have to take 30 mg Oxycodones as break through pain relievers if I am having a bad day - pain wise ;o) So after being in agonizing pain for several weeks and always feeling doped up, I started asking my doctor a few questions - she has also been a dear family friend for over 20 years. Anyways, my doctor told me 'AS A FRIEND'(I know that sounds REALLY LAME but it is the truth because she said she would never recommend this to her patients becase she would get in trouble!) that I could smoke the oxy's and even the opana's. What you do is run the pill under water for a few seconds to wash off the time release (or if not near any water - stick it in your mouth for a few seconds.) After you remove the time release you stick the pill (I recommend doing it in atleast 1/2's depending on the dosage amount) on some foil that you need to previously burn. To burn the foil you need to take a normal lighter (bic, etc. NO FORM OF TORCHES - you will burn it that way.) and light the whole shiny side of the foil for a couple seconds until the chemicals burn off. Once done with those simple steps you put the pill on the dull looking side of the foil and slowly put the flame underneath the pill. Make sure you hold the foil a little tilted so the pill will slide and as it does so - just take a straw or whatever you feel like sucking the smoke in with. Hold it in as long as you can and it will hit you at once (that is why I DEFINITELY recommend a small dosage at first because it will knock you on your butt the first time.) You should only resort to this if you are in severe pain and dont know what else to do. But hey, then again, people are shooting them up - I think that is just crazy!!! But that is JUST ME! Good luck to you all and BE CAREFUL OUT THERE - People die everyday from Od'ing from these terrible things that make you feel so great ATM!

Fontana, CA

#11 Mar 12, 2009
bensaddicted wrote:
does anyone know how to shoot the opana ir 10mg instant realese? there pink and have e615 with 10 on it? i tried my best and seems i lose a lot and it gets very gooppy
Yes you can easily inject the 10mg IR's. I typically run it under cold water real quick like to get the outer super red coating off and then throw it in a container. I draw up 45-50 units of cold water 2x's and let soak. After about 5-10 minutes the pill is completely broken down and ready to draw up. I started only drawing up about 25-30 units but now hit the whole 90-100. It has become really horrible lately and I have been getting bad anxiety attacks and cannot sleep. As for the other threads on trying the 20's or 40's ER, DO NOT TRY THIS. The TimerX is in the entire pill and you cannot separate regardless of what anybody says. Plus there is nothing but crap used in the formula to make that garbage, namely the silica which will destroy your lungs.

Louisville, KY

#12 Apr 16, 2009
Not here to judge anyone ..... but Snort ?? Inject ?? Anyone here using these drugs as intended ? My Dad always said ... " You reap what you sew " Also , anyone here have family members who just might be saddened by attending your funeral ? Think about it
holier than thou

Uniontown, PA

#13 May 4, 2009
i snorted 3 20's they alright id rather bang em im kinda pissed u cant help me figure out how plz

Fontana, CA

#14 May 5, 2009
holier than thou wrote:
i snorted 3 20's they alright id rather bang em im kinda pissed u cant help me figure out how plz
As i said b4, you just cannot bang the ER's, now way no how. You have to get the IR's for that

United States

#15 May 17, 2009
Does anyone know the exact amount of oxycontin in the Opana? & also the exact amount of morphine in them also?

United States

#16 May 17, 2009
and can you smoke them? and what does it do if you do smoke them?
mack it from philly

Catasauqua, PA

#17 May 28, 2009
Opana, i used to get theses from my doc. i was gettin bout 60 of them a month, the re/pinkish kind( i think the smallest dose).. i used to snort a bunch a day... i was hooked... people you gotta be careful theses things take conrolt of your lives...and about 3 days ago i was rushed to the hosptial my lungs are alll messed up. i got lung bronchitis... i was thinkin...some days i needed it so back, i didnt take off the hole cover, and i was snortin them..and now im thinkin this couldda caused, it.... i know its HARDDDDD as shit to get off.... i was hooked on OPITIDS for 5 years... and i used them EVERY SINGLEEE DAY... if i didnt my withdrawls would BE HELL.(as we all know) tellin you..... get put on "SUBOXONE" will SAVE YOUR LIFE..(But do i miss perks.. oxies. and my opana's..yeah...)..but we gotta grow up.. and we gotta get our lifes/familys back.......good luck with yall addictions..... God Bless

United States

#18 Jun 3, 2009
Ive banged the blu 5s. It takes a bit if u heat. Try not heating it up. It works better. Or heat a very lil

United States

#19 Jun 3, 2009
The 5s are ir so they dnt gell. But the 10 mg stopsignsign ones do

United States

#20 Jun 3, 2009
Imediate release ones u can bang. I get ir 5s (blue). And 10mg er (pinkish orange) i have slamed em i fit almost 3 in 1 rig. Think of the ir as the oxy contin og's (circle) ones and the er as the oxy footballs which r worthless. For the record i HAVE SHOT opana ONLY the ir work

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