why does married men want younger and...
Blueball Cafe

Charleston, WV

#42 Jan 28, 2013
Dink, I want to party with you someday, man.

Pikeville, KY

#44 Feb 1, 2013
make them feel better

Ransom, KY

#45 Feb 1, 2013
Get Out wrote:
Get rid of her. she doesn't love you. You deserve better .A woman who loves a man will not allow other men in her life no way no how.She should only have eyes for you rob.
So true!

Ransom, KY

#46 Feb 1, 2013
wildone wrote:
I'm 55 , but I like women 50 to 60 years of age.
I hear you are easy on the eyes too!
Well really

Grundy, VA

#47 Feb 1, 2013
Well married men arent happy if they and find someone else

Pikeville, KY

#48 Feb 1, 2013
some married woman does take care of there man

United States

#49 Feb 6, 2013
I am 24 years old my boyfriend is 42. He is the love of my life and hot as he!! He don't have a lot of money and I work to help provide. I have always loved older men because they are matured. A little more but anyways this was my in put :)

Ransom, KY

#50 Feb 6, 2013
Well if a man is a cheater he ain't worth a crap anyway!! If the girl goes around flaunting her goodies for all to see a stupid guy feels all special if they even smile at em !!then the whole drugs thing these young women get hooked then they go after older men thinking they may have drugs then there are some women that latches on to them to milk em dry of money!! A lil kooch in trade for money !! Men are so dumb they think these innocent young(ladies)actually care for them!! Married women lock up your men this trash is always on the prowl for their next victim!! When all the money is gone the girl is gone the bad hubby tries to come home remember all the diseases these trashy girls have you don't want to catch it so divorce and take all he owns and go cougar!!!

Grundy, VA

#51 Feb 8, 2013
well i have a bf me and him has been together for 2 yrs and he is married when he gets a divorce me and r gonna get marrried,

Ransom, KY

#52 Feb 8, 2013
Honey that divorce ain't ever coming !! If so you wouldn't have to wait 2yrs !! Use your brain and get off that sinking ship! 2yrs turn to 10yrs fast !!Do it now cause when you get older you won't have much to choose from cause guys like young women once you're all used up he'll be out on you like your Bf is with you now!!

Since: Feb 13

Bel Alton, MD

#53 Feb 8, 2013
Dave wrote:
Have you seen these cows we call wifes now you marrie one she thinks think i have a free ride now eat like a pig waight in around 300lbs who can fu// a cow
maybe wives would not let themselves go if their husbands would not take them for granted. if you notice the happiest marriages are the ones where the husbands still treat their wives like what they think and feel matter...ie they don't ignore them making them ignore theirselves..

Grundy, VA

#54 Feb 12, 2013
Bjs wrote:
Honey that divorce ain't ever coming !! If so you wouldn't have to wait 2yrs !! Use your brain and get off that sinking ship! 2yrs turn to 10yrs fast !!Do it now cause when you get older you won't have much to choose from cause guys like young women once you're all used up he'll be out on you like your Bf is with you now!!
that is what you think we have the papers and he aint gonna no where because we love each other

Jersey City, NJ

#56 Feb 24, 2013
They are just nasty man old man do you really have to ask

Grundy, VA

#57 Jul 17, 2013
Can't Blame DB For Wanting A Younger Woman His Wife BB is Annoying

Oakwood, VA

#58 Jul 17, 2013
yu wrote:
Why do married women let themselves go and stop putting out?
Maybe they let themselves go because their man takes them nowhere and pays them no attention until they want to eat or sex. A woman wants to feel special to sometimes what's the point. We wear our bodies out having their children with the stretch marks and sometimes we get sick. They supposed to take us in sickness and health. Not every woman that is fat gets that way from overeating some of us get fat from the medications we take in order to live. Not the ones that make you high the ones that keep our hearts working. So next time you see a fat woman don't judge how she got that way.
Thinks its Heaven

Grundy, VA

#59 Jul 17, 2013
Their old dicks cant stand up no more and they have big bellies and are uglier than the wife in 9 out of 10 cases. Hell it is nature for us to gain weight in our older years, men and women both. We don't keep our teenage figure and good looks all our life. A younger woman notices these old men for some other reason other than being interested in him, and he thinks he has died and went to heaven. Thinks he has beat the odds and still has what it takes and can still satisfy a young woman. He gets this false impression of his self worth. He feels he is way to good for the old woman anymore. The younger womans motive is usually needing money or something else material. She sure doesn't want him.

Des Plaines, IL

#60 Jul 27, 2013
rob wrote:
<quoted text>exactly my wife's a size 16 honey bun Eating got lazy and fat the gf is size 3 much younger and not lazy at all.
And how's YOUR body cupcake? big stomach? Skinny legs? fat ass? NO ass? No 6 pack, no muscles, small penis? So your wife gained weight. Did she gain it by bearing your ugly kids? Let me tell you something, you insulting jerk IF you get cancer, or are in an accident, or become disabled somewhere down the line--your FAT wife is the one who will help you and take CARE of you. She must love you to have to live w/ you. I feel sorry for her.
Kay Dee

Nassau, Bahamas

#61 Aug 4, 2013
Because younger women are sexier DUHHHHH!
blonde in pink

Elkhorn City, KY

#62 Aug 5, 2013
this isnt always the case. i know this to be a fact for several men who have approached me.
i am in my early 40's.
and i have had at least five or six men younger than 30, one in fact was only 24 and they flirt with me, ask me out, talk to me on facebook and at least one texts me all the time.
and yes, they are all married and married to young women thier own age, one man has a younger wife and she is attractive, and they have 2 kids together.
but he pursued me and he only stopped when he got caught texting. and this man is very very attractive, he could get any woman he wanted....;)!!!
so, dont assume that men only want younger women.
and dont assume a woman over 25 or even 35 or even 45 is so unattractive that she cant get a man or get the attention of many men.
i have zero doubt that if i wanted any one of these men, be it a 24 year old or a 54 year old that i could get him.
because i am a confident woman, i take care of myself, am i a perfect 10, by no means!!!
but i exercise, i keep my body and my hair clean and i smell good and i wear nice sexy clothes that do not equal slutty.
men dont necessarily have a certain type.
they see what they like, they might be attracted to the pretty little 20 something blondes.
or, they might be attracted to the pretty 40 something blondes.
just saying

Morristown, TN

#63 Aug 15, 2013
I was married for 26 years. We both put on weight I lost hair and she gained hair. It got better every year. You all should try to stick it out longer. The sex was great and we was so happy.

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