Coal Mining Is Shorting Your Lives

Coal Mining Is Shorting Your Lives

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Vice News

Haysi, VA

#1 Aug 2, 2012
Watch this short film that was made in a coal mining town and tell me if you can agree wit the coal companies. Please comment after you watch this film.

film here -->>
Miner Man

Raven, VA

#2 Aug 2, 2012
well how about this for any body who is against coal mining...quit paying your power bill and let your lights go out...because as long as ur using electricity wether u like it or not ur supporting coal mining and every thing that go along wth it....

check this video this is what is really going on
Vice News

Haysi, VA

#3 Aug 2, 2012
Also know most of the coal in this area is used outside of the state and even the country. Iv talked to many workers who have said the coal is shipped to Russia and china. AEP cant burn the coal because most of it is under the grade they need. So the coal we use at aep comes from out of state and ground into a fine powder so that it will boil water in a turbine. Also any comment is welcome and i tried to look at your link but it does not work.

Bristol, VA

#4 Aug 2, 2012
These people aren't going to listen. I really hate the tired ol'argument of "Turn your lights off!". Really? Tell me one miner that goes to work thinking that they are doing so for their fellow countrymen. No..they're going for the money. Just like any other job. Give me a freakin break. No one cares that living in Southwest Virginia or anywhere close to a coal mine gives you a 42% higher chance or getting a "DEADLY" cancer. As long as it lines their pockets. Hey! who cares if my kids get cancer later. I'm making money! ugh...
Vice News

Haysi, VA

#5 Aug 2, 2012
Don't get me wrong and say its the coal miners fault because its not. They do a job that is about the only good paying job in your area. But the corporations who own the coal companies should address problems like in Kentucky, West Virginia, and SW Virginia. Buchanan, Dickenson counties have the highest rates of cancer in VA. Its also ranked high on national standards. One of the byproducts of strip mining is Coal Slurry and that coal slurry has many harmful chemicals. just to name a few... Aniline
Benzyl alcohol
Butyl benzyl phthalate
Dibutyl phthalate
Diethyl phthalate
Dimethyl phthalate
4-Bromophenyl phenyl ether
4-Chlorophenyl phenyl ether
and the worst Acrylamide (large doses can cause damage to the male reproductive glands. Direct exposure to pure acrylamide by inhalation, skin absorption, or eye contact irritates the exposed mucous membranes, e.g., the nose, and can also cause sweating, urinary incontinence, nausea, myalgia, speech disorders, numbness, paresthesia, and weakened legs and hands. In addition, the acrylamide monomer is a potent neurotoxin, causing the disassembly or rearrangement of intermediate filaments. Ingested acrylamide is metabolised to a chemically reactive epoxide, glycidamide.)

The slurry is usually damned up or pumped underground. both methods still leach bad things in ground water. Well water in some areas show high amounts of them chemicals shown here. We did not have this problem until the mountain striping happen and we moved from less underground jobs.

I'm just asking everyone does this seem ok for the companies to not find better ways to get rid of the waste?

Grundy, VA

#6 Aug 3, 2012
i think gas is the way to go.. cleaner and cost a lot less, power plants can run on gas as well as coal.. so u won't be in the dark..

“By the grace of god, I roam...”

Since: Feb 08


#7 Aug 3, 2012
Vice News, don't forget that coal slurry impoundments occasionally fail and, you know, bury whole towns in toxic waste.

Bristol, VA

#8 Aug 3, 2012
It is their fault that they don't even listen when you tell them these things. They get fighting mad. The coal companies have pulled the wool over their eyes and ears so they can't make informed decisions. Some of my family included. There is an article in the New York Times about how the coal companies, miners, and even wives act when the least little word is spoken against them. It's so embarrassing.

Bristol, VA

#9 Aug 3, 2012
BTW..I am sorry that I am veering off your topic slightly, but I needed to vent. You can't do that where people know who you are because it's hard to tell what people will do to you. Coal mining has taken people close to me.
Vice News

Haysi, VA

#10 Aug 3, 2012
grumble wrote:
BTW..I am sorry that I am veering off your topic slightly, but I needed to vent. You can't do that where people know who you are because it's hard to tell what people will do to you. Coal mining has taken people close to me.
no worries all comments are welcome here
Vice News

Haysi, VA

#11 Aug 3, 2012
I can understand defending a job that does feed you and your family. I'm not looking at them for answers because they are just workers. I want to know how the companies plan to handle this or even if they care.

What I said is fact and you cant hide from that. You could probably blame Obama somehow that always seems to be the answer to the anyone asking about coal. If one person can get on here and promise me Romney will magically eat the slurry with a crazy straw I might would vote for him.(joking)

Vice News

Haysi, VA

#12 Aug 3, 2012
personally my grandfather was a coal miner his whole life and he will tell you that what they do is wrong and has hurt our ecosystem. Anyone can look at the trees near the coke ovens and see that steam and smoke is not healthy.
heres one

Bristol, VA

#13 Aug 3, 2012
Proud miner

Newport News, VA

#14 Aug 3, 2012
The reason a coal miner gets so upset when tree huggers talk crap about our jobs is because it's our jobs... We have a family to support and unlike other people we don't get an Obama bail out, instead I lose almost a grand in taxes of my hard earned money that's gets used on solar power and windmills that do not produce a fraction of what coal does and as far as your "turn the lights off" argument you are wrong coal produces electricity but it is also used to make steel... The coal that Jewell has is for steel production, save the trees of mother earth from coal companies but then you just have to cut them down to build houses and buildings so either way you can't save them forever... I'm disgusted to hear the crap that comes out of some people's mouths because coal was a big influence on what our country is today so thank a coal miner cause they do the job that you tree huggers don't have the brass to handle... I'm proud to be a miner that supports my family with something other than welfare or other government aid... So in closing while some of y'all are running to the mail box to get your welfare checks then driving your car that is made of steel from the coal that I work my fingers to the bone for you should stop and say thanx cause people like me made this country and are still providing for it even though we catch crap for it around every turn... YOU'RE WELCOME!

Bristol, VA

#15 Aug 3, 2012
Yeah, and there is the typical comeback of Obama bailouts and welfare checks. No, some of us didn't take the easy way out. Some of us got student loans and went to college when Pell grants were not available to pay for our college. Some of us worked hard to get to a place where we didn't have to destroy our health to get money to support our family. My father was a coal miner who died in his 60's with black lung. Way too early. THATS why I am against coal. For YOUR health and those we love. If that makes me a tree hugger so be it.

Bristol, VA

#16 Aug 3, 2012
AND you don't go to work everyday to provide for our country. You go for the money to support your family. Thats it. Even though I applaud that you don't live off the system, it is not wrong for me to want something better for an energy system. Something that won't kill us all. The reason I get upset is because everytime it is mentioned someone like you either gets violent or tries to belittle me. You just proved the NY Times story right.
Vice News

Haysi, VA

#17 Aug 3, 2012
like I said before the chemicals that are listed above are not just some tree hugger nonsense they are facts and are found in well water.

As for me being a dirty hippy I am far from it. I hunt, fish and own a few guns. I don't really care about cutting down trees. I'm also not on welfare.. I worked in Taiwan for 2 years before coming back to the usa to teach TESOL. I draw the line when we have people getting cancer and kids being born with ailments that come from coal companies carelessly putting cems out. I'm not against coal Im against how the byproducts are treated.

If caring for peoples heath makes me a dirty hippy i guess ill play hippy.
Proud miner

United States

#18 Aug 3, 2012
Last time I checked "grumble" it was my health and I could do whatever the hell I want with it! You say my arguments are the same but so is yours and so is "vice news" guess we are at a stalemate cause to y'all I'll always be a dirty greedy coal miner and to me y'all will always be tree hugging hippies we will never grab a beer and share our feelings but I have an opinion the same as y'all I just happen to think yours is wrong. It's always something that causes cancer... Should we block out the sun to stop skin cancer or remove body parts to keep from getting breast or testicular cancer... I mean come on where is the line gonna be drawn

Bristol, VA

#19 Aug 3, 2012
OK then let me rephrase that...I don't give a crap about you or your health. I care about the people I love and other people who have to suffer because of it. I watched my dad take his last breath after years of suffering. It's not a pretty way to die. One of these days you might find out. You can have your opinion. Even though it's "wrong".:) Have a great day.

Bristol, VA

#20 Aug 3, 2012
LOL at removing body parts to cure cancer. That's like saying lungs cause lung cancer or black lung. Love that logic...

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