Freemasons is ''The Star of David'' S...

Freemasons is ''The Star of David'' Saturn's saw?

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Jesse Rishel

New London, CT

#1 Monday Oct 15
Freemasons are insinuating that ''The Star of David''(Seal of Solomon), depicts the six pointed saw of Saturn.(Saw-turn) Are the Freemasons correct? I know that Freemasons worship Ptah ( pronounced Saw) of the Egyptian pantheon... I also know that this is the same God as the Greek Cronus or Roman Saturn... Is this also the God of the Jews? Well, lets see... I know that the word cannibal comes from the Egyptian-Semitic root of the names Cain and Abel... Also that Cain was seen as a man, and Cain comes from the Egyptian Hieroglyph ''Ka''.... I know that Abel's name comes from the Semitic word ''Bel, Baal, Ball''...(Meaning Lord-Master-Serpent) I know the secret word Freemasons use to recognize each other is ''Tubal-Cain''.... So it appears that Freemasons consider themselves "Bel'', believing that they possess the ''reptilian-God gene, of ''Abel and Seth'' in the Bible... Apparently they look at men as slaves, and food... We also get the words Cabal, and ''Kabbalah'' from Cain and Abel... Are the Freemasons threatening me with ''Separation''(Chainsaw dismemberment) because I found out that they are eating people out in the 33rd state of Oregon? Didn't you know that? The Freemasons ''world-wide leadership'' parade as a motorcycle club based in Eugene, and it's 120 members are referred to as ''The Round Table'' by Freemasons... The question is whether man represents the ''Tree of Life'' in the Bible, and is the Biblical ''Manna''.... I do find it strange that there is an Egyptian Obelisk (A symbol representing a spit for roasting meat) in St. Peter's square at the Vatican...(Also that the Vatican was supposedly formerly a Sacred site for the Cult of Saturn) And that looming over our nations Capitol in Washington D.C. we have another such monument...(George Washington's homage to his God Jehovah) So what's the deal? Are The Freemasons masking an esoteric side of Judaism? Do Freemasons look at those without the reptilian gene as profane?(Meaning non sacred) Knowing that the Holocaust was choreographed by Freemasons here in America, to cleanse the Jews of the ''Profane human'', I would have to definitely say yes!!! The swastika is an ancient symbol (Think walk like an Egyptian) for the saw!!!(Ptah) The Freemasons used the Thule Society to stage the Nazis!!!! They killed about half the Jewish population, including over a million children... If the Freemasons and the Free Souls are eating people to reincarnate, can they really still be considered Christians? Here is the kicker!!! They worship Saturn, who they believe was incarnated as King William (Founder of the Knights Templar, and Freemasonry) as Jesus!!! Is it a coincidence that the region in Oregon were The Free Souls are located is called the Willamette? Is it named after William? Is he the leader of the Free Souls? Yes!!! What's going on here? I don't think we are being told the truth!!! I'm tired of being threatened!!! I'm an American citizen that is being slandered, and threatened with human sacrifice by the Freemasons!!! I will not be bullied by a bunch of Nazis!!! Does anyone know the fascist Roman standard? The Ax and rods? We have a man with an Ax on top of our capitol in Oregon, not because the logging... Because when the reptilians don't have a saw to cut the humans up with, they use an ax!!! World War 2... Axis and Allies? Ax's and All lies!!! The word Holocaust means ''burnt offering''... The word Holocaust itself can trace its genesis to Ka (Meaning hollow -empty inside, or man lacking the reptilian gene) Have you ever seen what these cold blooded reptilians are capable of? Look at some old pictures of Auschwitz... That's the truth about these monsters!!! If you Freemason lizards keep messing with me, I'm going to bring your whole masquerade to a close!!! Jesse Rishel, New London 10-15-18

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