why do married women cheat on their h...

why do married women cheat on their husbands?

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just curious

North Tazewell, VA

#1 Apr 23, 2012
can someone answer that for me?
Same Oh Stuff

Grundy, VA

#2 Apr 23, 2012
Married women cheat on their husbands for the very same reasons that married men cheat on their wives. The catch is that there are so many reasons that we never realize that we have given our wife or husband a reason to cheat until they have already done it. Sometimes we fall out of love with who we are married to for no reason at all and cheat because we care more for somebody else. Remember Love doesn't care who it hurts.
The Reason

Grundy, VA

#3 Apr 23, 2012
Married women cheat because they finally grow up and realize that marriage has took their freedom away and made their life a living hel right here on earth. Its like having a boss 24 hrs a day that thinks he has a right to tell a woman when to sht and what flavor. He will cheat on the woman as if it is ok and beat the sht out of her for acting civil and telling somebody hello. Marriage should be out lawed. That is a bunch of crap about that the man is over the woman and head of the house hold. If us women depended on men to take care of us we would all starve to death if they didn't beat us to death first. How can a man be head of a household when women are so much smarter than men? We have to take care of his ase if we stay with one.

Grundy, VA

#4 Apr 24, 2012
well to be honest i see it from both ways. when u r with someone for so long an things stay good an fresh an the right way it can be a great thing but if u are with someone with years an they start treating u bed, acting like they dont care, being mean, when a couple quits saying "i love you" when one waits on the other cleans after the other an never get a thank you or any aire of appreciation their self esteem an self worth goes straight down. then someone comes along the listens to anything they say no matter how stupid when they treat them like they matter an worry about them an try to treat them good an do little things to show they think about other than clean clothes food an sex they feel like they are on cloud 9. its teh way they have been longign to feel or be treated its how they wish their life is. an if the 3rd party is willing to deal with the dramam of going from marriage to the other person then most ppl think its worth it an they do what they feel is right. lie stated before love doesn't think before it happens. nobody has control over love it happens on its own....
to be on the other side when u r the person that has been cheated on u lose all faith in love an marriage u think all ppl will do u dirty an u get severly pissed because u was betrayed an u r hurt but u hide it an let anger take over. ecspecially when they have no idea how the other feels. if they didn't have a clue how bad their partner felt an how bad they were being done. if the partner would just have talked to them or opened up about how they felt maybe it wouldn't have happened. maybe they would work o nthings an get it good again an then again if they talked an couldn't understand or agree they could seperate an they would not have to be any cheating cuz they would't be together. to be honest nobody cansay anything unless they wasin the exact situation felt the way the couple did. so there is no straight forward answer to this question u wil always get a one sided argument either the cheater or cheatee..
its all got to do with how the relationship is an how the person feels on teh inside about the relationship their partner an where their life is going,
been there

Grundy, VA

#5 May 14, 2012
u have a point that is true..but what if u do love ur partner and dont want to hurt them in any way..but they do u like shit sometimes but there r more good times then bad..i have been there i know how it fills to be cheated on it hurts u fill unloved,anger..it makes u fill unwanted..i am still with my husband..,sometimes he says stuff to me and i sit and think if he said that to her to..he does love me i do know that but why would u want to hurt the person that u love and want to be with the rest of ur life..my husband was messed up really bad when he did it to me he says that is the reason y but who knows....that could be part of it but i think that when u r with someone for so long that u fill like u have been tied down for so long and it fills good to know that u can get someone else..but u want them both u love ur partner but u still want to know what it fills like to be free.everones says forgive and forget but it is hard some times i dont want nothing to do with him cause i can still see him with her
been there too

Kimper, KY

#6 May 14, 2012
I have been cheated on too and really wanted revenge and it would have been nice to know someone else wants you too but there comes a time in life when, especially if you have kids and most of us do, you need to put their needs before your own and grow up and decide whether or not you want to be a good time all your life or be a good mother.

I know some men that would never cheat until they found out thats all their wife had ever done and they wanted a good woman for their kids. Then there are men that is all they do is look for a good time these men will say anything to get you and then go around the corner and say the same to the next woman that comes along. I have seen this for myself.

If you have a man that loves you and works for you and your family and you love them, as you say you do, then you need to decide whether or not you want to be "tied down" or be anybodies good time.
been on both sides of the

Grundy, VA

#7 May 14, 2012
i was cheated on in my first marriage..in my second marriage i was the one who cheated..life sucks sometimes..we just have to decide how we want to spend our life..but being in a abusive relationship is not good for anyone..wheather it is a drunk..or someone who likes to beat on u..we dont have to live like that anymore..we all just want to be loved and sometimes we pay a high price for what we think is love..there is no such think as the perfect love or the perfect person
been there too

Kimper, KY

#8 May 15, 2012
I totally agree about the abuse noone should have to go through that. All I was trying to say is there are women and men out there who care way two much about how they feel and what they want, which is fine, as long as they dont have children to take care of then is when they should decide what they want.

This is my opinion and granted it is just an opinion. If you brought children into this world they come first, not the parents (man or woman). We are all going to eventually answer for what we do to other people.

Grundy, VA

#9 May 15, 2012
nowadays no one takes marrige seriously. all u can c is divorces, and although some reasons are called for many r not. sum women r in a abusive relationship, and sum women r greedy. I've never seen so many anna nicole smith's out there. money hungry, theiving biacthes, who won't think twice bout destroying someone elses marrige 4 the almighy dallor.and newflash if you've been married more than 2 times u r probably the probem. so leave other womens husbands alone.
who knows

Grundy, VA

#10 May 15, 2012
do u think u r doing ur children good by staying in a abusive relationship..when they grow up they will think a drunk husband or a husband that beats on u is normal..and yes children should be our first concern..so think about the message we r sending our children..god did not put women here to be punching bags..we r supposed to be loved..but that doesnt happen these days

Haysi, VA

#11 May 16, 2012
because if we dont cheat who will make the illegitimate kids? duh.... winning!!!
The Red Pill

Saint Paul, VA

#12 May 16, 2012
Because women screw the bad boys and marry the nice guys, it just so happens that when a guy gets married he is overly nice and it turns the woman off, but if you just add a pinch of asshole in at the right moments and you puff out your chest like you did in high school, you're woman will be putty in your hand and if not then i guarantee that another woman will take her place
Lying Spouse

Grundy, VA

#13 May 20, 2012
I am just wondering why my wife can't stop lying. It is really a scary thing to have a compulsive lying spouse by my side. I cannot figure out when she is saying the truth or lie
Married Woman

Grundy, VA

#14 Jun 1, 2012
The Red Pill wrote:
Because women screw the bad boys and marry the nice guys, it just so happens that when a guy gets married he is overly nice and it turns the woman off, but if you just add a pinch of asshole in at the right moments and you puff out your chest like you did in high school, you're woman will be putty in your hand and if not then i guarantee that another woman will take her place
I don't know why it is that way, but I agree with you. Women want a man who is going to be nice and civil to her, but show at times he can be a leader. I hate making all the decisions and being the one to make sure things get done, I feel like the only adult. I have never cheated on my spouse, and never will, I am above that, but I can see how it would drive some people to have the desire to. Its that lack of attention... even if he was telling me what to do every second of the day, at least he would be paying attention to me. Its lonely after a while...
On The Prowl

Spanishburg, WV

#15 Jun 1, 2012
I would like to find me a good woman that has and is being done wrong by a varmit of a husband. I would love to show her what a good relationship really is,and show her what a good life is all about. Not having to worry about a no good hateful man that is always looking for ways to put her down or treat her like shes a POS.A good woman only deserves the best. She dont need to be treated like a rug,and always being put last on the list. I was in a several year relationship ans always treated her with the highest respect and treated her like a queen, and she really loved and appreicated it for years,till she was introduced to the drug world by her best friend. Then she became the devil,couldnt believe a word she said,couldnt pay the bills because she was spending it on Pills,instead of Bills. And it took me a long time to figure this out,Because I worked all the time and she always took care of all the bills,payroll,parts,etc. But thank god my Book Keeper opened my eyes up,and it still took a long time to figure her out,seems like everyone knew what was going on but me. And I was the last one to find it out.But when I did,That was the end. She went from living First Class,Driving the best,Vettes,Harleys,The best of Clothes,Nicest Home to be lived in,To the damn Trailer Park.That turned me sick aginst Drugs and anyone fooling with them.I learned the druggies stick together like glue. Some being my good friends that never did tell me what was happening. But I found out and know what its like and learned a big lesson the hard way. But any woman that is tired of being treated like a dog because of being with a druggie,theres a better life out here for you.Get away,The faster,The better. Interested in talking,Make up a temporary email address,and I will email you,then you close the temp address out.would like to chat with someone that would appreciate a good man.

Grundy, VA

#16 Jun 3, 2012
I agree I would rather for a man to take control. Maybe wives cheat if they feel like their needs are not being met. Emotional, & physical.
Wife with cheatin husband

North Tazewell, VA

#17 Jun 12, 2012
I am married to a man that cheated on me! If anyone should have cheated it should have been me...NOT HIM!!! My life has revolved around him, but I guess thats not good enough! He has never done anything at home, not even mow and weed eat!!! If he wants sex, he gets sex!! Now that he cheated he says he is so sorry, I'm the best wife in the world and he don't know why he cheated! Well sorry is just not good enough! I feel so alone and insecure! I don't get any attention from him...but I'm sure that whore felt special! I want to leave him but my kids beg me not to, they say if I do he will kill himself! I should not have to stay to "protect him", but I believe he would commit suicide and then the kids will blame me!!! He should have thought about what he had and what he was risking losing before he cheated!!!
a mom too

Oakwood, VA

#18 Jun 13, 2012
you cant live your life for a low life cheater, you only live once dear, LEAVE HIS ASS you can do better and you'll feel much better about your self in time if and when you find a decent man who appreciates you.. and as far as the kids go, you're the mom and you know best and they'll get over it. take control of YOUR life
harmon hillbilly

Richmond, VA

#19 Jun 13, 2012
Woman cheat on their husbands because they don't get beat often enough. My policy is that you whip a woman at least daily at first and then every 3-4 days they will know their place and behave. No excuse if a man controls his woman's behavior.

Baltimore, MD

#20 Jun 14, 2012
now here is the important stuff you all left out !!! men cheat cause we don't get any at home it's all about the glory hole !! women give it up like you used to when you were dating you gave it up til you trapped us and stopped cold turkey and if you do give it up try something new !! that's why your man is running around on you ! what you need to do is screw his brains out or so he cant walk !! sex and love do not go hand and hand if you give it up once a week your man is already thinking of having an affair !! Simple and true ! women give up the goods or goods by !! is it that hard to fix your self up ?? i know when i look at my wife in the morning i know i'm not getting any that day so when i'm out i'm looking at women that's the first step of cheating !!

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