Employee Shot, Killed At Toys "R" Us ...

Employee Shot, Killed At Toys "R" Us Distribution Center | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News

There are 310 comments on the 10TV WBNS story from Dec 3, 2010, titled Employee Shot, Killed At Toys "R" Us Distribution Center | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News. In it, 10TV WBNS reports that:

A man who allegedly shot and killed a fellow employee outside of a warehouse late Thursday night has been arrested.

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elf hunter

United States

#344 Dec 10, 2010
ann0nymus wrote:
<quoted text>. Actually sorry hun I'm not I have standards thank u...
Your the reason this thing happened!!! You should be in jail!!!
elf hunter

United States

#345 Dec 10, 2010
EvilMonkey wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh please. I hear this all the time. Everytime there's a dispute shooting, there's always the clowns who spout off drivel about Old School fistfights. About how cowardly they are because they used a gun. How todays world is going to hell because people shoot instead of fistfighting. About how the US is going downhill becuase they used to settle arguments thru simple fistfights..yak yak yak and more.
Let's take a look at this idea. Are things getting worse? Ask an older person and they tell you times are so bad now and yes, they say things are getting worse.
In fact, duelling was common place in America and throughout the world till the turn of the century. A gentlemans dual was a widely accepted practice to resolve disputes and insults.
So, they were cowards?
Let's move up a few years. Let's take a look at frontier America. Almost every man, woman and child either owned firearms, or were at least proficient in the use of firearms. Most men had revolvers strapped to their hip. All too often, disagreements were settled through the discharge of firearms.
So, they were cowards?
All throughout Europe and the Americas, people carried guns. Only recently, in the grand scheme of things, have guns been outlawed or regulated in this country. Many a dispute was settled through shooting the other party. Peace through superior firepower has been a mantra since the inception of the gun. The use of firearms to resolve conflict is nothing new, not by a long shot.
And I suppose all these people were cowards due to the fact they used guns and not fistfighting.
Funny thing about fistfighting, the only ones who embrace this idea are generally bigger than their peers on most occassions and have learned to use brute force or intimidation to sway people or arguments. In otherwords, I'm right or I'll beat you down. They'll often be the first to cry cowardice when his intended target presents a gun and fires away. It's been said, the gun is the great equalizer, I tend to agree. I'm not the biggest guy in the crowd, and within reason, I can hold my own. But what to do when your opponent or aggressor has 6" to 12" height/reach advantage? What about when he's 125 heavier? Hey, I say it's a good time to break out the equalizer. Cry cowardice all you want, I'm in it to win it. All is fair in love and war. Not to mention, sometimes I just don't feel like exerting a ton of energy on some schmuck starting fights. Oh sure, we could get into a knock down drag out fist fight, rip up each other clothes and roll around awhile trying to ger each other in headlocks and throwing punches. Or, just shoot the jerk, right in his stupid face. Pow, end of the problem. And stop acting like this is something new or times are getting worse. Worse than invading Vikings? Raping and pillaging, killing everyone in the village? Worse than that? Worse than Pirates? Worse than Ghengis Khan? Worse than the Chicago mafia during the 30's and 40's? Are things really "getting worse"?
In summary, things ARE NOT getting worse. Compared to prior history of the world, things are looking better.
A dual is when two people have a gun idiot!!! Also the two don't look much different in size!!!!

Columbus, OH

#346 Dec 13, 2010
I went to school with Donnie. I didn't know him very well, but it's wild to know that he was killed. It's amazing what can happen in just a couple years and you can be effected by someone you didn't even know. You can see someone in the hallways and not even think that in three years they would be shot and killed over something as silly as a girl.


Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#347 Dec 13, 2010
elf hunter wrote:
<quoted text>A dual is when two people have a gun idiot!!! Also the two don't look much different in size!!!!

Athens, OH

#349 Dec 14, 2010
How dare you people! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. This young man was my cousin. He was 20 years old and has senselessly been killed and all any of you can do is make jokes about it. You did not know him, I understand how you can desensatize yourselves from the situation, but have a little heart. Do not accuse someone that you do not know of being 'Jerry Springer trash'. Sure, they may have been arguing but Donnie had no intention of violence when he walked into work that day. The fact that he was shot at age 20, for virtually no reason is awful and there should be some sympathy coming from this site, for not only our family but for Donnie's life in general as well.

Athens, OH

#350 Dec 14, 2010
elf hunter wrote:
<quoted text>This was set up from the start.The dad had the gun in the car!!!!!!
I agree, he should get charged with premeditated aggravated murder.
To Brittany Dobbs

Athens, OH

#351 Dec 14, 2010
brittany dobbs wrote:
thats my big brother eric he would never do anything like that for no reason thinks to that jerk that he shot now he is gone for life i swear im going to miss my big brother he aint gonna get to see his neice and nephew when they are born the twins aint gonna know there uncle i love eric he was always there for me

and did I also read that you said Donnie was 'looking for it'?
Are you freaking kidding me? First of all, Donnie has brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and a whole lot of other family members who loved him. He is not just going to be sitting in a prison cell like your idiot brother. He is dead, gone. He did not even have the chance to do something as stupid as shoot someone. He did not have the choice. Your brother chose to do something completely ignorant and he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. In addition, I do not think that anyone is ever looking to get shot. Sure, some people enjoy drama and maybe a fist fight but guess what, that does not mean that they want to die. You are an idiot and you need to put yourselves in other people's shoes. If my brother would have killed someone, the last thing that I would be doing is defending him because for that there is no defense.
American Idiot

Erie, PA

#352 Dec 15, 2010
EvilMonkey wrote:
<quoted text>
The idea of "the good old days" is purely subjective. I suppose a definition of "the good old days" depends on which side of the fence you we're on? I wonder if 70 and 80 year old black people see life prior to 1966 as "the good old days"? I wonder if the Chinese that built our railroad systems under harsh conditions in slave like work camps miss "the good old days"? I wonder if the American Indians miss "the good old days"? Fond memories of the small pox blankets I'm sure.
The "good old days" is only missed or brought up by upper middle class white people who didn't have to deal with the harsh realities of violence and racism prevaliant throughout American history. I bet Martin Luther King Jr would have something to say about "the good old days" had he not been gunned down by your typical "good old days" American male who by now, probably misses "the good old days".
you sounds miserable but I do agree with you. That is why I stated these days are better if nit equal to what people claim as the good ole days.
I really doubt crime is any worse now then it was then. I'm sure black males killed black males at high rates back then as they do now. I'm sure pediphiles existed just as much as now, probably more then due to the technologies in modern society.
The good olde days also had many wars to contend with. I'm sure Vietnam, Both world wars, Korea and all the white men who died during the Civil War to help obatin freedom for the slaves doubt those were the good olde day.
I'm quite sure the Africans who were sold out by fellow Africans to be slaves look at it as good ole days.
I'm also quite sure the white europeans who came to America and were amongst the majority who were not rich nor elite powder wig wearing types, just trying to start a new life in a new place.(you know, like Haitians/Somalians today) They too probably did not see those as the good ole days when their small children would be hacked and burned by the more aggressive and murderous Native Americans.
I doubt the Irish, Polish, and Italian immigrants came to America if they had known the level of hatred and racism they would have to endure throughout the early part of the 20th century.
Or the many white farmers in the 30's who suffered during the Great Depression.
I get your point and agree but unlike you I don't blame just whitey. It's as if in your racist hateful little head you believe all of Euro desent to live in giant homes with a picket fence's. Idiot.

National Whistleblower


Since: Sep 10


#354 Nov 13, 2011
Effects of the American Holocaust (Death fix it). Remember black on black crime. Its now our time.

Reynoldsburg, OH

#355 Apr 25, 2014
dustin floyd wrote:
<quoted text> you have no room to talk did u kno him? no so shut ur ass up and be respectful to his friends an family you low life
Such language did your mom teach you to cuss with that mouth out of respect we all need to be more nicer to each other and respect the ones who tragically can't be here anymore . We also need to keep in mind the familys that lost a loved one. Know one deserves to die ,God is the judge not man. No one is perfect in this world.

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