sykes trying tobmake people quit?

sykes trying tobmake people quit?

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Grundy, VA

#1 May 31, 2012
Okay so now no one is allowed to have any personal belongings at work? No purse for the ladies to keep their feminine products in? Hmmm. What about money? Some people don't drive to work. Where are they supposed to keep their stuff? They can't keep it in their car! And sure they have coolers for their employees to keep their lunch in but if you have ever worked there you know that [email protected] people steal out of other peoples lunch boxes! This is some messed up sh!t! Yeah sure you found stuff that you dont like today but does that mean that those of us who actually follow your rules have to suffer? To those of you who had stuff on your desks and were talking on your phones today.....FUŠK YOU!!!!! Any thoughts from Sykes employees?

Silver Spring, MD

#2 May 31, 2012
it only takes a few to ruin it for EVERYONE !! We have them to blame , if they hadn't had all that crap out everyone would still have their rollies , everyone had been warned but I guess they didn't take it seriously, I guess next time they say correct the behavior or else maybe they will pull their head out their behinds and fix the problem !!

Grundy, VA

#3 Jun 1, 2012
whats a rollie?

United States

#4 Jun 1, 2012
A rollie? is like a miture file cabinet on wheels and they where not taken away. Yes it only takes one to ruin it for everyone, however all you have to do is put the stuff in the rollie (ie: purses cell phones etc) and lock it if u don't have a key use a paperclip trust me they do work!!! I think its retarded how that place isn't nothing but a dang gossip center...Specially if the gossip isn't true!!!
Nothing New

Grundy, VA

#5 Jun 1, 2012
where you been all your life dear? There are a lot of jobs that don't allow you to bring your personal belongings into the work place. Some job won't allow you to bring your own lunch. You have to eat from their kitchen , food that they prepared. There is nothing wrong with these rules. they could be a lot stricter.
Employee Also

Grundy, VA

#6 Jun 2, 2012
Well i am an employee of Sykes and i just want to say I LOVE IT ! It sucks when you have a few who don't obey simple rules and procedures. It's a job, not your social hang out though. So if you can't have a cell phone, Use it on break. If your not allowed things out. Keep them put up. Those are simple rules. Sykes has a very easy going work atmosphere. I would much rather be making $9.00 an hour there as down the road flipping burgers. But to those who complain. McDonald's is always hiring. Check into !! Some of the people who whine all the time could never make it at some other jobs. Again i LOVE SYKES and my JOB !!

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#7 Jun 3, 2012
I think it sucks that rollies are gone. However, if everyone had taken the paper off their desks like they were supposed to and put their purses/food in the rollies instead of on the floor then the rollies would not have been taken. So many things in that place get ruined because of people who refuse to follow the rules.

Jonesborough, TN

#8 Jun 3, 2012
I used to work at a call center myself, called ACT, you may or may not have heard about it, but whichever. Anyway, our biggest client WAS a very large, and very well known bank, and they would come by to inspect us. And wouldn't you know it.....our contract with them was pulled because simple rules for security wasn't followed by people who thought they were above the rules. We wasn't even allowed "rollies", or paper, or pencils, or anything to write with. If they were there and caught you with a cell phone out, you were fired.

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#9 Jun 4, 2012
Well, the bank is coming this week, that's what prompted the desk inspections.

Lebanon, VA

#10 Jun 5, 2012
Once again, some people think they don't have to follow the rules. Sykes can be a good place to work. Just follow the rules!

Richlands, VA

#11 Jun 13, 2012
Well I work at sykes and all the good comments are coming from managers.

Since: Mar 12

Location hidden

#12 Jun 17, 2012
A memo went out on Friday that the rollies are coming back.

Grundy, VA

#13 Jun 17, 2012
Sykes is not trying to make anybody quit. If we want you to quit you will be fired in a split seconds. Don't push your damn privileges.

Grundy, VA

#14 Jun 18, 2012
supervisors wrote:
Sykes is not trying to make anybody quit. If we want you to quit you will be fired in a split seconds. Don't push your damn privileges.
that place is a joke!!!!!

Honaker, VA

#15 Jul 13, 2012
I just wish people would not poop in the bathroom floor, the cleaning lady has a hard time shoveling it up.

Keswick, VA

#16 Jul 15, 2012
If you dont like going in the place, sign up for the at home job and do what you please. They do hire at home work.

Grundy, VA

#17 Jul 15, 2012
Yeah, Sykes isn't forcing anyone to quit.

They are just making it extremely hard to stay employed and not be screwed. I'll highlight some examples.

No more Attendance plans...So if your Attendance drops even for legitimate personal reasons..No way to fix it.

No Sliding of Schedules, If you're late for a perfectly legitimate reason such as a flat tire..Oh well further damage to attendance not to mention other metrics.

Taking Rollies so people have nowhere to store their personal affects, feminine hygiene products, supplies to keep their desks clean because of the poor ventilation in the winter everyone gets sick when one person does and if you don't bleach things you will be too.

"Benefits" Screw overs, I.E. No more Bereavement pay, "Bonus Time" Instead of ETO which is minimum 3-5 days less paid off time per year, Refusal to work with part-time schedules like was promised upon opening and hiring employees for the first 2 years.

9% Incentive bonuses that have such requirements to actually receive I'd be willing to bet less than 1/4th the workers there even qualify for them on a consistent basis.

No Accepting of doctors excuses when one is sick, or has a sick child..expectations of precognition by employees to know when they will become sick so they can plan in advance to have that day off since there is no calling in on the same day and must require at least 24 hours notice prior to even being able to take your earned vacation time etc if you do become sick unexpectedly.

Corruption by Senior Management / Select trainers
I won't even go into it further they each know the things they are doing wrong if they are doing them.

Doing nothing to correct the problems of theft of people's lunches in the designated eating and storage area's to make them feel secure in putting their possessions in the freezers..Cameras..Something simple to ensure there would be consequences against those who are thieves.

And thats just off the TOP of my head.

Grundy, VA

#18 Jul 15, 2012
Oh yes, and in addition I forgot to mention this though it is KEY.

Punish those who DO the wrong. Not EVERYONE for someone ELSE'S wrong doing.

Someone is intentionally breaking "Action Plans" Incorporate a 3 strikes rule then ban them from ability to do them.

People are leaving stuff on their desks they should not? Take THEIR rollies not EVERYONE's Rollies.

People are abusing doctors excuses? Impose limits on the # of doctors excuses that will be accepted in a certain Term.

At least try to be somewhat fair to the innocents.

Place is ran by monkeys fucked up on paint thinner with birth defects in my opinion.
Matt Stacy2009

Grundy, VA

#19 Jul 15, 2012
i agree sykes sucks,thats why i quit
Former Workers

Grundy, VA

#20 Jul 20, 2012
.I left Sykes for some of the same reason plus other reason such as Floor Managers"or so called" act like they are main one telling other worker when they can go to the restroom (which are NASTY if someone gets up from their desk even if the calls are not coming in they will tell them to sit back down these "floor mangers" don't have as much education or experience with computer as others.I got tired of dumb drug skank people telling me when to sit and when I could go to the restroom.I quit..but you will get a surprise visit from the 2 business that are with Sykes I sent them a real nice Video that I took on a Saturday night.So heads up you will not get a warning when they are comeing as a matter of fact we have been contacted by these two company to meet with and give our story along with other pics and recording

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