Surprise, surprise, surprise you fools endorsed Bledsoe and speak out of both side of your mouth at the same time. His "experience"? Really, as a representative for 2 years? Prior to that a Professor? That's not experience, that is a third of the way to getting a state pension.

Janice DuMouchelle on the other hand is a business owner and has been married quite a few years to a business owner. Has seen her children leave the state for jobs, like most of us have in the district. I think her integrity and concern for Mi business owners and employees speaks for itself.

"She is a strong advocate for stable school funding and protecting Lake St. Clair, and generally seems in tune with the district." You write. Clue: That's why we have representatives in Lansing, we should be voting for those who are in tune with the district. You people kill me, you have lost your reason and your souls to the Democratic Party.