More about the Freemasons.. (Courtesy...

More about the Freemasons.. (Courtesy of the continued threats, slander, etc...)

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Jesse Rishel

New London, CT

#1 Oct 12, 2018
Yesterday I tried to explain some of the secret belief systems of Freemasonry.... Today I will expound upon what I discussed.. So as I described, Freemasons worship the Egyptian (Memphis) God Ptah (pronounced Sah) as the creator God... This creator God of the Freemasons has many names, here are some of them... Ptah, Sah, Set, Seth, Enki, Ea, Utu, Cronus, Saturn,(pronounced Saw-Turn)... Freemasons believe that Sah created his father Atum (Anu), and his mother Isis (Inanna)... It is said ,''from Atum's Ka and flesh, all life was sprung''... Freemasons believe that Atum of Egypt (Heliopolis), is translated as ''Adam'' in the Bible... I think the best way to explain this, is to just be plain, and describe to you what I've gathered... Here it is... So this is how the story of mans creation is believed, and adhered to, by Freemasons... So Ptah-Enki creates Atum-Anu, a Human-reptilian hybrid with the supreme Ka, or ''Life force'' inside of him and puts him in ''The Garden''... Then he creates Eve a human wife for him as a companion... Ptah-Enki then lures Eve away from Atum, and somehow implants his reptilian D.N.A. in her, where she then becomes Isis-Inanna... Atum ''unsuspecting'' has coitus with his wife, not knowing that she is now half Reptilian... First she has Cain (Ka-in) and exclaims,''God has blessed me with a man''... Then she has another son Abel...(A-Bel) Freemasons look at Abel as having been an Anunakki,(posessing the reptilian gene) thus being ''A Son of God''.... The hidden belief of Freemasons is that '' the circling flaming Sword'' guarding ''The Tree of Life'' in the Biblical book of Genesis, is actually a Saw!!(Thus the name of the God they worship as creator, Sah) Aside from that, they believe that the Tree of Life is Atum's non reptilian descendants,(Ka-Cain) A.K.A.''Man'', So here we go!!!! It is said that Atum (Atum, Ammon, Atum Ra, Ammon Ra, Aton, Adonai, Cauelus, Uranus, Odin?) will be a reptile again, written in hieroglyphics found at Heliopolis, the ancient seat of worship for Atum in ancient Egypt... Cain kills Abel for what exactly? From the Freemasons standpoint, Id'e say it was because Cain caught Abel doing human sacrifices!!1 I must admit it is peculiar that through my study in etymology, words like cannibal, cabal, Kabbalah, etc., seem to find their root in the names of ''Cain and Abel''... Also it seems to me that in comparing the religion of ancient Mesopotamia, and the evolution of language, that Cain might have founded the ancient civilization referred to as ''Sumerian''... This is what I've come up with so far... I am willing to admit that I'm not ready to say that i'm ''absolutely correct'' in every detail, only that I've tried to be objective in my endeavor to find truth... So if Atum-Adam had two sons, Cain (Enlil?), and Seth-Sah after Cain killed Abel, It makes sense to me, that Cain founded Sumer, and Seth-Set-Enki founded Egypt... Did you know that Sumer means ''Those with Ears?'' Well if the Enlilites are ''those with ears that hear'', and the Enkites are ''those with eyes that see'', then that explains alot!!! Does anyone see the tendency of the second son in the Bible being favored over the first by the Biblical God? I'm not saying that I ascribe to the view of Freemasonry (I actually hate fascists!) but a whole lot of things start to correlate, when you start to put things together... If Freemasons are doing the ancient ''Separation'' ritual, and the "'Opening of the mouth ritual'', involving the cutting up of humans with a chainsaw, and the removal of the Pineal Gland through the soft palate to lift it up to Ra (Spaceship), then we can see that they are enforcing a hidden belief system upon humans... If they are eating the twelve portions of man, to reincarnate, and lifting up the Pineal to bring back Atum, then where are humans at in this equation? Where did you hide the Matzoh?Lake Superior? I'm not going to 11 O'clock you devils! I'm a good person! Leave me alone!

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