Review: Carrion Tree Svc
Barney Feife

Franklin, NC

#21 Jan 19, 2013
Repugs Are so Funny! NOT! You Silly Christian Republicans need to See the light, Stop Cutting Down Trees! Youre Killing the Earth with your Global Warming Tree Trade! Abortion is a Good thing...But Abortion of Trees Is Terrible! Youre gonna end up Killing us All with this Global Warming! You need to See the Light that Carrion Tree Service is a Terrible thing, And that Barack Obama is The Greatest Elected President of All time!

Franklin, NC

#22 Jan 21, 2013
Hidden Creek Owner, agree with you!! This company has done work for numerous property owners in our Association. I have never heard a complaint. I was very impressed with what they did for us and the level of cleanup afterward exceeded my expectations. We will use them whenever we have need for their services. Highly recommend!!
Franklin resident

Highlands, NC

#23 Apr 25, 2013
He doesn't have the best equipment..... he rents everything. including employees..... guy doesn't know jack about tree work. He hires people to do the job he can't. but i guess that's owning a business for you. But if you own a tree business you should at least be able to strap some spurs on and climb a tree... Can Carrion run his business still if all his employees left and it was just him who had to climb it and piece it down?
Goosey Goosey

Hayesville, NC

#24 Apr 28, 2013
His has trucks running all around town so he must be doing something right to stay in business.

Since: Mar 13

Franklin, NC

#25 Apr 29, 2013
A buddy of mine had to call Carrion to clean up a mess of trees that spilled over from working in a neighboring yard. I know that for sure.
concerned business owner

Arden, NC

#26 May 6, 2013
emmanuel carrion owner wrote:
Thank you for your concern and question. In the state of North Carolina if you have less than 3 employees you dont have to carry workmans comp. Thats why I have sub contractors that work and I give them a 1099 at the end of the year and not a w2 form. Each sub contractor is responsible for there own insurance as a 1099 sub contractor and they are all aware of that. Some sub contractors elect to not pay there insurance bill therfore making there policy to be cancelled. And then my Insurance covers the home or property and also the individual homeowner. Thanks and fully insured, Mr. Carrion
Mr. Carrion,
You aren't fully insured. That would imply that you have workers compensation. Which you clearly do not. This means your employees are not covered and your customers are not either. No business man would expect his employees to cover themselves it's far to expensive on a working man salary. But, I bet your proud of your $800.00 a year liability insurance. You make unsubstantiated claims that would be expected of a less than legitimate service and I'm glad you are being called out as such! I bet you spend your time undercutting your competition to which you certainly aren't a competitor. Good luck in your short lived career!
Judge Holden

Leander, TX

#27 May 6, 2013
Actually Carrion, you are breaking the law. No 2 subcontractors who are comp exempt can be on the same job site. Also, if your "subs" only work for you, and take direct orders from you, they are employees. If these subs laid out the circumstances to the IRS or Workmans Comp, you'd fall faster than one of those trees.

Hopefully they will, can't stand a "businessman" who can't employee people at a decent wage with benefits. UnAmerican as hell is what it is.
so called arborist

United States

#28 Jun 26, 2013
Wonder wHat he Paid U For That Post Steve. Ive Heard What U Think Of Him N How.Hes Treated U From Ur Own Mouth . ive Seen FirstHand What Trusting UR Word Can Cost Also. N When Did U Become An Arborist. Ive Known U Almost A Decade N Am Pretty Sure U Have Never Been Certified Arborist.
The forgottenone

Webster, NC

#29 Jul 26, 2013
Do you guys really know manny? The showboating asshole that I went to school with? Put it this way he chases the dollar. Not honest. Oh by the way, do you guys know he was in with a group of drug dealers on addington bridge road? Dealers name and his drug buddy friend Brantley Potts. You know it's true manny
soon to be laughing

Waxhaw, NC

#30 Jul 28, 2013
I can't wait to see what the IRS and the Industrial Commission of North Carolina does with this immoral arrogant selfish joke of a business man. I know for a fact that every time he steps out of the truck the first thing he does is hand his insurance to the homeowner which is illegal and then he continues to lie as if he has any clue about the industry and in most cases uses a silver tongue to convince them to let him do the work of which at the end of the day they feel sorry for allowing. lying and taking advantage of people is no way to do business and using God to sell work goes beyond immoral.I have heard an awful lot about this guy from a lot of people and have yet to hear one single good thing about this guy in fact mostly what I get is he gives the entire industry a bad name in this area. it's only a matter of time before either someone gets hurt on his job and sues him for more than he is worth or the government catches up with him and has fun tallying up the penalties and interest. all that is missing is for someone to turn him in or maybe they already have...

Hayesville, NC

#31 Jul 28, 2013
He's the best in town. That's why he stays so busy. There has to be a reason he gets state and county work along with all the residential he does. Sounds like a couple of unsucsesful people that are up to there eye balls in debt that probably own local tree companys that can't handle being people's 2nd, 3rd or 4th option. Good luck though....;)
Judge Holden

Austin, TX

#32 Jul 29, 2013
Craig wrote:
He's the best in town. That's why he stays so busy. There has to be a reason he gets state and county work along with all the residential he does. Sounds like a couple of unsucsesful people that are up to there eye balls in debt that probably own local tree companys that can't handle being people's 2nd, 3rd or 4th option. Good luck though....;)
You spelled Unsuccessful, companies and even "their" wrong. I mean, what kind of education did you have that you can't differentiate between "there" and "their"? I'd worry less about tree trimming, and more about finishing your third grade reading primer if I were you.
Emerald rose

Hayesville, NC

#33 Jul 29, 2013
He might not be able to spell but he sure is successful... Plus hes a cutie..... I wish my man was that successful.....;).
franklin homeowner

Hixson, TN

#34 Aug 5, 2013
Hidden Creek Owner wrote:
Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Maybe many of you do not know how to conduct business! Sorry, but I am straightforward. I met and engaged Carrion Tree service and Manny Carrion one day to clear more than a dozen trees, some actually threatening my house. His team came out and eradicated the trees in a New York minute. Not only were the trees gone, but everything was safe and cleaned up appropriately. Are you kidding me, he gave me a price, we beat it up a little and they went about their business. I would not even think about hiring another company in Franklin. Manny has the best of equipment and he does not mess around when he gets on the job site......this guy is all business. When that monster tree falls safely, and he yells "that's what I do baby", you get the feeling you are in good hands.
I honestly believe that many people do not truly understand what it takes to remove a tree and that's the problem - Manny and his team make it look easy..........that doesn't mean it should be any cheaper. When doing business with anyone, you should know what you are dealing with ahead of time - set economic expectations, timeframes and total scope of services. I promise, when you do that with Manny you will get exactly (and More) than what you bargained for.
As for having a young child around, you exerperienced what you experienced. However, for me what I experienced was an excellent crew (I mean top notch), Manny himself, and on one day a beautiful young child that was never in harms way. Look, Manny is a family man, long before a Lumberjack, so don't be ridiculous, he would never put a family member at risk.
Now, if you take the time to engage a professional contractor the right way, you will find Carrion to be top of the line - hey, bro, they are not cheap, but I gotta tell you they are cheaper than that poplar or jack pine falling into your living room. Carrion has ALL of my tree service on my beautiful 15 acres forever.
I initally hired Carrion because of a strong recommendation from a Franklin Realtor, they know who to work with and I can tell you, you will make the right decision. Let me know if you have any questions, cause I will tell you how I handled it and how Manny, like the real lumberjack he is, addressed my concerns. There is only one real tree service in Franklin, NC.
this is obviously someone who has never had tree work done before or it is Carrion doing one heck of a write up about himself. probably the latter. in my experience he was grossly uninformed, unprofessional and lied profusely about most everything he spoke of. beware of this individual.
Goosey Goosey

United States

#35 Aug 5, 2013
What an obvious political advertisement by "franklin homeowner"! Hahahahaha!!!! Do you really think your guy Carrion is going to get elected?
Carrion is a joke

Andrews, NC

#36 Aug 28, 2013
This guy is running for alderman? 37 years old? Lived here in Macon county since he was 2 years old??????. The lies keep coming dont they carrion. I went to school with you. You moved here in 94 or 95. But you have lived here since you were 2????????. Give us all a break. Quit wasting our time and yours.

Franklin, NC

#37 Jul 12, 2014
I had at least 30 giant trees removed from my property by Manny and his crew , 20 of them were 130 feet tall and within 10 feet of my house , another tree was even taller and growing on a steep bank threatening my home , I talked to Manny and made it clear that wanted no mess left behind , we agreed on a price and the work began , I was amazed at how carefully and precisely they removed the trees and the cleanup after this huge job left not one twig to be picked up by me. My experience was positive , as for insurance , he does use that to promote his service , it is the very first point he makes , there were no problems so I cannot address that issue . I have no horse in this , only the job he did for me . This reminds me of product reviews some say it is the best most reliable item on the market and other say to avoid I like the plague . I practically never post or comment on the web but reading these negative remarks motivated me to share my story .

Franklin, NC

#38 Jul 18, 2014
why do people think 1099s are legal they are only legal if the sub contrator has his own ins, if he dont and he works for a company uses there equipment of any kind other than his own, works for only that company and has to report to the owner of that company every week or monthly. he is an employee of said company. read your tax laws.
Johnny C

Franklin, NC

#39 Jul 19, 2014
Does Carrion have any full time employees?

Franklin, NC

#40 Jul 19, 2014
they dont have to be full time, by north carolina law if they are doing a job for a company even as a sub contractor if they dont have workmans comp the company has to cover them. or that company and the homeowner they are working for can get sued. and if you work for a company even part time it is that companys responsibility to pay taxes on employees. if you read the tax laws there is no loop hole. some day the irs will catch up with it. i am a bussieness owner that got caught giveing out 1099s to people and i had to go back and pay all that money . im just rying to help before it happens and they are cracking down they need the money lol. and trust me they will come in and take your clothes if they are name brand like levies. curtins off the windows and the cars in the driveway. they have to leave you with one home . but they will take everything in it and around it. i have personally seen this happen . good luck with that 1099 crap

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