This State puts in the NC Education Lottery. Then they remove the profits from education and put them in the general fund. They have closed down the sweepstakes parlors. Now the Governor is opposed to this casino project.........I guess we can come to the conclusion that the only time gambling is harmful is when the State does not have total control of the profits.

I was for the education lottery. I thought it was stupid for all the money spent on lotteries to leave this state for other states. I do wonder if it would have been approved without the proceeds earmarked for education.

Monopolies are supposed to be illegal. Why does this state get away with making all competition with its lottery illegal thus creating a monopoly?

Am I the only one who believes it is way past time for an independent audit of all levels of government? I believe the people these jackasses are supposed to represent are entitled to know how the "forcibly" collected taxes are spent down to the penny..........